2011 ends with U.S waging a covert war against Pakistan via Afghanistan (Video)

The November 26, 2011 an attack by U.S.-led NATO coalition on a Pakistani checkpoint, killing a reported 24 Pakistan soldiers, is converting the proxy war waged between the U.S. and Pakistan into a real war. Photo: Associated Press

PAKISTAN, December 30, 2011–Pakistan and and the U.S. are fighting a proxy war in Afghanistan, wherein Pakistan is supporting the Taliban while the U.S. is supporting the Afghanistan goverment of President Hamid Karzai. The November 26, 2011 attack by U.S. coalition led helicopters on a Pakistani checkpoint, killing a reported 24 Pakistan soldiers, is converting the proxy war waged between the U.S. and Pakistan into a real war.

The result is that Pakistan has since closed a key border crossing into Afghanistan stopping the movement of supplies passing through Pakistan on their way to NATO forces.

Admiral retired Mike Mullen, in his 22 September testimony to the armed services committee, alleged that Taliban is the veritable arm of the spy agency of Pakistan and through the Taliban, Pakistan is conducting terrorist attacks on the American and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has been facing war since the last three decades and its bureaucratic infrastructure is in shatters. The northern region of the country is more stable than the southern and eastern parts and with the constitution of the country being made the country needs democratic institutions to enforce that new constitution.

The Karzai government is trying to bring stability to war affected Afghanistan effecting order in the country as civil and military bureaucracy is taking shape to govern the country.

On the other hand, the Taliban are trying to disrupt and undo the efforts made by the Karzai government. The Taliban are concentrated in the southern parts of the country and are conducting terrorist attacks with the help of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). Recently, the US senate and congress stopped 700 million dollars of aid to Pakistan as Pakistan is not taking any steps to control the availability of chief ingredients required to make IEDs.

Officials say attacks that killed 24 Pakistani troops may have been deliberately provoked, AP reports.

Officials say attacks that killed 24 Pakistani troops may have been deliberately provoked, AP reports.



The Taliban are also doing suicide attacks on the foreign troops in Afghanistan. The recent suicide attack and murder of former president of Afghanistan, Burhanuddin Rabbani was mentioned by Admiral Mike Mullen in his testimony as it was conducted by the Taliban with the help of the Haqqani network, the branch of Taliban that is residing in North Waziristan, a tribal area of Pakistan and has links with the Taliban operating in Afghanistan.  

Mr Rabbani was instrumental in bringing the different factions of Taliban to one plateform with the Karzai government and with his death the chances of reconciliation between the different factions of Taliban and Karzai government are negligible.

Mr. Karzai, the Afghani president, is blaming the ISI (Inter services Intelligence) of Pakistan for its involvement in the murder of Mr Rabbani but Pakistan denies any charges of its involvement in the suicide attack killing the former Afghani president.

The recent attack on the Pakistani checkpoint has changed the picture altogether as the war is no more a secret war and has become an open war between USA and Pakistan.

America is denying that the attack was deliberate while Pakistan is claiming the attack was planned. The final inquiry report made by the NATO forces is not being given any importance by the Pakistans. Pakistan is not in the mood to restore the NATO supply line passing through Pakistan and NATO is facing a shortage of supplies.

NATO cannot live indefinitely without supplies from Pakistan. Whether and when Pakistan will restore the supplies is the hot topic. If Pakistan restores the supply then it means that Pakistan does not want the war to go overt and if Pakistan does not restore the supply then it means that Pakistan will keep on fighting the proxy war.

America has been fighting the insurgency in Afghanistan since October 2001 and if we assume that Pakistan has been supporting the insurgents during all this time then the chances of success in Afghanistan for NATO are dim as Pakistan is supporting the Taliban and training them and supplying them with the equipment necessary to do terrorist acts.

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