The Real American nominees for 2013

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WASHINGTON. December 20, 2013 — As 2013 draws to a close, it is time to consider the nominees for the Real American of 2013. Real Americans are people who love this nation. They are willing to go out on a limb to make this nation a greater place. They believe in Ronald Reagan’s idea of America being a bright and shiny city on a hill. They believe America is the best hope for freedom in the world. 

They do not believe America is evil. They do not believe America got to where it was by exploiting others but by hard work and the fruits of being a free society.

There are so many amazing people to choose from but here are the nominees for the real American of 2013.

10. The Obama Rodeo Clown. Professional Rodeo Clown Tuffy Gessling walked into a liberal buzz saw when he did an old rodeo routine, showing up at a rodeo in Missouri wearing an Obama mask. The announcer then asked who wanted to see Obama run down by a bull.

The left went nuts. Gessling pointed out that same routine had been done with every President back to President Reagan. The left went into bat guano nut mode. The NAACP demanded that he be tried for “hate crimes.” He was banned for life from the Missouri State Fair. Liberals had no problem with signs that insulted George Bush or even a movie that suggested his assassination. Gessling stood for his right to free speech.

9. Saeed Abedini. Saeed Abedini is a naturalized American citizen who has been imprisoned in Iran since 2012. He is a Christian convert from Islam who came to America legally. Perhaps that is the reason Barack Obama has no interest in him. In the recent negotiations where Obama completely surrendered to the Iranian Regime, he did not even try to get an American citizen, Abedini, out of prison in Iran. 

8. The Romeike Family. The Romeike family came to America, legally from Germany.  As devout evangelical Christians, they did not like the way the state schools in Germany were educating their children. They opted to home school their children, which is illegal in Germany. The laws banning homeschooling are left over from the Nazi era.  The Remeike’s requested political asylum in the United States. That request was initially granted by an immigration judge. The Obama Regime has fought them every step of the way and now unless they get relief from the Supreme Court, they face deportation. It is ironic that the Obama Regime will not enforce America’s immigration laws against millions of illegal aliens but is throwing the book at the Romeikes. The Romeikes are not Americans but they came to this nation seeking freedom and liberty, as so many real Americans have in the past, so they are nominated.

7.  Sarah Palin. It is now hard to remember the conservative movement without Sarah Palin as a part of it. From the time she burst on the scene in 2008 as the Republican nominee for Vice President, through her electrifying speech to the First National Tea Party Convention to her influence in helping get people like Ted Cruz elected, it is hard to minimize her influence in the conservative movement.

6. Rand Paul. Rand Paul learned his libertarian politics at the foot of his father, long time Texas Congressman Ron Paul. In March, he stood up and filibustered over the issue of the use of drones against American citizens. While the issue of drones was not a hot button issue for most of the conservative movement, Senator Paul’s willingness to fight was a wonderful change from the normal preemptive surrender doctrine of the Republican Party.

5.  Ted Cruz. Two years ago, few people outside of Texas had heard of Ted Cruz. He was considered a long shot against a Republican Establishment Lieutenant Governor for retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison’s Senate seat. Since then, Cruz has shaken up the Senate. He has led the fight against Obamacare, filibustering the Senate and well, showing that some Republicans are willing to fight. Cruz has been named the third most influential man in America and is widely considered a GOP front runner for the Presidency in 2016.

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4.  Phil Robertson. The Duck Commander is the leader of a family that is the center of the Duck Dynasty family and TV show on the A&E Channel. In a recent interview with GQ Magazine, he expressed a view of homosexuality and life that is in the mainstream of Christianity. Millions of real Americans agree with Phil Robertson. His family issued a statement saying they stood with him. In a brazen act of double standards, a couple of gay A&E stars made comments about how much better gay sex was than normal sex. They were not suspended nor had any other action taken against them.

3. Rush Limbaugh. It is hard to imagine a more influential figure in the modern conservative movement than Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh has the highest rated national talk show. He created the format at a time when conservatives had almost no media outlets. He is always the top target of the left, trying to shut him down.  There is a reason why they always want to shut him down. Limbaugh is probably the single best communicator of the conservative movement.

2.  James O’Keefe. James O’Keefe and Project VERITAS may be the gutsiest journalists around. They go undercover with video cameras and expose the things liberals do not want real Americans to see. His videos have brought down Acorn and caused far left wing executives at NPR to resign. This year, his teams took undercover videos of Obamacare Navigators telling people to commit fraud. O’Keefe and Project VERITAS are the true journalists of the early 21st century, doing what the mainstream media should be doing.

1. The Tea Party American. When the Tea Party movement started almost five years ago, it was not political professionals that launched this movement but average American citizens who were fed up. Today this movement is led, not by professional politicians but by real Americans. These are people who work hard everyday, raise their families and ask nothing more than for the government to leave them alone and let them live their lives in peace. The average Tea Party American loves this nation.  They devote time to the Tea Party movement to make America a better place and fight against the evils of socialism. The Tea Party American can best be summed up by a picture that floats around on Facebook.  It says, “Have you heard about the Tea Party Conspiracy? They want to let you keep more of your money, get the government out of your life and leave you alone.”

Those are the nominees for the real American of 2013.  Our totally unscientific voting will take place in the comments section and write in candidates are acceptable.

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