Juris imprudence: Why ignoring America's doctors will not pan out well for Obamacare supporters

The Obamacare fiasco in America demonstrates that even great societies can be swayed and fundamentally remodeled against the best interests and will of their silent majority.

SAN DIEGO, June 2, 2012 - The Supreme Court has ruled: The President’s health system overhaul survives legal muster as a tax, but will it undermine the independent, private American physician who we have known and loved.

As the joke goes these days:

Two elderly patients present to their doctor with similar symptoms of old age—bad hips! The first is seen efficiently, scheduled for surgery within a week, and is home recuperating and feeling better within a month.

The second is scheduled to see the physician in six weeks, and after three months fighting to get the requisite tests and clearances, is scheduled for surgery yet another 13 months later (…after final approval by the ‘board’ and painful pre-trials of mandatory, pre-surgical, sub-therapeutic pain medications); within two years time, the second patient finally receives his new hip and can look forward to a vacation away with his family.

Why such a disparity between these two patients? Well, the first patient was a dog; the second, a retired construction worker with a valid Obamacare insurance card, who was required first to demonstrate his health status qualification and worth to society before proper treatment could be authorized.

For over two years now, the American Medical Association (with its paltry 15% membership of ‘practicing doctors’ in the United States) has diligently scoured the media for reports and articles and events and testimonies from doctors all across the United States who were against the ‘Affordable Care Act’. Once found, the AMA quickly and resolutely squashed the ideas that opposed their own self-serving support for the law (note the AMA’s government-protected $70-plus million dollar a year medical billing code monopoly for starters).

Studies demonstrating that the majority of doctors and patients are against the law (but in support of better remedies that allow insurance coverage for the uninsured), never mattered to the AMA, despite the fact that repeated polls have validated this fact. In a nutshell, most people have been, and are, concerned that the law will translate into a European type of two-tiered system: those with disposable income will get anything they want, anytime; those in the middle class will suffer significantly with restricted prescription drug coverage and more costly premiums for less care/longer waits/more denials of coverage, as so on.

The Obamacare fiasco in America demonstrates that even great societies can be swayed and fundamentally remodeled against the best interests and will of their silent majority. 

America’s misguided Supreme Court has narrowly empowered one of the most uninspiring and technocratic pieces of Congressional rubbish in U.S.history.  The ‘Affordable Care Act’ draws upon decades of worn-out socialist ideals to construct a political, not health-centric, bandage on America’s medical system. Neither sensitive enough to provide genuine comfort to patients, nor durable enough to withstand the tsunami of 30 million additional new card-carrying customers, Obamacare is a false prophet of hope. 

America’s sick deserve, and need, American trained physicians; instead, most of our ill under the President’s new health law will be increasingly relegated to mere physician extenders, euphemistically termed “providers” in the lexicon of Obama-medicine.

Many of the best doctors in the United States will turn away those carrying a Medicare/Medicaid equivalent ‘O-Card’—primarily because they will not be able to sustain their practice overhead expenses at below-cost reimbursement. Thus, a two-tiered Euro-style health system is born.  

In the new new Europe, the wealthy will always receive the best care, while the middle class will struggle with long lines, sub-par treatment, rationed options and ‘insurance exchanges’, all where corporate-sponsored insurance plans once stood proudly. And ‘yes’, just wait for the other shoe to fall on workplace health insurance plans.  When the Obama Administration’s ‘waivers’ run out, so too will the ability of most private companies to afford to continuing offering medical insurance plans. When millions of American workers are thrown into Medicare-like ‘insurance exchange’ plans, there will be buyer’s remorse on the part of even the most diehard liberals.

Under the Obama administration, the White House has become a symbol of surrender of a once-great nation to the corrosive forces of Utopian fantasy. President Obama, as he himself eerily predicted before his ascent to the presidency, is transforming the very fabric of our freedoms under the guise of “fairness” and social engineering. 

If the November 2012 election bestows another 4 years to Barrack Obama, thus precluding the final option to stop Obamacare with a full repeal of the legislation, then ‘we the People’ would have enabled the final act of the greatest coup in human history—the usurpation of American ideals, American independence, and American superiority in the area of healthcare, bio-medical research, and patient well-being. 

Those who cling to false statistics (such as ‘America is lagging in neonatal mortality’, easily explained by the fact that America has the best neonatal intensive care medicine and tries to deliver and save the lives of more babies), and who ignore real statistics (such as America’s significantly greater cancer survival in the fifth decade of life and beyond, because patients in the U.S. are afforded better and more timely chemotherapeutic and surgical treatment options), are doing so at their own risk and detriment.

In the end, let’s hope the joke is not on all of us, as Americans. Healthcare that protects the doctor-patient relationship, and keeps Uncle Sam out of the examination room, is essential. The vast majority of Americans were, and still are, against Obamacare. 

Doctor Dorin is a board-certified anesthesiologist, small business owner, and Founder/President of America’s Medical Society, Inc., a nonprofit entity created and run to educate patients and physicians on medicine and health policy in the United States.


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Adam Frederic Dorin, M.D., MBA

Doctor Dorin is a Hopkins-trained, board-certified anesthesiologist, practicing in a large group in San Diego. He is a small business owner, a Commander in the US Navy Reserves, and the Founder/President of America's Medical Society, Inc., (AMS) a non-profit corporation created to serve and educate physicians and the general public in matters of national health-care reform and medical politics

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