The great, lidless eye of Washington: Obama's NSA

That's not Sauron watching you. It's Barack Obama and the National Security Agency. Photo: The Lord of the Rings/New Line Cinema

WASHINGTON, June 9, 2013  — George Orwell, Tolkien and the movies had it wrong. Big Brother isn’t dystopian make-believe. The great, lidless, all-seeing eye of Sauron isn’t a nightmare fantasy; it belongs to Barack Obama and the National Security Agency.

We are learning more every day about Obama and his national security apparatus. According to a leaked document, every phone record from Verizon has been collected for years, and the odds are good that the other phone companies were required to provide their records as well. We have learned that through a project called PRISM, the NSA has been able to snoop on virtually every email, chat, Skype call and text message made in America. 

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The left is telling us not to overreact to the NSA’s massive encroachment into the privacy of almost every American. Barack Obama calls this massively expanded data surveillance program a “modest encroachment” into freedom. Many Americans are asking, “Can any secret encroachment into a free people’s liberty be only ‘modest?’”

There is one terrifying question about Obama’s data seizure program that must be answered: If we have no external enemies are on the ropes, if America’s enemies really are external, then why must the NSA and the Department of Justice collect nearly every record of every phone call made by every American, and every byte of data generated by Americans on the Internet?

Barack Obama’s actions suggest that he does not believe in the war on terror. He apparently does not believe that Islam, radical or otherwise, is a threat to America. He has been feckless in his use of American military power against Islamic terror, seemingly motivated more by politics than national security interests. He has refused to act decisively to defeat our enemies, leading us to wonder whether he wants to defeat our enemies.

But he does seem supportive of vast intelligence operations that mine data generated by ordinary Americans. Does this extend to our representatives? Senator Mark Kirk asked Attorney General Eric Holder whether the NSA spied on Congress. Holder gave a Bill Clintonesque response, saying there was “no intention” to spy on Congress.  

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It may be worth asking Holder what the definition of “is” is, then ask him what he means by “no intention” and “spy.” The administration has yet to admit that collecting information on the electronic trails we leave behind in almost every communication and transaction we make is in any way “spying.”

Americans across the political spectrum are asking, what do the Department of Justice and the NSA want to do with all of that data? We have seen with the IRS scandal that the Obama Administration is quite willing to use the power of government against those who disagree with it, and to leak information about them to their political enemies. It’s one thing to leak lists of donors and tax data; what if the NSA were to leak your entire Internet browsing history to people who want to destroy you? Your life is literally an open book to the NSA and the DOJ. The Obama Administration has given us reason to believe that it would be willing to loan that book to its friends.

It is no longer a deluded fantasy of the right-wing fringe to claim that the Obama Administration uses the power of government against its political enemies. Private individuals and political groups have been subjected to massive IRS audits in the wake of publically supporting conservative causes. Katherine Engelbrecht, the founder of True the Vote, found herself, her family and her businesses under audit and investigation by every federal agency with jurisdiction over them.

There is an old saying that goes, “You aren’t really paranoid if they are really out to get you.” The left loves to accuse conservatives and the tea party movement of being paranoid about the Obama Administration. Since they have already come after conservatives, asking questions about anything the administration is doing is not paranoia.  

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On Friday, Rush Limbaugh said we are in the middle of a coup.

When he was running for president, Barack Obama promised to fundamentally transform America. He is doing just that, systematically eliminating the freedoms and liberties that are the birthright of Americans.

The lidless eye is staring at you. Big Brother is watching, and his name is Barack Obama.

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