Obama’s priority: Iran, not America

The Obama administration negotiated a deal with Iran on nuclear weapons. The only ones happy about it are the administration and Iran. Photo: John Kerry/ AP

WASHINGTON, November 26, 2013  Over the weekend, Barack Obama’s administration announced a nuclear weapons deal with Iran. 

John Kerry, the Secretary of State who negotiated the deal, was ecstatic. 

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Real Americans are not so thrilled.

Under the deal, Iran gets to keep its centrifuges. It also gets to continue to enrich uranium but it is supposed to degrade its 20% enriched uranium. 

In exchange, sanctions are going to be lifted against Iran and somewhere between seven to eight billion dollars of frozen Iranian assets in America are going to be released to Iran.

Iran has a long history with terrorism. It also has a history of lying about its nuclear program, and any sane person has to question whether Iran will honor any agreement or if we will have a repeat of the 1994 Korea failed agreements that the Clinton Administration negotiated.  

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In 1979, Iran stormed the American embassy and held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Does anyone think that some of that money should go to those hostages instead of back to the Mullahs in Tehran?

In 1983, Iranian sponsored terrorists attacked the Marine Barracks in Beirut.  243 Americans died in that attack.  Those families successfully sued Iran and fortunately some of Iran’s money is now tied up and will eventually go to those families. 

In 1996, a suicide bomber sponsored by Iran attacked the Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia. At the time United States Air Force personnel were using those buildings as a dormitory. 

Like the Beirut bombing, Iran has been held liable in American court for the Khobar towers bombing. While they families of those killed and wounded in Beirut and in Saudi Arabia are going to receive some compensation, is there any real American who doesn’t believe those funds should go to the American survivors and next of kin and not back to Iran?

Iranian defectors claim that Iran was involved in the preparations for 9/11. The allegations were credible enough that family members filed a lawsuit against Iran and in 2012 a Federal Magistrate ordered Iran to pay the families of 9/11 families six billion dollars.

The seven to eight billion dollars going back to Iran should instead be going to the American victims of Iranian terrorism.

The real problem is that we have an American President who has more sympathy with Iran than he does with the victims of Iranian terrorism. 

While Obama wants to come out with his version of “Peace in our time,” or more accurately appeasement in our time, Obama and his State Department did not even try to seek the release of an American pastor imprisoned in Iran.

Saeed Abedini remains locked up in an Iranian jail, which the State Department cuts a deal that everyone other than members of the Obama administration describe as a “one sided” surrender.

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton called the nuclear agreement with Iran an abject surrender. Ambassador Bolton is wrong. This agreement would have to be a lot better to be an abject surrender.

Barack Obama has thrown Americans under the bus again.  With this kind of deal, any sane person has to question the sanity, the loyalty or both of John Kerry and Barack Obama.

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