RANDALL: Does Obama plan to decide who lives in your neighborhood?

What happened to the government of, by and for the people? Did we miss something? Photo: AP

WAKE FOREST, N.C., August 12, 2013 — There are strong indicators that the Obama Administration is serious about its vision for parity and social engineering in American neighborhoods from Main Street to Possom Holler. Consider the following:

The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), under the direction of President Obama, “will address issues including patterns of integration and segregation, racially and ethnically concentrated areas of poverty, discrimination, persons with disabilities, and access to employment, transportation, education, and other factors that may assist with fair housing choice.”  

This means that Big Brother will examine the possibility of forcing neighborhoods to accommodate individuals of differing socioeconomic status. We would then have social engineering that enables the federal government to mandate a minimum acceptable level of diversity, whatever that means, as it deems necessary.

What happened to the government of, by and for the people? Did we miss something?

Conceptually, equal opportunity means ensuring that individuals are not discriminated against because of race, religion, gender, and so on. It does not mean that individuals are guaranteed access regardless of their socioeconomic status, i.e., their ability to pay for the access, products or services. We already have numerous laws and regulations to ensure that the playing field is level. Constitutionally, it would be devastating and against the will of the people if the federal government started to pick and choose the level of diversity in neighborhoods.

What folly would ensue if prequalifying criteria were not allowed:

  • if the National Basketball Association (NBA) required a certain quota of Asian, White, Hispanic and Black players in the league.
  • if Hooters were forced to hire women who were anatomically unappealing to its patrons.
  • if hair salons were required to provide full service treatment to women who were unable to afford it.
  • if the military were not allowed to have minimum physical and academic criteria for those willing to serve.
  • if homeowner associations were forced to allow $25,000 mobile homes to relocate on property within subdivisions where minimum property values were $500,000

The United States of America is not a Democracy. We are a constitutional republic of, by and for the people. We have elected officials to the legislative branch ― the U.S. Congress ― who are solely authorized to enact the law of the land.

Here is a sobering warning of what we are facing today by the Obama Administration and federal agencies that enact law via regulations:

Beware of those who would change our form of government to one that exists to rule, where the rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are no longer inalienable, where those rights become subject to the whim of those who hold power in government. Our fixed, written American rule of law is diametrically opposed to this fiat rule of law, which has no foundation in any immutable principles, has no constants and is based on documents that give all power to government which may legislate on the fly, excluding the sovereign individual from the process of determining his own destiny.” 

It is an absolute disgrace that the Obama Administration, after claiming that it would bridge the divide between the races, has been anything but an honest broker of peaceful race relations in our country. This proposal to engage in coercive social engineering by HUD is yet another example of betrayal of the American people. Charges of bias, bigotry and racism leveled against President Obama’s critics ring hollow. This same American public initially gave Obama a national approval rating over 68 percent, eclipsed only once in the past 60 years by President Kennedy, in January, 1961. 

The American people are well able to decide which neighborhoods they want to live in. They will loathe the actions of the federal government to impose unconstitutional rules, regulations and mandates about who can live where. If Congress stands idly by while the Obama Administration imposes rules and regulations tantamount to legislating without adequate representation, they too are culpable.

It is time to stop the madness, and time for Congress to actively assert itself against rogue Executive branch impositions, and once again restore proper checks and balances in government.


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Bill Randall

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