Letters from Pakistan Archive: October 2011

  • The changing face of Pakistan’s army

    The Army of Pakistan has evolved over its 64 years of independence to its current composition of professional officers. Published October 29 2011

  • Why Pakistan won't fail

    International observers worry Pakistan could fail, destabilizing the region- providing radical Islamists a base of operations and access to nuclear weapons, they underestimate the country. Published October 18 2011

  • Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan

    Pakistan should have a role in Afghanisan's nation building. Published October 11 2011

Qaisar Farooq Gondal

Qaisar Farooq Gondal

Qaisar Farooq Gondal is an ordinary moderate muslim living in Pakistan. He is facing the challenge of living in a country which is rapidly loosing its friends in the global community because of its policies. He is trying to bring ...

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