Obama arms Syrian rebels while attacking American gun ownership

Want more gun rights? Move to Syria. Photo: AP Photos

WASHINGTON, September 13, 2013 — The United States government has announced that it is going to begin overtly arming Syrian Opposition Forces, many factions of which are supported by al-Qaeda. At the same time, President Obama and many on the left continue their assault on American gun ownership.

While American tax dollars are being used abroad to fund and train those responsible for thousands of American dead, American tax dollars are also being used to fund government programs and regulations allegedly aimed at keeping military style weapons out of the hands of gang members in the United States.

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Does President Obama’s decision to send guns to Syrian opposition forces undermine his gun control efforts in the United States?

The answer is yes of course it does.

On the domestic front, President Obama is trying to keep weapons out of the hands of violent criminals by supporting efforts to restrict the ownership of semi-automatic rifles, weapons capable of accepting high capacity magazines, and weapons he attests are designed for war. He states that as a nation we cannot afford for these weapons to wind up in the hands of violent street criminals.

Obama recently passed a pair of executive orders on gun control. The first raised the tax levied on trusts established to allow ordinary citizens to acquire Class III or “restricted weapons.” The second was an order banning the importation of a cache of WWII era rifles purchased by South Korea in the early 50’s, who are now trying to sell them to raise money for their military.

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On the foreign front, President Obama is trying to prop up the Syrian Opposition by supplying them with automatic weapons, weapons capable of accepting high capacity magazines, and weapons he attests are meant to help the Syrian people overthrow a tyrannical dictator. He states that as a nation, we cannot sit idly by while a brutal President massacres his people.

Let’s break those down, shall we?

President Obama is trying to restrict the ability of Americans do practice their right under the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. Through his allies in Congress, the Brady Campaign, and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, President Obama has made it perfectly clear that he does not believe that weapons meant for war should be in the hands of criminals, let alone anyone else. Previously proposed legislation would ban all “assault weapons” in an attempt to curb the rising violence in the United States, which according to statistics in on a decline.

Obama’s targeting of “restricted weapons” goes after a group of firearms that have to be manufactured before 1986 and require fingerprinting and licensing. It is highly unlikely that the criminal element is applying for their Class III and buying weapons from dealers, considering that many of those weapons come at well over $20,000, and getting a 9mm pistol from an unlicensed street dealer is much easier and much less expensive.

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The WWII era weapons the President fears making their way to the streets weigh ten pounds, and ammo for them is expensive and phasing out of use. It would be very difficult to find a single crime committed by a street gang using an M1 Garand or an M1A1 carbine. Unless MS 13 or the Arian Nation is considering storming the beaches of Normandy with period correct munitions, or the Crips and the Bloods want to duke it out Iwo Jima style, the safe bet would be that the use of these weapons in particular by violent US gangs ranges from unlikely to extremely minimal. Which begs the question; who is President Obama really targeting in these Executive Orders?

Abroad, President Obama has decided to induce selective amnesia and arm radical Muslim fighters. He does this in an effort to give them a leg up in overthrowing their tyrannical dictator, Bashar al-Assad. He does this knowing full well that al-Qaeda and other radical Muslim groups have hijacked leadership of the Opposition, however he has decided that the rewards for arming Syrian rebels outweighs the risk of sponsoring terrorism.

President Obama has made it clear that he does not believe that Americans should be able to own weapons of war, while making it perfectly clear that he thinks arming radical Islamists is solid foreign policy.

To boil it down to President Obama’s logic; the taxpayer can’t own an AR-15, and we are arming al-Qaeda with fully automatic weapons bought with tax payer money. Ah, freedom.



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