The Democratic Party is not the party of working families

It is time for all Americans, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to collectively assert themselves at the polls. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, October 13, 2013 — Politicians use the term “working families” as if they can relate to working people and have their best interest at heart. Do they?

What is a working family? If you own a business and employ people, is yours a “working family”? If you have money in the bank, are you a non-worker? Do doctors work? If not, what exactly is it that they do all day? Is work only physical labor? Does that mean secretaries and teachers don’t work? If teachers work, do college professors? Accountants? Executives?

How do you categorize “non-working families”? Are the non-working poor the same as the non-working rich? If we count the unemployed among those in “working families,” at what level of wealth do we excommunicate them from the ranks of the workers?

The term “working family” is a mantra of deception; it does not describe anything real. The policies and laws promoted and legislated by progressives and liberal Democrats have put America’s working families at a disadvantage. Some of them are devastating to the least skilled and most vulnerable among America’s workers. 

Minimum wage sounds like a law designed to ensure a guaranteed wage above what employers are willing to pay. That’s false. The true minimum wage is zero.

A firm that hires low-skilled workers hires them in order to make money. If you raise their wage by law, you can raise it so much that the worker brings in less revenue than is paid in wage. That worker will be fired. If an employer has to pay $10 per hour for work that is worth $7, those $7/hour workers will be fired. If we can use $10,000 in skilled labor to do what would cost us $15,000 with unskilled labor, the unskilled labor will be fired. 

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There are always substitutes for minimum-wage labor. Disposable plates substitute for dishwashers, scanners and computerized cash registers substitute for checkers, robots substitute for auto workers. The work that’s left will pay better than minimum wage, but you will have rid America of a lot of “working families,” turning them into something else. 

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, provides a huge new pool of captive customers to to health insurance companies. It is a mistake to think of this law as a health care act, since it does nothing to provide better or cheaper healthcare. Rather, it is a welfare-for-insurance-companies act.

ACA takes some of those captive customers, almost all from the ranks of “working families,” out of cheaper plans and forces them into more expensive insurance. As health care providers opt out of government approved plans, the promise that all Americans can keep their current doctors and insurance packages has been exposed as a lie. Believing working Catholics will now contribute to programs that provide abortion.

As always, the wealthy have options. They aren’t harmed by a little extra expense for health insurance. It is the poor and working families that will take any low blows thrown by the ACA.

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The economy was where Barack Obama, the national healer-in-waiting and master of the tides was going to shine, bringing hope and change that America could believe in to a country weighed down by financial crisis and recession. Progressives and liberal Democrats beat a drum incessantly that George W. Bush drove the economy into the ditch. President Obama inherited a mess, they said, but his mind would be focused like a laser on jobs.

Upon his last inauguration, we could fairly say that Obama inherited a mess: his own. After over four years in office, he has yet to take any responsibility for the fact that work force participation is at near historic lows, which means that we have fewer “working families” as a share of our population than ever before. The majority of adults in the work force are either unemployed or in part-time jobs.

Obama and the left have not simply turned more of America’s workers into men and women “of leisure,” but have set up the rest of working America for a series of assaults. The Federal Reserve and our deficits are setting us up for inflation. Stagnant wages have already eaten away at earning power at relatively low official inflation rates. Bring the vultures home to roost from our monetary and fiscal recklesness, and real wages will collapse.

With Obamacare and Democrats’ murmuring for higher taxes to close the fiscal gap, the left is setting the economy for even slower growth. 

If we care to look backward, we should stop to thank Democrats like Barney Frank for helping set up the housing bubble that was at the heart of the crisis of 2008 and our current sluggish economy. 

Republicans are not innocent bystanders. George W. Bush had an opportunity to veto a lot of the legislation that crossed his desk. But his determination to show himself as a president who could work with politicians across the aisle was his undoing. Bush often bent over backwards to accommodate Democrats, and rarely exercised the power of the veto. Republican members of Congress have not always been as fiscally responsible as their constituents wanted them to be.

There is a perfect storm of failures that have come together to create today’s economic environment. The storm crosses party lines and ideologies, but progressives and liberal Democrats are not the heroes of this sad story. They are not the champions of “working families” as they have claimed.

It is time for all Americans, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to collectively assert themselves at the polls. Dead weight and ineffective leadership exists in both political parties. Now is the time for screening and vetting of responsible candidates who will do the will of the people.

We don’t subscribe to “Workers of the world: Unite.” Rather, the clarion call is: “Patriots who care about this Republic: Rise up and defend freedom and our Constitution.” 

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