PHILLIPS: Eric Holder and the Department of 'Just us'

What is Eric Holder's real agenda with the persecution of George Zimmerman? Photo: ap Photo

WASHINGTON,  July 17, 2013 — The government has a new, ultimate oxymoron: The Department of Justice.

An oxymoron is defined as an expression with contradictory terms.

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Eric Holder is at war with the idea of American justice and American liberty.  He hates both of them.

Perhaps it should be referred to now as the Department of “Just us.”  Under Eric Holder, the Department of Just Us has become anything but an entity interested in Justice, at least not the kind of justice that has been the hallmark of Anglo-American jurisprudence.

The first example is Holder’s continuing persecution of George Zimmerman.  At this point, the only word that describes government actions against Zimmerman is persecution.

A jury acquitted him of Murder in the death of Travyon Martin. Despite that acquital, Holder wants to file hate crimes charges against Zimmerman. The problem for Holder is there is no evidence of hate. In fact, with George Zimmerman, his entire life shows him to be just the opposite.

That isn’t stopping Holder. He announced the creation of an email address where he wants people to send in tips that can be used to help persecute Zimmerman. 

Isn’t that American?  We will have anonymous Internet tips used as the basis for ripping a man’s life apart. Stalin had secret trials during the 1930’s, where the accused did not even know about the proceedings and the most outrageous forms of hearsay were used against them. Apparently Holder prefers Stalinist justice to American justice.

While Holder persecutes Zimmerman, he cannot be bothered to prosecute IRS and other government officials who willfully accessed the tax records of political candidates and their supporters.

Anyone want to guess the politics of the candidates and their supporters?

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The Treasury Department’s Inspector General referred at least four instances of access of the tax records of political candidates and their contributors.  Some of those instances were “willful,” according to the Inspector General.

In all of the cases, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice has declined to prosecute.

What is Holder interested in?

Yesterday, he told America what he was interested in.  He wants to attack the 2nd Amendment.  He wants to make voter fraud easier and he wants Americans to be defenseless.

In a speech yesterday, Holder attacked the American right of self-defense.  Holder said, “Separate and apart from the case that has drawn the nation’s attention, it’s time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense and sow dangerous conflict in our neighborhoods.”

That is it for Eric Holder in a nutshell. 

He does not want Americans to be able to protect themselves. Stand your ground laws had nothing to do with the Zimmerman case and Holder knows it.  But like all leftists, he wants the general public to be defenseless.  If the public is defenseless against the left wing mob, the public is defenseless in its ability to protect liberty and freedom.

Holder abhors the idea of individual freedom and liberty. 

George Zimmerman’s real crimes were that he exercised his 2nd Amendment rights and he acted in self-defense. 

Those are the crimes for which Eric Holder wants to send him to prison.

Meanwhile, the Department of “Just us” continues to be an enemy of freedom, liberty and the rule of law instead of the champion for those American rights. 


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