Five reasons to not vote for President Obama

The Obama Administration has not effectively made the case for why the President should be reelected.

WASHINGTON, September 12, 2012 – The United States of America has survived more than two centuries as the greatest country in the history of civilization. The US has been a beacon of freedom, innovation, and prosperity for the free world, and it is not by accident. 

The main point of distinction separating the United States from all other civilizations is the Constitution and what it represents.

Most of this country’s Founders personally adhered to Judeo-Christian values and principles but they did not craft a government that was a mouthpiece of the Church, as it was in England. Instead, they used Judeo-Christian principles to shape and craft this rugged document known as our Constitution, a document so enduring that we have a continuous string of elected officials who have sworn to “preserve, protect and defend” it. 

Any deviation from our Constitution is a clear and present danger to our great Republic.

So why should we not vote for President Obama? It is because far too many of his actions and rhetoric have either circumvented, challenged or blatantly disregarded the clear mandate set forth in the U.S. Constitution. Regardless of what your personal sentiments are, none of us, as U.S. citizens, are above our founding document.

Looking over the last four years of the Obama administration, following are some of the egregious actions by the Obama Administration that, while not clearly impeachable offenses, nevertheless violate the spirit and intent of the oath to “support, protect and defend” our U.S. Constitution.   

These actions betrayed the public trust, compromised national security, and negatively impacted the lives of America’s citizens and their prosperity. 

See if you agree:

1. Monkeying With The Economy 

The Obama Administration pushed for “Stimulus Legislation.” We were supposed to have “shovel-ready projects.” Instead, the money went to Unions that support President Obama and the Democratic party with financial contributions. 

Secondly, Keynesian economics exacerbates economic problems. When the government chooses to take money out of the private sector, through taxation, attempting to “stimulate” economic growth via government spending, it makes things worse. 

Another way the government tries to stimulate the economy is to add to the money supply by CREATING more money. This is commonly known as “quantitative easing.” This worsens the problem by increasing inflationary pressure, which devalues all dollars currently in circulation. One reason this does not work, for example, is that Saudi Arabia observes us pumping up the money supply. Saudi Arabia understand that this, in turn makes the value of their dollars decline, and the result is an increase in the price of Saudi oil. Then the government deflects responsibility for this economic ding on the American people by blaming “rich, evil oil companies” for surging prices at the pump, and also for prices of goods and services that are dependent on oil.

2.  Stagnant Economy

The American economy is stagnant primarily due to excessive government regulation, which makes it more difficult for new businesses to get established and become profitable, and also due to some of the highest corporate tax rates in the world. These force businesses to either waste resources to find ways to avoid taxes, or to pay high tax bills, and in both cases the cost is eventually passed onto consumers. The oxymoronic “Affordable Health Care Act” has levied the greatest tax hike in American history. 

The result is that companies are not taking economic risks and they are not hiring. Health care, especially for seniors, is degraded because Obamacare took more than $700 billion from Medicare in order to fund this new “tax.”

3. Immigration Reform

The Obama Administration has steadfastly opposed the State of Arizona’s immigration enforcement efforts. Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Arizona Senate bill 1070 to protect Arizona citizens from illegal immigrants (especially those who had violent records).  The U.S. Attorney General (under President Obama) sued the State of Arizona, and infringed on that state’s sovereignty.

The impact on the voters? Individual safety and the security of private property are exposed to great risk.

4. Command, or lack thereof

As Commander in Chief, the President has not led by positive example in the area of personal responsibility. 

a. Our fighting forces (from E1 through O10) are given an interim period of 89 days in a new duty station or command, during which they are considered to be “NOT OBSERVED.”  Once that military man or woman reaches 90 days in that new position, they then OWN that position and all things related to it. President Obama has repeatedly attempted to pass the buck by stating that the last Administration ran the economy into the ditch, and that he was not responsible.

A President is not fully to blame for everything that happens on his watch, but he is not given a pass with respect to required involvement in turning things around for the better. The President is given huge power; with that power comes authority and responsibility. The President gets to take the credit for the good that happens on his watch, even if he did not cause it, and so he must take the blame for the bad. He can’t have the authority and take the credit without also accepting the blame. 

b. Another reprehensible action by Obama was his release of the details relating to Seal Team Six.  It is unconscionable that the Commander in Chief would allow the release of sensitive information related to Navy Seals’ operations, soley for his own aggrandizement.

c. Overtures to Israel. Never in our nation’s history has an American president displayed such open contempt to our most important ally in the Middle East. This negative climate towards Israel is reflected in our State Department’s refusal to officially recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, shameful treatment of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu during a visit to the White House in March 2010, and the Obama Administration’s seemingly cozy relationship with persons who have ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Impact on the voters:  None of the above mentioned examples bolster or enhance our national security in any way.

5. Domestic Terrorist Threats

Insults levied against American citizens. The Deptartment of Homeland Security released a publication that outlined domestic terrorist threats.  The document impugned the motives of Tea Party activists, veterans who returned from serving on active duty, and other grassroots persons and groups, while arousing unwarranted suspicion surrounding their existence and/or activities.

Impact on the voters: The Executive Branch of government is charged with showing forth an example of serving the citizens, vice insulting and shrouding them under a cloud of suspicion.

The Obama Administration has not effectively made the case for why the President should be reelected.  The aforementioned is not a matter of concern for a particular race, social or socioeconomic group.  The things cited are matters of huge concern, a reflection of a dearth of leadership, and clear failure in execution of the job mandated by the Constitution of the United States.

As Clint Eastwood so poignantly put it, “Whether you are a Democrat or Republican or whether you’re Libertarian or whatever, you (American people) are the best. And we should not ever forget that. And when somebody does not do the job (like President Obama), we got to let them go.”


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