Crushing barriers to wealth: Michelle Ching on business building

MLM superstar Michelle Ching shares a Millennial perspective on breaking fitness and financial barriers. Photo: Millennial entrepreneurs aren't letting the bad economy stop them. (Photo by Michelle Ching)

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2013 — While the Millennial Generation continues to struggle against the mounting pressures of a bad economy and a declining job market, a number of young people today are still taking hold of the American Dream against all odds.

One woman who exemplifies the do-it-yourself entrepreneurial resolve of Millennials is Michelle Ching, a 23-year-old MLM superstar who in the span of a few months went from a college student “pouring shots” to a Visalus business guru earning six figures a year.

Earlier this year, we interviewed Ching on how she beat taxes, business regulations and critics to succeed. Today, Ching continues to expand her business and shared her thoughts on how to keep pushing forward through life’s plateaus to make winning a way of life.

Danny de Gracia: Michelle, in our first interview we talked about how in the span of just a year your business propelled you from “pouring shots to calling the shots” so to speak. How have things been going for your company and for you lately?

Michelle Ching: Things are going great! We just wrapped up October, which was a phenomenal month of growth for my team and blazing into November!

[My] greatest success story is an amazing couple [in] Orlando that I helped go from rock bottom, nearly losing everything they have to now top producers at their position, making $5,000 a month, paid off their debt and driving a luxury car paid for by the company! Absolutely the best feeling in world to help a family achieve success!

DDG: So what would you say is the secret to developing a winning attitude  when it comes to not just business, but also personal fitness and life in general? No matter what type of business or profession people are in, the methodology is essentially the same; it’s a mind thing and people have to win inside before the victory manifests outside.

These are times when a lot of people are discouraged and motivation is tough to come by with so many things going on in the world. What’s your approach to getting ready for victory?

MC: Winning attitude is based on two things: how bad you want it and why you want it. At any given moment you have the power to say that this is not how the story is going to end and the moment you tell yourself that and truly believe it, that’s when you really start to live!

The hardest times are when people are searching for an opportunity that could change their life.

Whenever I bring in a new business partner, I prepare them for battle. And one of the things that I truly believe has made me a strong leader is that I don’t sugar coat the path to success.

I don’t tell people it’s going to be rainbows and sunshine and the money is going to fall from the trees … Every successful person on the planet has at some point been faced with adversity and guess what; they still made it!

How much is your future worth to you and are you willing to sacrifice the now so you won’t have to sacrifice later?

Secondly, your reason why is single handedly going to be the only factor that keeps you driving every day. So dig deep and discover your why because it will either make you or break you in the future!

DDG: One of the biggest challenges in achieving goals in business and fitness for many people is “the plateau” where someone may start strong but they tap out later. How do you break the plateau to win and keep winning?

Today’s complex, competitive and often quixotic job market has frustrated many people, but Millennials are finding ways to generate income in spite of it. (AP file photo)

MC: Well, it’s just like someone doesn’t gain fifty pounds overnight, they can’t expect to lose the same in a day. If Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, would’ve given up after being turned down 242 times there would be no Starbucks!

The key is to stay the course, always keep your goals in front of you and when you feel like quitting remember why you started in the first place!

Success in any aspect of life doesn’t happen overnight and as long as people can understand that they will keep pushing even if it seems like all odds are against them. I share real life scenarios with people to put it into perspective for them that the road to success is not any easy one but it’s worth it!

DDG: What would you say is the reason that you were able to succeed so quickly and at such a young age?

MC: Mindset, circle of friends, and self-discipline. At such a young age the mind controls everything!  I knew I needed to make a serious lifestyle change starting with me and the way I think, which for most college students is “live in the now, it’s the best time of your life!”

Reading personal development and leadership books helped me develop the right mindset that I was going to work hard now to make the rest of my life the best of my life rather than throw away years of my life partying in college.

Also, I changed my circle of friends. The people that I was spending the most time with weren’t a positive influence on me.

I read a quote from a network marketing professional, “you will become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” After I read that, I quickly changed my circle of friends and I immediately started seeing a positive change in every aspect of my life. From that I developed self-discipline!

DDG: You do business in both Florida and Hawaii. How do you do it?

MC: Well, through technology such as Facetime, Skype and Oovoo I’ve been able to interact with my team across the United States as if I were present in that place. Being that this is a home-based business, I use these different forms of communication to share my testimony to the guests who are attending the home events.

My team spans across the Hawaiian Islands, continental U.S., Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico so to keep everyone unified and connected we created a team page on Facebook where everyone can share their health and prosperity testimonies and once a week do team conference calls with the entire organization to do business building training. It’s a 24/7 job, but I love it! 

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