Marine Corps uniform change: Smoke and mirrors

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WASHINGTON, October 25, 2013  The Marine Corps, at the behest of the Commander n’ Chief, announced yesterday it will be switching to one “cover” in an attempt to make the amphibious service “unisex.” The Marines will have a chance to vote which cover, male or female, will take over as both male and female issue, and since the Marine Corps boasts a male population of roughly 95% it is no mystery as to which choice will be made.

And the cost of all of this? An estimated $8 million.

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Does anyone remember back in September when Nancy Pelosi said that there was nothing left to cut from the government budget, and that “the cupboard was bare”? Well if the cupboard is bare how do we have the ability to spend $8 million on this Marine Corps uniform change? Was there a secret compartment in the cupboard? Was in a magic cupboard like that movie from the mid-90’s “The Magic Cupboard”? Perhaps the federal government has invented magic and manufactured a cupboard that just generates money every time you close it. Money may not grow on trees, but if you cut down trees and make a cupboard money will just appear there.

Does anyone remember a few days ago when news stories began reporting that the Army only has two combat ready brigades? An army brigade typically consists of 5,000 troops, meaning that if another conflict were to spring up in another part of the World the United States Army would have ten thousand additional combat ready troops available to bolster whatever assets are already in place. Army officials said that the low level of combat ready troops were due to budget cuts to the military as a result of sequester and other curbs in spending.

Well, perhaps if the government were not spending $13 million on selling federal ordinance to state and municipal police departments, or $1.7 million on a study to discover whether homosexual women are heavy or not, they could put some of that money into the Department of the Army to perhaps maintain a higher level of combat ready troops. Of course our resources are stretched thin in Iraq and Afghanistan, but considering that the United States has pissed just about everyone off in the World it might behoove us to have more than ten thousand Army personnel combat ready. Maybe we can use the magic cupboard.

There is one more thing.

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This is all smoke and mirrors.

There are many far more pressing matters at hand than the sexual uniformity of Marine Corps covers. Americans are screaming for answers over not only why does not work, but why the government spend over half a billion dollars on a faulty product. They are also screaming for answers as to why millions of Americans are being dropped from their plans by insurance companies and why their premiums are going up. Yet instead of confronting the problems of his signature healthcare bill, President Obama has elected to throw up political ninja smoke and distract us with issues that are both hot button and newsworthy.

It is a brilliant move, really, and the news channels are eating both of these stories up. Defense is a very touchy subject for many Americans, who will zoom right by the truth on their way to condemning whoever the media tells them is responsible for this deplorable lack of oversight and discretion at the hands of those mean Republicans who shut down the government and cancelled Christmas. Yes, it was the Republicans who wanted to cut defense spending, please keep on believing that.

The people of the United States have been Houdini’d by one of the greatest political magicians in our young nation’s history. He has successfully bought himself time and momentary relief from public pressure to deal with the Obamacare debacle. He has essentially thrown the internet contractor under the bus, he has thrown Secretary Katherine Sebelius to the wolves, and he has even delayed the individual mandate for six weeks and will probably be hailed as a wise and compromising statesman for it. Oh, and do not forget, that the operator, Erling Davis, who answered Sean Hannity’s on air phone call about the site was fired very shortly after her phone call with the conservative talk show host. Mr. Hannity has offered her a year’s salary and his headhunting services in trying to find a new job.

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All of this, all of the things just mentioned above will be put into the back seat of major news carriers for a few days while they deal with the idea of spending $8 million on Marine covers, or the fact that if Iran went to war with us tomorrow our readiness would allegedly be in jeopardy because Republicans didn’t want to spend enough. It is all smoke and mirrors. They are all distractions from the fact that the federal government has taken over the healthcare system in this country and cannot even get the website for it to work. To reiterate, some people are completely fine with giving the same people who could not set up a website for half a billion dollars the ability to run our healthcare system. And not only that, but Jay Carney revealed that the website was only meant to handle 50,000 applications per day, and as it has been reported, that would mean that sixteen years from now the last estimated applicant would finally receive their healthcare.

Nope, hard pass. They messed up, and we have to hold them accountable.

President Obama is like the guy who pretends to throw the ball to a dog and keeps it in his hand while his faithful canine searches frantically for it. Don’t chase the ball in this case, America. Stare right back in his face and say “I am completely aware you did not throw the ball, quit trying to distract me, sir, the ball is behind your back.”

The Marine Corps and Army issues are distractions, keep your heads on straight and demand answers on why we spent over half a billion on a website that two kids in their moms basement could have done for $50,000 and a trip to Six Flags. Or better yet, tie them all together. Demand to know why we spent that half a billion on a website, instead of making sure our troops were ready for war, demand to know if the cupboard is bare how can we spend money on covers?

If we don’t be vigilant in our demand for answers  on Obamacare, then of course President Obama will come out and say that he heard the voice of the people and he will indeed not change the Marine Corp uniform, and people will praise him for his discretion and leadership. Don’t be fooled, don’t let President Obama wave his hand in front of your eyes and say “these are not the issues you’re looking for.” 



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