PHILLIPS: While Obama plays golf, Putin defends liberty

Something is wrong when Vladimir Putin is a greater champion for freedom and liberty than the President of the United States. Photo: AP Photo

WASHINGTON, August 16, 2013 — Yesterday, President Obama was doing the two things he does best: playing golf and helping America’s enemies.

Obama briefly interrupted his golf game and vacation to record a short audio statement in which he announced that America will cancel bilateral military exercises with Egypt because of the Egyptian military’s crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Egypt’s leaders breathed a sigh of relief; at least he wasn’t sending them Joe Biden.

Obama announced, “We don’t take sides with any particular party or political figure.” His policies have been consistent since he went on his apology tour to Cairo in June 2009. If a group is anti-American and is working against America, western interests, freedom or liberty, Obama supports it. 

When Obama says we are not siding with any particular party or political figure, there would be howls of laughter in Cairo if not for the fact the Nile is running red with blood.

The Obama Administration has blatantly supported the Muslim Brotherhood as they have lurched towards establishing an Islamic Republic in Egypt. When the Egyptian military wisely removed Mohammad Morsi from power, Obama demanded through his ambassador that the military release all Muslim Brotherhood prisoners.

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Perhaps remembering what Obama did to then President Hosni Mubarak, they wisely declined.  Perhaps they also realized that listening to Obama was the fastest way to get them lined up against a wall and shot.

Egypt needs to dump America as an ally.

That may be tough for most Americans to hear, but it is the truth. Russia has been trying to expand its influence in the Middle East, and Egypt should run with open arms to Russia.

While Obama has remained silent on the subject of the ethnic cleansing of Christians going on throughout the Middle East, Russian President Vladimir Putin has not been.

On August 1, 2013, Putin said world leaders must come together to stop the violent persecution of Christians in the Middle East.

Something is wrong when Putin is a greater champion for freedom and liberty than the President of the United States is.

While Putin has called for protections for the Middle East’s Christians, Obama has been playing golf.

Egypt’s leaders should learn the lesson that Mubarak learned, as the Shah of Iran did a generation earlier. When the President of the United States hates America, he also hates our allies and will not help them. In fact, when he can, he will harm them. The Iranians learned that in 1979, and again in 2009, when Obama would not help them in their Green Revolution.

America is stuck with Obama for another three and a half years. Egypt does not have to tolerate him. Nor should they; the Muslim Brotherhood will be back in charge and Egypt will follow Iran into the darkness of a 7th century theocratic savagery. 

In 2016, Americans will have a chance to replace this anti-American president with a real American. Perhaps then we can start undoing the damage Obama has done.


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