Kenya and ObamaCare: For Obama, it’s about pride

Tragedy strikes Kenya, ObamaCare is days away from implementation and President Obama is blinded by pride. Photo: AP

LYNCHBURG, Va., September 25, 2013 — The House of Representatives passed a spending bill on Friday that could send ObamaCare into history books.

Well, it would if there were even a glimmer of hope for its success in the Senate. President Obama has promised that, should any budget darken the doors of the Oval Office without provision for ObamaCare, he will veto it with one flick of the wrist. He reminded the American people this weekend on the White House YouTube channel that the fault of a possible government shutdown falls squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party.

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On Wednesday, September 25, the Senate voted to move forward with discussion on the debt ceiling.  

In other news, on September 21, radical jihadists attacked a major mall in Nairobi, Kenya. Al Shabaab, a Somali affiliate of al Qaeda, stormed the doors of Westgate Mall in Kenya. Over sixty civilians are dead due to the efforts of 10 to 15 radical Islamists. Though none have been unilaterally confirmed, recent claims suggest that al Shabaab recruited and trained Somali-Americans, among others, to continue a process to radicalize all of Africa for Islam.

This is the first known terror organization to recruit from within the United States. In the midst of this, one thing comes to mind: “al Qaeda has been decimated.” This is just one of over thirty claims by Obama that, as a result of his foreign policies, al Qaeda is shrinking.

So, how are the tragic attack in Nairobi and the ObamaCare firestorm related?

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It all comes down to leadership. The spirit with which the president shifts blame to the Republican Party is the same spirit that causes him to dismiss the facts made evident by the jihadist attack at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. New York Representative Peter King, in an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” said, “So this is again very similar to Mumbai, and showing that al Qaeda and its affiliates are still extremely powerful and still able to really strike terror into the hearts of people.”

This stands in stark contrast to the words of the Commander-in-Chief, who suggested that the death of Osama bin Laden was the end of the al Qaeda organization. We stand just one year removed from the attacks at Benghazi with questions unanswered and tragedy unaccounted for.

Obama has fallen victim to the spirit of pride. Falling in line with the president’s M.O. on foreign policy, he did not meet with newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani at the U.N. general assembly this week. No surprise there, even though Naghmeh Abedini, the wife of American Pastor Saeed Abedini, a prisoner in Iran’s harshest prison, was there. 

When asked about GOP efforts to slow or defund the effects of ObamaCare, Obama said, “They’re focused on trying to mess with me.” Such strong pride must have a blinding effect on Obama. In all sixteen of the ABC polls since August 2009, ObamaCare has never held majority support and, in current ABC reporting, 52 percent oppose the healthcare overhaul. Only 23 percent say the new law will improve healthcare.

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While conservatives in Congress listen to the voice of the majority of the United States, the president and his liberal Senate have repeatedly told the House of Representatives and the American public that there will be no changing, defunding or reforming of the administration’s signature train wreck.

So, ultimately, a government shutdown should fall on the shoulders of the president, should it not? We all make mistakes, but leaders are supposed to address them.

While Obama has told Kenya’s administration that he stands against the kind of violence that “these kinds of groups” represent, he has yet to pointedly address the growing violence of al Qaeda and the growing terror he has repeatedly said is on the decline. The White House was quick to pursue action in Syria, an anti-Western, anti-Israel state, but his planned intervention is on the side of Islamist terrorists led by al Nusra, another al-Qaeda offshoot. He spent only moments offering condolences to Nairobi, a pro-Western, pro-Israel state and a moral pillar in Africa.

The president’s picking and choosing in order to save face puts him on a dangerous path. The road to the October 1 implementation of ObamaCare is getting rockier and rockier. Senator Ted Cruz just completed a nearly twenty-two hour filibuster calling out the president on his healthcare overhaul’s shortcomings. The jihadist attacks across the Middle East and Kenya are adding to the tension falling on Obama’s shoulders.

Lives are being hurt, truths are being called lies and disasters are escalating without remedy, all in the name of pride. In the midst of tragedy around the world, our best hope is that the president will allow the façade to fall, come to terms with mistakes he has made, listen to the American people, turn away from pride and humbly lead.

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