Harry Reid’s ObamaCare confession: It is single payer healthcare

For once Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is telling the truth. Unfortunately, the truth is coming three years too late. Photo: AP Photo

WASHINGTON, August 10, 2013 — Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., has come out and told the truth. The Las Vegas Sun reports that Reid has said that Obamacare is simply a stepping-stone for single payer healthcare.

This is not a shock to anyone who has followed the attempts to nationalize our healthcare industry. It has been clear since 2009, and even after 1993’s Hillarycare. 

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Obamacare is a trainwreck because it was designed to fail. Its failure will push us into single payer.

Single payer means the government controls the healthcare industry. Private insurance is simply gone. Single payer will destroy an American industry, and in the process it will destroy the best healthcare system in the world.

The real danger for Americans is the politicization of healthcare. Every American should fear the idea of the government being in charge of our healthcare. 

Why? It can be summed up in one “word”: IRS.

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With the latest IRS scandal, we have seen how willing a Democratic administration is to abuse its power. A name that has become synonymous with the scandal is Lois Lerner.

In the 1990’s, before she was abusing tea party organizations, Lerner was abusing other conservatives. In 1996, Lerner was not with the IRS. She was with the Federal Election Commission. She waged a jihad against conservative candidates. In one instance, under her direction, the FEC filed suit against Al Salvi, a 1996 candidate for the Senate. 

As the lawsuit progressed, Lerner offered to drop the lawsuit against Salvi if he promised never to run for political office again.

If presidents can use the IRS as a weapon against their enemies, and if someone like Lerner can abuse her power to force a man to give up his right as a citizen to run for office, it is not unthinkable that a president would use healthcare as a weapon against political enemies as well. The additional power that Obamacare gives government over our finances, and the vast amounts of patient information it will put in databases, give an administration enormous new powers to attack political enemies.

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Liberals hate the free market. Economic liberty begets political independence and personal freedom. Free markets are the antithesis of political tyranny and the personal dependence on government that the left prefers.

Interestingly, as the left has tried to destroy insurance, the free market is working out for those willing to use it. Across the nation, doctors are beginning to drop insurance and go to a concierge style of practice where people pay a monthly fee to the doctor and then pay for doctors’ services at a fraction of what physicians charge insurance companies.

According to Forbes, 9.6 percent of American physicians who own their own practice are planning to drop Medicare and go to a concierge practice. Doctors who have done this report that they have slashed their overhead, need to see fewer patients, and get to spend more time with each patient.

And the cost for the patients is far less, too.

If we want to make medical coverage more affordable, the free market is a great system. It works. The socialist systems preferred by Reid and Obama have failed everywhere they have been tried. All that happens with single payer healthcare is that healthcare is rationed by politicians rather than by physicians and markets. 

In Britain, which has had socialist healthcare since the end of the Second World War, is facing rationing of care and greater waiting times for surgeries and other treatments. While knee replacement surgeries in America are fairly routine, in the U.K. they are now delayed longer and longer because of budget cuts. Instead of using the free market to create efficiency and deliver quality healthcare, the U.K. clings to a system of central planning that has failed repeatedly.

This is the same system that Reid and Obama want to give America.

We should all be very afraid.            

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