Rod Blagojevich may get off easy while others rot in prison

Former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich is facing up to 300 years in prison for his conviction on corruption charges.  He will get a slap on the wrist- 6- 15 years.  Photo: Chicago Federal Court c.1961

CHICAGO, August 3, 2011—Former Illinois governor and convicted felon Rod Blagojevich will have his sentencing hearing on Oct. 6.  He faces up to 300 years in prison on various corruption charges.  He will probably receive between 6-1/2 and 15 years. 

Raping, pillaging, and plundering the public trust is not treated the same as other heinous crimes.

The hirsute governor’s attorney claims Blagojevich will testify at his sentencing hearing.  What is he going to say?  He worked hard for the people of Illinois?  He was the people’s governor?  We’ve heard all that before.  

There are indications that people will testify on his behalf.  Who?  There are no Friends of Blagojevich.  Where were these people when he needed to pay his legal bills?  The U.S. Government, us, the people, the tax payers, had to pay for his attorneys. 

For some reason politicians do not have to sell their homes, other real estate, or empty their bank accounts and retirement funds to pay their legal bills.  Unlike the rest of us, politicians don’t have to be bankrupted when accused of federal crimes.  They are a protected class.

Rod Blagojevich is the poster boy for every thing that is wrong with politics in the United States.  A dilettante pretender and political machine hack.  If ever a person was unfit to hold public office it was Rod Blagojevich.

Blagojevich married into the infamous Chicago Democratic Machine.  A culture and cornucopia of corruption. He was an incompetent attorney who would not be able to keep his wife in the manner she was accustomed. 

Her independently wealthy father is a very powerful politician. Rod needed a good paying job. What better jobs than a state legislator, U.S. Congressman, and governor.

If you are a member of the Chicago Machine you do not need talent or intelligence to run for public office. You don’t even have to campaign. All you have to do is show up to take the oath of office- sober, with your shoes tied and your fly zipped.  The machine does the rest.  They get you on the ballot, they drum up the votes, and they get you elected.  How do you think Barack Obama got elected to the state legislature and U.S. Senate?   

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich

Blagojevich was the ultimate ghost payroller.  He did nothing, never showed up at the office, and cost the taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars to boot. So, who could testify to his greatness?  Who could testify that he should walk the streets in a few years like a predatory jackal?

This slubberdegullion, and all political scoundrels, rapscallions, and scalawags, should get the maximum sentence for any crime they commit.  They should be held to the highest standards of conduct and the highest levels of justice.

If Blagojevich is facing 300 hundred years then 300 hundred years he should get.  There should be no mitigating circcumstances for political corruption.

Bernie Madoff is in prison until the day he dies, and probably beyond, for violating the trust of people who should have known better.  Bernie Madoff was held to a higher standard than pedophiles and serial killers.  But, he did not violate the public trust. 

If Madoff could be sentenced to eternal life in prison why can’t politicians?

Why should they get a break?  Why should there be mitigating circumstances?  Who cares how many people he allegedly helped?  Who cares if he loved his parents, is a good husband and father, helps elderly people cross the street, and goes to church on Sunday?  Who cares about his record of achievements as an elected official? 

He was convicted of corruption.  He should go down hard.

Rod Blagojevich, and any elected official, should get the maximum sentence if they are convicted of corruption.  A violation of the public trust is a heinous crime.  They should get these draconian sentences to set an an example for others.  Others who may, just may, think twice before sticking our their grubby hands for the kachingos.

There should be no pity, no mercy, and no humanity.  

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