Why America should have elected Gary Johnson

As America implodes, Washington D.C. is clueless, gutless and unable to act. Photo: LP 2012 Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson and running mate Jim Gray. (Gary Johnson campaign photo)

HONOLULU, March 26, 2013 – If you voted for the Libertarian presidential candidate in last year’s election over Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, you now officially have the right to declare “Don’t blame me, I voted for Gary Johnson!”

It’s time for Americans to be finally be honest about the true direction our nation is headed. There is a detestable, cancerous, elitist outlook in Washington D.C. that is marching America in quicktime step to the destruction of our way of life and the death knell of our Republic. Turn off the intellectual sewage stream of narcissistic, double-minded talk radio hosts and plastic-faced major television network pundits long enough to form an original opinion and you’ll quickly realize that America is collapsing and the entire elected Federal government is unwilling or unable to actually do something about it.

The Things We Think (And Do Not Say)

Politicians and the 24/7 media tell the average American that he is in a “recovery” because Wall Street is seeing record profits and national unemployment changed by a mere point or two. Yet that same man is sweating bullets in his own life because he can barely afford the rising cost of utilities, the pressure of feeding his children and the must-have medical insurance that supposedly is getting cheaper and more user-friendly for everyone – except him.

When that poor man seeks sympathy among his neighbors and coworkers about how tough things are, he is instantly rebuffed by an army of self-proclaimed experts and impromptu life coaches who tell him he just has to work harder and produce more ideas because “eventually, his time will come through persistence and dedication.”

Meanwhile, as that poor man fights tooth and nail to increase his income and cut spending, politicians are developing a tax calculus ahead of him that will require detailed explanations for why he is making more money and slap him with stiff penalties for his few (if any) financial successess. Whatever money that man does keep after April 15th isn’t enough, because banks loan out money and speculators gamble faster than the average American can spend (or save) their meager earnings, devaluing the dollar and making sure there is never enough cash for anything.

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If that same American should add his voice to other disgruntled citizens who take to political action in Washington D.C., the first thing he discovers is that all of the bills introduced on behalf of “the people” are stuck in committee referrals with almost no hope of a hearing. Of the few measures that actually do make it past First Reading, they are watered down to be useless or loaded with superfluous bill riders that do anything but reform what Americans want to see changed.

The simplest reform proposals are criticized by hyena-like pundits and demonized by reckless laymen, to the point that committee chairs ultimately decide “the time is not right for this bill” and tell their angry constituents – as if they were nagging children – that reform will come some other day, but in the meantime a research study will be conducted.

Meanwhile, all of the bills introduced on behalf of megacorporations and special interest groups fly through both chambers of Congress, committee members ignoring language rife with moral hazard and barely spending any time at all to actually read amendments before voting on the floor. When those same bills reach the Oval Office, no matter how bad or awful the implications of it may be, the average American is told that bill must be approved at all costs, while no shortage of pundits appear on television to tell the President to “be courageous and independent” and to “send a message” by signing it.

While Americans suffer and go from one failed dream to another – constantly revising their expectations to lower standards and longer time frames for personal fulfillment – their congressional delegation boasts of “working hard for the constituency.” And in Congress, “hard work” really means overworking staffers with legislative demands to fuel political delusions of grandeur while the representative or senator spends all day giving idiotic rants of feigned concern to the media, taking awkward ribbon cutting photographs or planning a surfing vacation in Hawaii.

Later, if national outrage should reach such a fever pitch that the Supreme Court should end up hearing arguments on the unconstitutionality of a mandate rammed through Congress, the average American can almost certainly be sure that the nation’s highest court will find the most absurd and dystopian reason to uphold the outrageous status quo.

The question “Are you better off now than you were four years ago?” is almost a joke today. A more appropriate question might be, “Are you better off this afternoon than you were when the task force met this morning?” Americans are forced to watch in horror as one crisis solution leads to a bigger crisis, all the while with politicians claiming victory for policies that look more like national shame.

America’s economy is imploding, yet her politicians say that we are rebounding. Most people can’t afford last year’s cost of health insurance, and politicians say that the cost is going down. American diplomatic and military facilities all around the world are being attacked in spectacular fashion by terrorists, Russian nuclear bombers are challenging our airspaces and politicians say we are safer than we’ve ever been and leave office taking $100 bets that America will be “stronger than ever before.”

Republicans build careers by showing up to dainty fundraising events and making stellar promises of opposing Democrats and “holding the line,” yet when it comes to actually voting, their polemic is louder than their legislative record. Democrats promise “social justice” to grassroot gatherings and worried blue collar workers, yet side with banks and special interest groups that use crony capitalism to rob the poor and frustrate the average American in their quest for social progress.

Republicans who wanted change or saw something wrong couldn’t criticize George W. Bush when he was in office because it would have been disloyal to their party. Democrats now can’t criticize President Barack Obama because of the fear that they will be castigated for disloyalty to their president. But who, if anyone, speaks today with loyalty to the people, to the Constitution and to our Republic?

As America burns and her society collapses, a mighty nation once known for the freedom to “have it your way” is becoming a nation of poor have nots, ruled by incompetent, gutless leaders. America is reaching a point of no return in its national destiny. In last year’s presidential election, the question was not whether America should pursue a Republican or Democratic future, but whether it would continue to have any future at all.

I voted for Gary Johnson in last year’s presidential election because I believed with all my heart that America was founded by men who wanted as JFK said “not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave” but “the kind of peace that makes life on Earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children.” That is the America I was born in and that is the America I want to hand over to my future children to inherit.

America can change, but it needs people who think less of the establishment and more of freedom, people who have the real courage of saying that things aren’t as they should be and having the moral fiber to actually do something about it. America needs leaders who like the average American stand to lose everything from the loss of freedom rather than those who already have the favors of elite comfort.

America didn’t need another partisan icon in the November election. It needed a man ready to go to work and able to fix what’s wrong with our system. This crisis isn’t about party. This is about our destiny as a nation.

Look at the condition our country is in, just four months into 2013. Is this the America we deserve? Is the present day really the future we were once promised as children? If you voted for Gary Johnson last year, consider yourself vindicated as having made the right choice.

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Dr. Danny de Gracia is a political scientist and a former senior adviser to the Human Services and International Affairs committees at the Hawaii State Legislature. From 2011-2013 he served as an elected municipal board member in Waipahu. As an expert in international relations theory, military policy, political psychology and economics, Danny has advised numerous policymakers and elected officials and his opinions have been featured worldwide. Now working on his first novel, Danny resides on the island of Oahu.

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