Interview: Michael Moriarty on D.C. politics, IRS-gate and Benghazi

Danny de Gracia talks with award-winning actor Michael Moriarty of Law & Order fame. Photo: Washington D.C. is the city that commands intrigue. (White House File Photo/Pete Souza)

LOS ANGELES, May 25, 2013 – Wooing 1990s television audiences as the tough-as-nails executive district attorney from Law & Order, Michael Moriarty is one of America’s favorite stars and a legend among Hollywood actors. With his towering build, dashing personality and commanding voice, Moriarty has been frequently cast in roles that portray epic historical figures and razor-sharp leaders.

Starring in dozens of unforgettable, often heart-wrenching films like the post-Desert Storm war drama Courage Under Fire or the political thriller The Arrow as President Dwight D. Eisenhower, Moriarty commands respect on the silver screen. But when Moriarty isn’t on camera, the same intensity of heart that won him three Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe is directed towards the very real problems of today’s political world.

Penning articles with a style reminiscent of conversing with one’s favorite uncle yet supercharged with discourses that speak to deep questions of history, philosophy and religion, Moriarty’s many writings are as enjoyable as they are controversial. Though often stringent to the political establishment for its many failures, Moriarty’s tenderhearted nature and love for humanity still surfaces in his essays and blogs as he frequently speaks of God’s blessing and the power of faith.

Truly an impressive man in our time, I had the honor of interviewing Michael Moriarty for his thoughts on current political events and the direction our country is headed. Not shy to speak out on topics many avoid and bold in his beliefs, Moriarty is every bit the dynamic celebrity millions of Americans have grown to love.

Danny de Gracia: Michael, you’ve been a powerful champion for preserving freedom and written a number of articles over the years in which you warn that our country is losing ground to the rise of a “Progressive New World Order” which, ironically, has seen bipartisan presidential support over the past few administrations.

Very few people seem to understand what’s going on and even fewer have the courage to talk about it. What inspired you to speak out and get involved in politics?

Michael Moriarty: Janet Reno. I know that might sound odd, even hilarious. Reno and the Roe v. Wade decision. Primarily however, America and Americans can blame “General” Reno for my passionate involvement in the United States Declaration of Independence, her Bill of Rights, particularly America’s freedom of speech and the ultimate horrors of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Once the Supreme Court in 1973 decided that infanticide could be legal, it not only ended America’s “inalienable right to life” it threw the Golden Rule right off the shores of this continent. The American Supreme Court’s definition of the Golden Rule for the last forty years now reads: “Do unto gestating infants what you would not want done to your own gestating infancy.”

DDG: I notice in Hollywood a lot of celebrities promote globalist themes both in their personal opinions and in the movies they star in. It seems to me that modern pop culture seems to exalt the erosion of U.S. sovereignty, the rise of a totalitarian government and the establishment of a dystopian world.

When it comes time to voting, people who have been indoctrinated to that kind of propaganda barrage for years seem to willingly support politicians that support these kind of tyrannical policies. Do you think our culture and government has been hijacked by globalism?

Moriarty: Momentarily. President Obama is, I hope and pray, the final chapter in America of this self-destructive delusion called the “Progressive New World Order.” It is unquestionably the major brainstorm of a progressively Marxist United Nations.

Now that President Obama is stewing in the hot waters of his Marxist impatience, I think that he and his Secretary of State’s “what does it matter” dismissal of Benghazi will ultimately wound him far beyond even the games being played by his IRS.

Obama’s IRS is not the IRS I’ve ever known for over seventy years as an American citizen.

The Obama Administration’s clear and undeniable reckless disregard for American lives in Libya carries even more serious implications than grounds for impeachment. They are keeping a secret from America that could explode into treasonous implications.

DDG: It seems like the Democrats and Republicans alike have collectively lost their way. A lot of them are neither liberal or conservative but just plain tyrannical. The way Congress votes lately is almost like they never heard of the Constitution. What is going on here?

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy-award winning actor and political author. (Photo by IMDB/Alan Zenuk/USA Network)

Moriarty: Thank you for that question! God bless you for it! Ask Senator McCain! If anyone has misled the world about the [Republican] Party’s true intentions it was the very man I happened to have portrayed in the film The Hanoi Hilton. No wonder the Larry King Show didn’t want me on promoting the film. They already knew how many different faces Senator McCain was hiding behind his cards.

Thank God he was not elected President of the United States. The games he plays would have postponed this moment of truth we now have with Obama, delayed it for possibly another eight years.

When McCain played his “put abortion on the back burner” as his ace-in-the-hole I knew he’d become a Bush family step-n-fetchit. George Senior’s favorite new world order speech? Following that thousand year Reich invitation, Bush Senior openly throws the election to Clinton by saying in the debate “I don’t have the vision thing.”

No one, certainly not the Clintons or Obamas can prepare America for the United Nations “Progressive New World Order” better than the entire Bush family.

DDG: One of the things that concerns me is during the last election President Obama told Dmitry Medvedev off-mic that if re-elected he would have “more flexibility.” Obama appointed a highly controversial Secretary of Defense that supports the anti-nuclear “Global Zero doctrine” yet Russia has been buzzing U.S. and NATO bases with armed nuclear bombers and China has been building brand new ICBMs and nuclear submarines.

Obama’s predecessor, George W. Bush retired our stealth cruise missiles and our advanced Peacekeeper ICBMs. Now there’s talk of retiring the B-2 bombers early and taking the U.S. Navy down to under 50 nuclear weapons per submarine. Is it just me or America is being intentionally disarmed while the communist countries beef up their arsenals?

Moriarty: “Make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse!” Remember how Obama admiringly imitated Marlon Brando’s Godfather at the beginning of his first term? The progressively Marxist/communist New World Order out of the United Nations is making all of America and Americans an offer they cannot possibly refuse.

It’s not like Obama never told us what he would be up to!

Their major problem, however – and that problem is Obama’s, Vladimir Putin’s, the Beijing Politburo’s, the U.N.’s, the mainstream press and most of Hollywood’s – is that America is truly a land of “better dead than Red.”

From the increasing number of whistleblowers showing up to pull the rug out from under the entire Obama Nation and its true intentions, the unmitigated evil of this Progressive New World Order is beginning to spill its guts all over worldwide television.

The New World Order run by the United Nations ain’t gonna happen. Because they’ve shown their hand and at least some corner of Congress and the American people are awake to it, they’ve blown it all.

Why? The impatience of evil! Hitler couldn’t hold back. The Soviet Union couldn’t maintain its tyranny.

And despite the debt America owes Red China, the Chinese, I believe, the majority of them, are rooting for the Tea Party to blow the Obama Nation, the Clintons, the Bushes and the entire New World Order scam of the United Nations, blow it across the Atlantic and into Paris as the disgustingly wealthy and treasonous hypocrites they are.

What’s most delightful about this scenario is that France won’t let George Soros in. He’s already worn out his welcome there.

DDG: America still doesn’t know what exactly happened during the Benghazi incident. One thing is clear, American lives were wasted by politicians. The story has changed so many times on that incident that you practically need wings to stay above the spin. Do you think that there will ever be any accountability for what happened that night?

Moriarty: As I’ve already said, it will bring the Obama Nation down and everything attached to that treasonous concoction. That includes the bipartisan agreement to put the likes of Barack Obama into the White House.

DDG: There’s a great flashback scene in the movie Courage Under Fire where these new Army officers are being commissioned and their instructor says “Go forth, command wisely, advise prudently and judge with care, and above all, defend with all your heart, all your soul and all your courage the lives of the men and women under your command in the United States of America.”

I think our elected officials should watch that movie and take a lesson from that speech. They don’t really seem to understand leadership or command. Do you think the decline of our government may be in part from a lack of moral fiber among the two parties?

Moriarty: Both parties lost it behind closed doors. Some men do that and try not to let their wives know what was going on. For forty years, ever since the Roe v. Wade decision made infanticide legal, American leaders of both parties, have thought themselves invulnerable behind closed doors.

Now they are obviously the gang that can’t even lie straight.

The communists have always thought of Americans as “useful idiots.” That Republicans like the Bush family and Senator McCain seem to have agreed with that estimation of America and Americans? Not even Shakespeare could come up with a pack of wolves this presumptuously stupid.

Their misconception will bring them down for what amounts to a third time. First, the fall of the Berlin Wall, second, the partially cosmetic fall of Soviet Russia, and third, the fall of the Obama Nation.

Oh, by the way, who shot Kennedy? The New World Order shot Kennedy. He nailed their conspiracy here. And they had him shot. He’s one of America’s most gifted and fearless heroes. He knew the price he might have to pay. However, the truth, if known by great men, will come out! God bless him! Forever!

DDG: Last but not least, what do you think the average American can do to make a difference in these strange and very confusing times?

Moriarty: Never lose your faith in the American Dream. She’s a nation under God, and God has never let a good American down. Not ever. Not even in death. Lincoln, Churchill and yes, JFK can only rise higher and higher in the halls of history and in the eternally indomitable heart of God’s children.


We greatly appreciate Michael Moriarty for the opportunity to interview him. Moriarty is also a featured columnist for the Washington Times Communities whose articles can be read here.

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