PHILLIPS: The left and George Zimmerman

What is the left's obsession with George Zimmerman and the demands that he be thrown in prison and the key thrown away?  Photo: AP Photos

WASHINGTON, July 1, 2013 ― The left has been after George Zimmerman and demanding that we dispense with the formality of a trial since his name became a household world. Liberals have already decided that George Zimmerman is guilty and seem hardly to believe that we need a trial. They are also offended that Zimmerman has exercised his right to plead not guilty and take his case to a jury of his peers. 

Racists have already taken to Twitter as the case against Zimmerman collapses, threatening to kill Zimmerman or “white people” if Zimmerman is acquitted. The liberal media has gone into a fit over how badly the trial is going, even to the point of claiming that Zimmerman purposefully gained weight so he would look more helpless to a jury.

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But here is the question no one is asking. Why this case? What is it about the case of George Zimmerman that has so enraged the left?

George Zimmerman is someone the left would ordinarily love. He is left of center himself, as his brother described him as a big Obama supporter. Turning Martin Luther King on his head to judge people by the color of their skin, the left would ordinarily be expected to be less antaganostic towards the biracial Zimmerman. 

Why does the left hate George Zimmerman so much?

The obvious reason is the perfect storm of race and the leftist narrative. The media first described Zimmerman as white, and then corrected itself to “White-Hispanic.

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Somehow, white had to be worked in so there could be the racist narrative that Zimmerman only “profiled” Martin because he was a young, black male.

But there is a deeper narrative the left hits here that no one is talking about.

Zimmerman’s problem is that he was carrying a gun and used it. His problem was he was proactive in trying to stop crime in his community instead of waiting for the police to come by after the fact, when nothing could be done.

The left hates guns, gun rights and anyone who carries a gun.

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The left also hates the right to self-defense and at a very deep level; this is what the George Zimmerman trial is about.

Liberals do not believe in the right of self-defense. They believe that if their ideas were just implemented crime would magically vanish and there would be no need for self-defense.

In the greater scheme of lunacy, this liberal idea fits right in.

Perhaps we should ask the famous Dr. Phil question, “How’s that working out for you?”

In both the U.K. and Australia, guns have been banned. 

What is the result? Violent crime has skyrocketed: Australia and the U.K. have the highest rates of violent crime in the industrialized world. Shockingly, criminals did not seem to get the memo that no one is supposed to have guns any more. Chicago has most restrictive gun control laws in the nation and every week we hear of new stories about people who were shot in Chicago.

For the last fifty years, Detroit has been the Petri dish for every liberal social welfare experiment anyone could conceive of. What is the result? Today Detroit, at least what is left of the ruins of Detroit, is the most dangerous city in America.

One of the most crucial moments in the Zimmerman trial came when Jonathan Good testified that he saw the fight with Martin on top of Zimmerman fighting him in the style of mixed martial arts, raining down blows on Zimmerman.

Zimmerman chose to use a gun as his method of self-defense. But what if Zimmerman was a black belt in martial arts instead of a concealed weapon permit holder? What if he had used martial arts and killed Trayvon Martin with his own hands?

The left would still be as outraged. 

It is not only race that fuels this trial, but it is the right to self-defense. The left believes that everyone should be helpless. That is why the left opposes the Second Amendment.  The left opposes a strong military, believing our nation should be helpless. Liberals are at least consistent on this issue. 

The right to self-defense is a fundamental right. A free person has the right to self-defense.  A slave or a serf does not.

One of the things Americans should take away from the Zimmerman trial is this. The left does not want you to be able to protect yourself. 

There is one other thing you should remember. When seconds count, help from the police is only minutes away. Minutes you may not have, unless you are able to defend yourself.  

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