2013: The year of the Progressive

2013 was defined by the Progressive, and the ideology that the ends justify the means in the quest to achieve the greater good. Photo: Democrat failures/ AP

WASHINGTON, December 30, 2013 — The thirteenth year of the twenty first century has seen tremendous change and political upheaval in the United States, and well as the world as we know it.

The past year has seen a government shut-down, scandal after scandal, and a profoundly changing political landscape in Washington.

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Much of that change has been the culmination of the advance of Progressive ideology through the political battlefields of Washington. Through the revelation of scandals and the implementation of certain government programs and policies, 2013 was defined by the Progressive, and the ideology that the ends justify the means in the quest to achieve the greater good. 

It was revealed in 2013, simultaneously vindicating and terrifying conspiracy theorists, that the National Security Agency was spying on American citizens. And not just spying, collecting data on phone conversations, emails, search histories, and just about everything you can imagine.

All in the name of fighting terrorism.

This did not start under President Obama, but it was rapidly expanded under the Obama Administration, which pledged to be the most transparent presidency in U.S. history. Thus far, it certainly has not been so.

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It seems that every week there is a new report on how the NSA is hacking into the everyday lives of American citizens.

Just this last week there was a story on Forbes.com about an NSA team of hackers who hijack laptops ordered online and install tracking software and hardware in the devices.

Over the course of the last year, we have heard different corporations such as Verizon and Google reveal that they have been asked for information on millions of customers in the United States. The NSA responded to criticism by saying that they had warrants for those searches based on the Foreign Intelligence Court rulings, and that they did not violate any laws.

However, several judges disagreed with them. Last week, a U.S. District Court judge ruled that the NSA phone tapping operations were most likely unconstitutional because they were in violation of the Fourth Amendment, which protects against unlawful searches and seizures. President Obama protested the ruling, stating that such measures stop terrorism. They are for the greater good.

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2013 also saw the largest push to curb gun violence in the United States in recent memory. This came in the form of legislation originally intended to stop the sale of semi-automatic rifles, expand background checks, and limit magazine capacity, as well as other smaller measures.

Despite the fact that crime is down in the United States, and despite the fact that rifles are used a fraction of the time handguns are used, despite the fact that it was a violation of the Second Amendment, despite the fact that the Supreme Court ruled that banning an entire class of weapons overwhelmingly used for self-defense was unconstitutional, and despite the fact that none of the proposed measures would have stopped a single mass shooting, the Progressive left spent the first part of 2013 making every effort to infringe upon the rights of millions of law abiding American citizens in the name of safety and in the name of the children.

The Progressive fight against the Second Amendment is a perfect example of their disregard for the rights of the average American if it means satisfying their overwhelming desire to have a monopoly on force.

They cried out, if we can save one child from being killed then it is worth it. That sentence has been used time and time again by dictators and tyrants alike in the quest to power and the disarmament of the people.

The problem with this idea is that defensive gun use saves far more lives than guns take every single year, including suicide. One study by criminologist Dr. Gary Kleck estimated that in his research year, 1993, there were over 2.5 million defensive gun uses nationwide. Other studies put the low end of defensive gun use at 850,000. Despite this, Progressives have the audacity to argue that if these guns were out of the hands of ordinary people then lives would be spared and mass murders would not have access to them. The argument that if it saves one child it is worth it is completely shattered when the cost of saving that one child is the death of dozens of others who were killed because they could not adequately defend themselves or their families. 

All of this pales in comparison to the lies and political maneuvering surrounding the Affordable Care Act.

It was passed in 2010, and implemented in 2013. All along Obama and his allies promised the American people, “if you like your plan you can keep it. Period.” They viciously attacked and vilified any commentator or journalist who suggested otherwise, and even went so far as to intimidate noted journalists with threats. Now, three months after the roll out and three years after it was passed, the people of the United States are seeing the effects of the implementation of Obamacare. Premiums have gone up on the national level, and millions have been forced off of their individual plans.

Unfortunately, what the president actually meant was “If WE like your plan, you can keep it. Maybe.”

In response to criticism that the president lied about the effects of Obamacare to the country, the Obama Administration and their allies in the media stated that what we should focus on is how many more people will have health insurance instead of what the president actually said.

In other words, the president lied to get popular support for this in order to perpetuate the greater good.

This is the culmination of Progressive thought, the battle cry of the leftist do-gooder. As long as the greater good is the ultimate goal, the ends justify the means.

“For the greater good” was the 2013 battle cry for the Progressive warrior.

Progressivism was not defined to domestic policy either, in Syria Obama decided that it would be in the best interest of the United States to arm the Syrian Opposition forces. Among these forces was al-Nusra, the al-Qaeda representative to the Syrian Opposition. Despite the fact that al-Qaeda and their allies are responsible for the September 11 attacks, as well as the death of Ambassador Stevens, as well as the death of thousands of American and allied forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama gave himself the go ahead to supply the radical Islamists with firearms.

On the home front, Obama tries to deprive American citizens of their right to own a semi-automatic weapon while he willingly and willfully sends crates of automatic weapons to terrorist groups hostile to American forces.

But it’s all in the name of the greater good.

2013 has been defined by these grand political gestures and maneuvers which stem from that single concept.

It is okay to deprive law abiding American citizens of their right to privacy, and their protection under the Fourth Amendment, as long as you catch terrorists.

It is okay to deprive law abiding American citizens of their right to bear arms, as long as the life of one child is saved, never mind those lives that will be lost as a result. It’s all for the children.

It is okay to deprive trusting, voting, American citizens of the truth, as long as it serves the greater good.

But while the Progressive push has been like a slow moving and consuming conquest, there is no action without reaction. In the wake of Progressive ideology, the Tea Party and other Conservative groups have gained support to directly oppose the policies which those on the left seek to impose.

In fact, it could be argued that without the Progressive policy push in 2013, the Tea Party may never have risen to the place where it is going into 2014.

High taxes, highly involved government, and a concentration on the collective. These are the things which Progressives strive to implement, or at least implement more than they already have. Less taxes, less government, more individual accountability. That is what the Tea Party stands for, and not necessarily the Republican Party either as we have come to see. It is only reasonable that which such an increase in Progressive ideology, that we would see the opposite take place in reaction to it.

The Tea Party has a unique opportunity with the rise of Progressivism. The majority of the country still believes that the government is too big, they still believe that the Healthcare law needs to be at least changed, and for the most part Americans are still Conservative. What the Tea Party lacks in comparison to the Democratic left is the media favorability and marketability. Despite the fact that they stand for the ideas and they take the initiatives that most Americans agree with, they are skewered in the media for being racist, classist, bigots. If the Tea Party wants to win, they will have to address the media issue early on in 2014.

2013 was the year the Progressive’s raised their flag, the year they truly revealed themselves and their agenda on the national scale and made it known that everything was subordinate to the greater good. In lying to the country, and in violating Constitutional rights, the Progressives revealed themselves willing to do whatever it takes to move forward their agenda in support of the greater good. 2014 is where they will seek to press the advance, and attempt to stave off the Tea Party counter attack that will inevitably come.  

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