America, the Tea Party, and Obamacare

The new budget deal does nothing to reduce the deficit and is nothing but political posturing. Photo: (AP)

WASHINGTON, December 13, 2013 — The budget deal that has everyone so riled up has passed in the House with bipartisan support. It will probably pass in the Senate, and President Obama will probably put ink to paper on it in the near future.

To many at the center, this is a grand bipartisan effort to set party politics aside and really dig down deep and work together on reducing the deficit and taking a bite out of the national debt.

To individuals like those in the Tea Party, the bill does nothing to reduce the deficit and it is nothing but a political measure to avoid another government shutdown. The GOP in general cannot afford another government shutdown which they have been blamed for, and while Tea Partiers want to fight every pitched battle offered to them in the Budget War, the Establishment GOP has decided to yield the field on this one in exchange for focusing on other warfronts.

Just to be clear, $23 billion in cuts over ten years amounts to $2.3 billion a year. $2.3 billion a year, which will go away the second that a foreign nation requests aid, a corporation asks for help, or when a company like Solyndra gets a $535 million “loan.” $2.3 billion in a budget of $3 trillion is nothing. All it does is serve as evidence that the GOP is trying to get votes instead of press the issue.

The Establishment GOP, hoping to avoid a government shutdown over a budget impasse, made a deal with the Democrats to pass a budget deal that those in the center can play nice. The Democrats obviously got more out of this than the Republicans really wanted to give, but with all of the heat coming down on the Democrats for Obamacare, the Republicans can’t afford to take focus off of watching that particular ship flounder and burn. Many suggest that this effort is done at the expense of conservative ideals, and there is open and hostile dialogue between conservative and establishment politicians in the media.

So Republicans want to avoid another government shutdown.


Because if it happened, they would get blamed for it.

Despite the fact that the last government shutdown was a result of a Democratic decision to shut down the government instead of agreeing to defund Obamacare, the Republicans took the blame for it. They got hammered in every facet and tool of media and news that was humanly possible. The Democrats, even though it was their decision to shut down the government, avoided public persecution for this move by letting slip the dogs of liberal media onto the Republicans.

People wanted to give Obamacare a chance, people wanted the Republicans to get out of the way, and all the while people like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul were warning people of how much of a disaster this law is and was. People were losing money, people were getting upset, and so the Republicans caved to pressure to make a deal and fund the government.

Here are some interesting developments and facts concerning polls and other survey magic.

According to a November 18 Gallup poll, 56% of Americans do not see Healthcare as the business of the government.

According to a December 2 Gallup poll, 9% of Americans have said that the ACA has been helpful to them.

According to a December 6 Gallup poll, 52% of Americans would like to see the ACA weakened or repealed.

According to a December 11 Gallup poll, the Democrats enjoy a 42% general approval ratings among Americans to the Republican 32% approval rating.

According to another December 11 Gallup poll, the Tea Party is seen unfavorably by 51% of Americans.

And last, according to a December 12 Gallup poll, Healthcare is the #3 top problem facing America behind “Economy in general” (2), and “dissatisfaction with government” (1).

Despite the fact that polling data shows that over half of Americans do not believe that the Government should be involved in healthcare; despite the fact that LESS than one in ten Americans feel like the ACA has helped them; and despite the fact that over half of the country wants the ACA gone or weakened, the very party who has made it their mission to repeal it, the very party who was swept into power as a direct response to its passage, is at an all-time high level of being seen as unfavorable.

How does this make sense? How does it make sense that the faction within the Republican Party responsible for leading the charge against Obamacare is seen in a less favorable light than the actual Republican Party itself? The Tea Party is polling at 30% favorability, while the Republican Party in general is polling at 32%. Yet the REASON the Tea Party is in power in the first place is to repeal Obamacare.

America, this is another reason we can’t have nice things. The one faction within the government that is actually fighting to answer the calls of the American people to repeal the law are the same ones who are being demonized by the media. It is counterproductive, America, to have 56% who believe that the government should be out of Healthcare while not supporting those who are in Washington to do exactly that.

It makes no sense. How can this be?

It’s like America is saying “We want the Tea Party to change the ACA, but we don’t like the Tea Party!”

America, if you want the ACA amended down or repealed, you have to pay attention.

The Tea Party went to war over the budget in October to defund Obamacare. As a result, the Tea Party has an approval rating of 30%. However, 56% of Americans believe that the government should be out of Healthcare, and 52% believe the law should be changed or repealed.

Oh what a tangled, red taped, bureaucratic web we weave, America.

The Tea Party fought to defund Obamacare, the Democrats shut the government down. The people blame the Republicans for shutting down the government. The popularity of the ACA is flailing, yet the American people are still angry at the Tea Party for demanding the defunding of the ACA in exchange for funding the government. But, the people want to repeal or weaken Obamacare. But they hate the Tea Party.

That dog don’t hunt. That dog don’t hunt, or sniff, or scratch its own ear. That dog chases his tail and gets mad when the tail goes faster and faster.

Again, this is why we can’t have nice things.


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