Understanding the liberal mafia and Duck Dynasty

The war over Duck Dynasty all makes perfect sense, if you understand liberalism. Photo: Associated Press

WASHINGTON, December 23, 2013 — The fury of the tolerant left exploded last week against Phil Robinson, patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan. Many see this as just another skirmish in the culture wars, but it is more. The issue is not just tolerance or homosexuality, or even Christianity.

This is a war between two fundamental forces in society: forces of law, and of lawlessness.

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If there is one word that accurately describes liberals, it is “lawless.” Most people interpret lawless as criminal. Lawlessness can include criminality, but it is much more than that. 

Conservatives believe in law and use laws to order their lives. Conservatives believe in laws from various sources. Many conservatives believe in divine or religious law. Conservatives believe in economic laws as well as the laws of liberty and nature.

Liberals do not. Liberals are quite happy to ignore the laws they don’t like. Unfortunately for America, liberals forget that when laws are violated, there are consequences. Violate the law of gravity by jumping from a tall building and there will be tragic consequences. 

The same is true for liberty and economics. 

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If you violate some of the basic laws of economics — for example, by debasing your currency as the Obama Administration is now doing with quantitative easing — the end result is inflation. This is not even debatable. This has been proven time and time again.

Language has laws as well. Words have meaning unless you are a liberal. This is why conflicts like the Duck Dynasty fight are inevitable. Conservatives believe that words have precise meanings and that communication depends on this fact. Liberals do not.

This Duck Dynasty fight comes down to one word: Tolerance.

Conservatives see Phil Robertson as tolerant. Based on media reports, there are a number of homosexuals who work for A&E’s Duck Dynasty production. According to some reports, A&E felt like they had to step in and suspend Robertson for the benefit of their gay employees.

There have been no reports that Phil Robertson or any of the Robertson family has ever been spiteful, unpleasant, or unfair to homosexuals who work on the show. They have never demanded that homosexuals be excluded from the production.

In short, they tolerated gays on the production team. They did nothing to demean or to ostracize them. 

This is the textbook definition of tolerance. We put up with things, even if we find them unpleasant or distasteful, because that’s the price of living in a society full of people who have different values than we do. But just as liberals redefined “peace” from being an absence of conflict to active surrender, the left has redefined “tolerance” to mean acceptance and active support.

There is the underlying problem. Because Phil Robertson does not fully accept, agree with and endorse their sexual preferences, he is not tolerant as they define it.

One common characteristic of liberals, including President Obama, is narcissism. Narcissism is the ultimate expression of liberalism. The arrogance that says “I am above the laws” is the downfall of liberalism. When anyone believes they are above nature’s laws, then morals no longer apply.

“Thou shalt not kill” doesn’t really apply if you are killing bad people. “Thou shalt not steal” does not apply if you are redistributing wealth from the deserving to the undeserving.

The world has seen this show play out before in the old Soviet Union and Communist China. The world has seen it in North Korea and in Zimbabwe. 

There are laws of nature, economics, morality, freedom and liberty. When a nation follows those laws there is peace and prosperity. When it doesn’t, there is misery. 

The penalty for violating the laws that freedom rests on is tyranny; the penalty for ignoring the laws of economics is poverty and a blighted future. In order to obey those laws, we must understand them, and understanding them starts with understanding words like “liberty,” “justice” and “tolerance.” As the episode with Phil Robinson illustrates, the left doesn’t understand the basic underpinnings of our society. It doesn’t have the vocabulary.

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