INTERVIEW: Michael Moriarty on Obama, Jay Leno and American leadership

Danny de Gracia talks with former Law & Order actor Michael Moriarty on Obama’s politics. Photo: President Obama's appearance on the Tonight Show may once again purge public anger. (AP/Jacquelyn Martin)

WASHINGTON, August 7, 2013 – Plagued by scandals and global crisis, President Obama’s appearance on the Tonight Show was a new charm offensive to mitigate growing public anger at the White House. Obama’s pattern of running to talk shows and celebrity cover whenever in public disfavor dates back to his primaries against Hillary Clinton, when Oprah Winfrey’s endorsement swung more than two million votes for his-then stagnating campaign.

In 2008, Obama told Judy Woodruff at a Columbia University forum that “we’ve got to transform Washington … so part of my job, I think, as president, is to make government cool again.”

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Obama’s courtship of pop culture gravity centers and memetic masters has worked effectively in pacifying the electorate time and again, but not everyone is so easily wooed.

In an exclusive interview, former Law & Order actor Michael Moriarty characterized Obama’s appearance on the Tonight Show as “a perfect example of how slick a liar he’s become” and shared his assessment of the true direction America is headed.

Danny de Gracia: Michael, you were born in Detroit, what do you think about the direction the city’s been going over the last few years? What happened?

Michael Moriarty: [Local] versions of Barack Obama have been taking control of Detroit for decades. What that city became was inevitable. The same fate will be inevitable for Chicago and then New York. The whole state of California has already gone that way. Welfare debt. Why? The increasingly Marxist control of everything, worldwide.

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DDG: President Obama a few days ago unveiled a new economic strategy for America. Do you think the President is finally getting the message that more needs to be done, or is this just more talk in your opinion?

Moriarty: Nope. He has no sincere intention of improving America’s economy. His recent appearance on Jay Leno was a perfect example of how slick a liar he’s become. Makes Bill Clinton look like Tom Sawyer. He has only one, very, worldwide, Communist Politburo agreement to fulfill: get America into another Vietnam in Syria.

He’s already brought America to her knees economically. All that’s required now is to shame her militarily. The blatant cowardice of pulling out American embassies all over the Middle East is just the beginning of the military debacle which Obama and Putin and Beijing have planned for America.

The President calls America the world’s leading economy and [yet] Red China holds America by its shrinking-dollar cojones? Obama’s pulling his embassies out with a clear white flag of worldwide defeat on every issue. There is no reason for optimism, things will get far worse before America comes even close to realizing the leadership she needs – men like Allen West and Ben Carson.

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DDG: What do you think about the direction President Obama’s second term has been going so far? Is America getting better or worse?

Moriarty: Obama’s main objective – and he can wait to the last minute to do it – is to get America into a no-win war with the Syrian government and its allies: neo-Soviet Russia, Red China and Iran. Then he holds all the ultimate power-cards, including a right to suspend elections because of a war and institute a myriad of different forms of martial law. The Soviets, neo and otherwise, call all Americans – indeed, all of them, including Obama – “useful idiots.”

No one has become a stupider or more eagerly obedient “idiot” for Communist ends than Obama. His divided loyalties between Islam and Communism make him the perfect tool for Communist hegemony.

Half the Islamic terrorism has been inspired and partly funded by Communists anyway. With Obama’s divided loyalties between two halves of the devil: Communism and Radical Islam, he’s become Communism’s favorite tool and Vladimir Putin’s most “useful idiot.”

DDG: It was announced this week that the United States is charging a Libyan militia leader, Ahmed Abu Khattala with murder charges in connection to the Benghazi consulate attack. This seems strange since until recently the policy seemed to be to “take out” terrorists with drones, now the policy is charge terrorists with murder. As someone who played a very prominent district attorney on television, how does this policy of trying terrorists in a court of law come across to you?

Moriarty: Communist games. The games are played, changed, switched, turned upside down until the RINOs behave more obediently, and more moderate conservatives are persuaded to be left-leaning Republicans.

The economic nightmare these RINOs – led by the Bush Family – laid the foundations for with both debt and turning the American military into a police force for oil-rich, Saudi Nations? The Republican quicksand did half the work for both the Clintons and the Obamas. Suicide is the only word to describe what is happening to America. Lincoln predicted that suicide would be the only way to defeat America and indeed, he was right.

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