Timely truths about Obamacare – and tips to navigate the treacherous waters ahead

There are facts, lies, and disposable truths about the President’s signature health reform law.

SAN DIEGO, Ca., September 20, 2012 -There are facts, lies, and disposable truths about the President’s signature health reform law; these go well beyond the obvious new revelations that millions of additional middle class Americans will be ‘taxed’ for not buying in to the Obamacare insurance scheme.

Barring a Romney win (combined with a flip in Senate control to the Republicans)—and a quick flurry of executive orders defunding many of the 159 new agencies and programs created by the Affordable Care Act—things may get quite dicey for medical patients very soon.  Without a full Congressional ‘repeal’ of the law’s insidious costs to American society, there are 2,700 pages of mandates just itching to ramp up for the big 2014 official debut.  Nothing said to the general public by either side in the Obamacare debate to date could possibly prepare the patients of tomorrow for what is to come.

The new estimate for Obamacare’s fiscal costs (now reaching close to 1.7 Trillion dollars), will be dwarfed in comparison to crushing concerns about government rationing (the unelected Independent Payment Advisory Board) and government intrusion into physician decision making (the impending avalanche of mandatory ‘templates’ and ‘decision trees’ for patient care).

The talking points by Democrats, primarily, in their support of the Patient Protection and Affordable Act, were designed for political expediency—in other words, to be eventually thrown out. As the reality of a more government-centric medical system sets in, patients everywhere should be armed with tools to help them navigate the impending ‘socialization’ of American medicine.

Proponents of the law, however zealous for social re-engineering and redistribution of wealth, will not be able to escape the consequences for their own health care—and there will be no presidential waivers to save them once Obamacare begins.

The biggest lie about Obamacare is that it will facilitate care and help heal more patients. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, contrary to the intended, original goal of the law, fewer patients will have access to quality medical services.

Here’s why, with just a few tips about the law’s truths for the journey ahead:

Most doctors will not be able to afford to see patients with an Obamacare card. This means that patients will be increasingly relegated to longer lines in publicly-funded clinics to see people without an M.D./D.O. after their name.

More patients will be denied access to advanced, cutting-edge drugs like chemotherapeutics, and hence America’s leading worldwide advantage in cancer survival for most age groups will begin to decline.

Less drugs for vexing diseases, like Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, and other auto-immune disorders, will be forthcoming from the pipeline of  pharmaceutical research. With a purposeful effort to thwart the availability of such drugs on formularies and in new government-controlled health information technology portals (used for mandatory electronic prescribing), there will be less resources allocated to find the next medicinal cure.

Many of this nation’s best and most experienced clinicians will begin to retire early, or restrict their practices to purely concierge/cash-pay ventures—further decreasing access to the best and the brightest.

Like all two-tiered health systems (as in Europe), those with money will always be able to pay for the best facilities and doctors, but every system can be ‘gamed’; so, here is what every American must begin to plan for now:

a.      Begin to sock away as much money as possible in Health Savings Accounts that allow pre-tax income to go toward medical expenses…

b.      Start developing relationships with quality physicians and health systems that may allow affordable, installment-type payment plans for accessible, private medical services…

c.       Research your medications carefully and fight with your health system or local pharmacy if they try to push generic drugs that do not deliver the same efficacy as the brand prescription drugs you have previously relied upon.

So, onward to the November election for American patients anxious about the eroding patient-physician relationship in the United States.  Regardless of the election outcome, patients must become more vocal—forming local and regional patient advocacy groups to do battle with newly empowered ‘Accountable Care Organizations’ (ACOs).  ACOs will pit community power-brokers, with government-facilitated titles of influence over your healthcare choices, against the average patient.

Armed with the support of numbers—our neighbors, our physicians, and local social organizations—Americans must prepare for battle to defend our sacred access to continued, superior healthcare options.


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Adam Frederic Dorin, M.D., MBA

Doctor Dorin is a Hopkins-trained, board-certified anesthesiologist, practicing in a large group in San Diego. He is a small business owner, a Commander in the US Navy Reserves, and the Founder/President of America's Medical Society, Inc., (AMS) a non-profit corporation created to serve and educate physicians and the general public in matters of national health-care reform and medical politics

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