"I hope he (Obama) fails": The prophecies of Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh drew heavy fire just prior to Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, when the popular radio talk show host declared: “I hope he fails.”  Was he right?

WASHINGTON, November 4, 2012 – It appears that finger pointing and looking for a political scapegoat is en vogue in 2012.  One public figure that so-called “Conservative Experts” are trying to use as a political piñata is Rush Limbaugh.  These self-proclaimed experts are desperately seeking a plausible reason WHY President Obama was reelected, while at the same time failing to be introspective in their critique.  But despite the cheap shots and mud smears sent his way, Rush Limbaugh continues to demonstrate an uncanny ability to make spot-on calls about the political climate and direction that is shaping our nation. 

Rush Limbaugh drew heavy fire just prior to Barack Hussein Obama’s inauguration in January 2009, when the popular radio talk show host declared: “I hope he fails.” 

Those four words, which are simple enough for a young child to comprehend, were also powerful, penetrating, poignant and profound enough to zero-in on the fact that America had unwittingly elected a President whose ideology and agenda would put her on a course of decline and near irreparable harm.

If you think Limbaugh was just taking a pot shot in the dark, consider the fact that he made these remarks in early 2009.  Based on what our country is going through now (as the dark cloud of an Obama second term looms ahead), we must all admit (even if grudgingly and reluctantly) that Limbaugh was laser-accurate in his predictions. 

So, now that we are four years down the road of “Change We Can Believe In”, let us examine what has happened in America because of Barack Hussein Obama’s agenda and vision for the United States.  In addition, while doing so, realize that the following things are what President Obama intended to do.  They are things that Rush Limbaugh hoped President Obama would FAIL to accomplish:

- Irresponsible and misleading accounts given on what actually happened in Benghazi, Libya

- Mixed signals to the United Nations and Arab States on USA’s solidarity with Israel

- Fiscal deficits pushed by the Obama Administration that surpasses the combined debt of all prior administrations

- Pushing for taking one Trillion dollars in Stimulus funds (out of the national treasury, paid by the PRIVATE SECTOR) for so-called “shovel ready” jobs that never materialized.  Some of this money was used to pay for “green energy” companies that went defunct (e.g.: over $500M to Solyndra)

- Catastrophic effect of the oxymoronic “Affordable Health Care Act” (aka: “ObamaCare”); many companies will be forced to shut down as a result of the added burdensome expense

- Operation “Fast and Furious” and its reckless implementation and consequences

- Unprecedented and unfettered Executive Orders that circumvent Congress’ legislative authority

– Justice Department (under Attorney Gen. Eric Holder) actions that are perceived to circumvent the U.S. Constitution

-Unprecedented number of Americans in a state of dependency (over 47M on food stamps)

- Immoral propaganda of “having the rich pay a little more” and other rhetoric of class warfare.  If all, repeat, ALL the wealth of the rich is confiscated by the U.S. Government, it would barely pay for one (1) year of our national debt. 

-and much, MUCH more. I’ll stop here before we reach the volume of pages of the ObamaCare bill.

With respect to having the rich pay their fair share, if the so-called “Warren Buffet Rule” were adopted, that (annual) amount of increased taxes would take nearly 500 years to generate enough revenue to pay one (1) year of our national debt.  More taxes on the rich are a propaganda ploy, and President Obama and the Liberal Democrats are hoping that the American public does not wise-up.  The sobering truth is as President Reagan said: “We don’t have a revenue problem; we have a (government) SPENDING problem”.  Until this latter reality is embraced and acted upon, we as a nation will continue on a path of cascading downward to our financial ruin.

Another factor we should not forget is that Rush Limbaugh also chided establishment Republicans and neo-Conservatives during the GOP Primary process for not promoting Conservative candidates.  Before Mitt Romney’s ultimate securing of the GOP nomination, Limbaugh continually made the case that Mitt Romney was not the most Conservative candidate. 

However, neither did Limbaugh come out and endorse one candidate over another; he prefers to let each candidate make the case for himself/herself.  Limbaugh further postulated (early in the GOP Primary process) that because of Massachusetts’ health care legislation, Romney would not be able to effectively contrast his candidacy with President Obama’s on the key issue of repealing the oxymoronic “Affordable Health Care Act” (aka: Obamacare). 

Again, Limbaugh was right and it was borne out during the Presidential debates.  Not only that, but Limbaugh’s applied foresight correctly predicted that Mitt Romney’s approach of not aggressively taking the fight to President Obama and the American Left would not bode well in getting the Conservative base (who were not excited about his candidacy) motivated enough to come out and vote. 

In hindsight, an estimated three million Republicans did not vote on 11-6-2012. 

If you think the GOP was unaware of Romney’s “branding,” think again, and take a look at this video interview of attendees at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) convention in March 2012 (which was the last one attended by the late Andrew Breitbart).

This is an accurate sample of the sentiments that Conservatives shared during the Primary process.

The immediate aforementioned is not meant to slam Mitt Romney; I voted for him.  However, it is important for us to reflect on the fact that President Obama is so far to the left of center that even a self-proclaimed “moderate” like Mitt Romney looks like an across-the-board Conservative by comparison.  

The GOP is zero for two (0 for 2) in getting a true Conservative nominated the last two Presidential elections.  Being brutally honest, Ronald Reagan was the last true Conservative president elected to office (back in 1980/84). 

Rush Limbaugh has passionately and consistently told his radio audience that the simple rule is:  Before going to vote, do your homework about your candidates.  Then, go to the polls and vote for the MOST CONSERVATIVE candidate on the ballot; especially in the Primary. 

Rush has not been a blind supporter of the GOP. But he has been a remarkably consistent voice of support for the U.S. Constitution and true Conservative principles.

We are now at the precipice that is called the “Fiscal Cliff”.  Rush Limbaugh is once again warning that President Obama and the Democrats are calling for Conservatives and Republicans to work toward compromise.  He wants to “get a deal done.”  

The main thing that President Obama wants to get is Conservative and Republican fingerprints on the deal. That way, down the road, either or both can be blamed when our economy crashes and burns. The lamestream media will carry the water for the President and Liberal Democrats when that happens. 

The thing Conservatives and Republicans need to do is let the Obama Administration and Liberal Democrats OWN the pending disaster. Hold the line; do not cave!

Rush has been batting 1.000 on the major issues, and if Conservatives and Republicans ignore his sage advice, it’s “game over” and our dollar will hyperinflate worse than the old Greek drachma. 

So again, the solemn warning is:  DO NOT GET YOUR FINGERPRINTS ON A DEAL WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA! It is not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing with Rush Limbaugh, per se. However, given Rush’s track record as evidenced by the above narrative, our Conservative and Republican elected officials would do well to emulate his reasoning and act accordingly. 

As far as “We the People” are concerned, forward a copy of this article to your friends, family, social media, and most importantly:  To your elected officials in Congress.

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