Global Iran nuclear deal and the motivations behind it

President Obama does not really have a tangible foreign policy. Photo: Nukes/ AP

WASHINGTON, December 4, 2013  Now that the country has had some time to mull over the Iran Nuclear Deal which has come out of the recent E5+1 conference, it has obviously received mixed reactions among many Americans. Republicans, who are eager to exploit waning Obama approval ratings, denounce the deal as making America weaker and sacrificing the security of Israel. Democrats, many eager to put one in then the old W column are touting this as a big win for the Obama Administration’s foreign policy.

One, if the Republicans play this right and chances are that they won’t, it could be a serious defeat for the Democrats who are scurrying away from the sinking ship that is the Affordable Healthcare Act-Tanic. Second, President Obama does not really have a tangible foreign policy.

It’s true, he doesn’t.

If you go on the site and click on issues and then foreign policy, it would appear that the quotes summarizing the American stance towards World regions has not been updated since 2011. But many of you are probably thinking, that’s because our President is strong and has not wavered since 2011. Well many would argue against that saying, in an ever changing and fluid World of foreign policy failure to change with the times and evolve your policy statements to reflect the most current events is a sign of not really giving much of a damn.

And why should he? There have been plenty of problems to deal with at home. The ACA rollout has been a disaster, but don’t worry it’s the Republicans fault for remaining intransigent during the rollout process even though the development of the website by a private contractor had nothing to do with Congressional Republicans.

Which brings us to Iran.

So why Iran, and why now?

President Obama needs a win, and opening up negotiations with Iran can be seen as a step in the right direction to some people towards welcoming them back into the global embrace with open arms. However many, many people don’t see how allowing Iran to continue to march towards the bomb while WE pay THEM to do it is a victory for anyone but Iran and the terrorist organizations they support.   

Iran has always responded to the threat of military force, and while President Bush was never afraid to use that threat, President Obama is more politically handicapped by a potential prolonged war with Iran than his predecessor. Despite the fact that President Obama has launched military operations in Libya, as well as smuggled arms to undermine the Assad Government in Syria, he cannot afford a war with Iran, and Iran knows it. What’s more Russia knows it.

Has Putin put the pressure on Obama to ease up on Iran?

Iran is not Libya, or Syria, it is home to a formidable military and has the backing of Russia and distantly, China. President Putin knows President Obama is weak on foreign policy, the old spymaster has the American President pegged at every turn. It is possible that Putin has urged Iran to come to the peace table to talk, because he is aware that President Obama is eager to look good in the eyes of the World, and certainly easing economic restrictions on Iran would cause garlands of flowers and wreaths to rain down on him from atops the highest mountain peaks! But no, it wouldn’t. It may rain nuclear fire, but not flowers.

President Obama’s foreign policy seems to be “apologize for our past mistakes” and he wants to be seen as the great humanitarian who lifted the restrictions on Iran and allowed for their people to flourish. That’s all well and good, but if in doing so you allow Iran to secretly, or not, enrich uranium then it has the potential to destabilize the entire region, it will put our closest regional ally in danger, and it will exponentially increase the probability of nuclear material winding up in the hands of America’s enemies and terrorist organizations.

Not to mention that the President is out of touch with his own Defense Department; in 2012 then SecDef Panetta said that Iran was not developing nuclear weapons though one day they might. Then not six months later President Obama comes out and says that Iran is a year away from getting the bomb. Understandably intelligence gathering and new information can change the stance of any administration in a particular defense issue, but going from “they don’t have it” to “not only do they have it but it’s gonna be here for next Christmas…” does not a happy Administration make.

And how does it make sense to threaten war on Iran’s allies in Syria, but then allow them to grow stronger through nuclear development and severely diminished economic sanctions?

Iran is using the fear of the bomb that they might be able to achieve through their nuclear program as a bargaining chip with the West. They develop nuclear energy, that they don’t need, we get scared that they will turn it into a weapon, they use that fear to leverage it into relaxed economic sanctions, and when they continue to develop the bomb and we hammer them for it we look like the big bad imperialist US government here to go back on the deal we made. All this does is make us weaker as a nation, and put our allies at risk. Iran feels that Obama has no stomach for threat of force, and as a result they believe that NOW is the time to push for the lifting of sanctions.

This is backwards. The President of the United States was more than willing to risk boots on the ground in Syria if the Arab League paid for it over President Assad allegedly crossing an imaginary line in the sand, than he is willing to appear tough on Iran, a nation who has sworn to destroy Israel, several times. They have called for Israel’s destruction constantly. If there is a blackout in an apartment building, or a high ranking official gets a splinter, Iran blames Israel and vows their destruction, it won’t take much to set them off.

America should be wary of this deal. It is nothing more than President Obama seeking to score a political win at home, and appear to be the benign leader of the free World in the eyes of the Global community. Iran will now have more money to develop their nuclear program, that they don’t need, in order to eventually become a nuclear power and attack Israel, who they do not like.

Iran is laughing at us, in an effort to appease Iran and supposedly stall their nuclear ambitions, the President and the E5+1 has played the part of Chamberlain and gave the fox the keys to the hen house. An Iran free to enrich Uranium for any purpose is an Iran that poses a threat to the World.



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