GOP civil war: Obama and immigration

President Obama reopens immigration, strains already fractured GOP trying to deal with Obamacare. Photo: AP

WASHINGTON, October 28, 2013 — Divide and conquer: that is what President Obama has in planned for his opponents in Washington. First he will divide them, squabble with one another, fight one another. Either in time or by his own doing, he will relegate the Republican party to the history books.

How, one might ask? What is the President doing that is causing so much stir and bad blood among the GOP?

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President Obama is a brilliant politician, and what he lacks in actual substantial leadership he makes up for in his unflappable ability to spin any situation, no matter how disastrous, just as he wants it to be spun. Using this ability, he has waged an unceasing war on the Republican party and all things on the right  of the political spectrum.

It is as if the President is a general, and he is leading his forces against the forces of his adversaries, the Republican party. On his side is the majority of major news outlets, billions of dollars in campaign and advertising funds, Hollywood, and Unions. On his side is also the perception that anything he does is the right thing to do for the country, he has everyone eating out of the palm of his hands, and doing exactly what he wants them to do.

On one front there is Obamacare, which has seen fighting since it was passed early in his tenure as President. That is dirty, slugging, bloody political trench warfare that has seen the Democrats and the President advance steadily towards the Republican line. Key victories were when the law was upheld at the Supreme Court level, and most recently when the Republicans were defeated over the shutdown. However, with the roll out of the Democrats and President Obama have suffered setbacks and many have lost face. The website cost over half a billion dollars and does not work properly, this amounts to a hole in their line which the Republicans are now trying to exploit for further political gain. However the President is prepared for that.

Instead of reinforcing his line on Obamacare, he has reopened a familiar front and attacked the Republicans on Immigration. Now, Republican resources will have to be pulled from the fight against Obamacare to hold the line on the immigration fight. In the meantime, President Obama is fighting a political guerrilla campaign against the issues of Benghazi, NSA, Journalist tapping, and the IRS scandal by simply running or sidestepping any attempt at being drawn out into an open fight. What is more, he masterfully uses the media and his political allies to hammer the Republicans for pursuing these issues. He makes the Republicans look petty, and most of the time he does not even involve himself in the fight to begin with. It is a win win for him.

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The President got it right with Obamacare, no not in the sense that he was right to federalize the healthcare system in this country, but in the sense of what it gained him politically. By passing Obamacare when the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate it offered him a unique opportunity on so many fronts. In one way, the bill could potentially bring millions of more people under the direct care and charge of the federal government. It would grow the voter base, it would allow for the government to intercede further in the lives of citizens, and it was one step closer to a single payer system, which is the dream of every socialist in the country.

However, one of the main political victories the ACA scored was that it provided Republicans with a fixed point to set their sights on. Obamacare provided the Republicans with the objective of trying to repeal one of the largest expansions of federal government power since the DHS and the Patriot Act. The legislation that would basically make President Obama care taker n’ chief would drive many national elections, garner millions of dollars to see it repealed, and be the sole issue that many Republicans deal with on a daily basis. And all of that, makes Obamacare a win win for President Obama whether or not the bill stands or is repealed.

While Republicans were busy throwing everything they had at Obamacare, Democrats opened up fronts on gun control, spending, same sex marriage, ‘don’t ask don’t tell’, taxing the rich, billions of dollars to failed energy projects, drastically increasing the power and scope of the NSA surveillance programs, targeting conservatives through the IRS, and as mentioned before suppressing journalists who do not side with him. This does not mean, or suggest, that these issues were not encountered or addressed, it is suggesting that with so much effort and so much support thrown behind defeating Obamacare, there is far less effort and far less support available to counter the abovementioned issues. With every Republican slamming Obamacare, the liberal media, as well as the President and his allies, spin it as an old white racist who does not want to help anyone. And when the old white racists attempt to address an issue such as Benghazi, or the NSA, they are accused of attempting to distract Americans from the more pressing issues of the day.

The most recent government shutdown saw a major, blistering defeat for the Republicans. Members of their own party gave up the fight, or saw it was not worth dying on a hill for, so they retreated in the face of what they perceived to be overwhelming odds. In a double stroke of luck for President Obama and the Democrats, the Republican party has begun to stratify and turn on one another. They are fighting themselves, and while civil war wages within the GOP the President has seized his opportunity and pushed for lawmakers to once again take up immigration issues.

President Obama, as said before, has reopened an old front. He has reopened an old front at a time when those who should be addressing that front on behalf of the GOP are fighting one another. The Tea Party factions will resist most or any immigration issues that deal with amnesty, but the Establishment will more than likely be willing to work with the other side of the aisle in an effort to be able to say that they worked with the other side of the aisle. With the GOP house divided, President Obama could have greater success in achieving his immigration goals while further dividing his rivals. The Tea Party even came to power in opposition to legislation such as Obamacare, but the division among the GOP has afforded the President to turn the establishment GOP on the upstart “radical” conservatives.  All the while, the GOP will be distracted from confronting the President on the problems with Obamacare, and they will instead be forced to spend assets to deal with immigration reform, which is a key issue for both sides in Washington.

President Obama is threatening to overwhelm the GOP. With faction in-fighting, inferior numbers in Washington, and against a more than capable opponent, the Republicans will have to find a way to reconcile their differences and stand united. If the Establishment and the Tea Party Republicans do not realize that they cannot fight effectively if they are divided they will fall victim to the Obama political machine and cease to be a viable option for conservatives who wish to see the rapid expansion of government size and power curtailed in Washington.



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