It’s about time to stop pretending that Barack Obama is qualified to be President of the United States

It’s about time to fire Barack Obama and hire Mitt Romney as president, and if Romney fails we’ll do the same with him in another four years. Photo: Associated Press

DOTHAN, Al, November 4, 2012 — It is fascinating to ponder what it is about opposition that drives liberals to such hysteria and makes them so sarcastic and angry. What makes these creatures tick, and why do they act like teenage girls at a Justin Bieber concert when any Democratic candidate gets up to talk about whatever nonsense du jour Democratic candidates talk about?

Why do liberals throw themselves so ecstatically at Barack Obama, as if he were a cross between film star and Savior? Their fervor and frenzy when the Great One speaks conjures images from B-movies about devil worshipers at a virgin sacrifice.

The Obama campaign for 2012 is like a carnival of the damned: bright and attractive from the outside, venomous when you walk in the door. Obama’s message of “hope and change” from 2008 has deteriorated into desperate pleas to vote as revenge. Revenge? Against who or what? Against regular citizens who just happen to disagree with you? Against citizens who need jobs? Against citizens who have lost their homes, their incomes and their savings? Is he advocating some kind of additional punishment, beyond the failures of the past four years, for not buying into Marxist-based ideology? Seriously?

Politicians come and politicians go. They lie and they make promises they can’t keep. Politicians are among the least trusted people in the country, though American politicians don’t hold a monopoly on dishonesty. In many countries the citizens just have to put up with whatever they are given without much say, if any, about who gets to be the boss. In the United States – and Obama should get this point – the leader reports to the people, NOT the other way around. Liberals totally miss that point and for whatever reason get a warm and fuzzy feeling when told that the government will protect them from life’s bumps and bruises.

It would be interesting to examine some liberals, who these days roam the landscape like zombies looking for conservative brains to devour, to see what’s inside. What makes them so angry? Is it early dementia from a subdural hematoma? Do they collectively suffer from Tourette’s Syndrome that causes them to shout out obscenities and nonsensical phrases whenever they encounter someone with different beliefs? Perhaps they suffer from chronic pain somewhere in their bodies that makes them disagreeable or, worse yet, perhaps they suffer from addiction and need to constantly hear the words “you are so special” to satisfy their cravings.

Conservatives have to accept that we live in a more liberal society now, and in some ways that’s a good thing. Liberalism is expensive, and we’re rich enough to afford it for a while. Not all social changes are bad. Life is better in many ways, but some important morals and values of the past have also been cast out because liberals simply cannot accept any kind of limitations on themselves. People born since the 1960’s know nothing but progressivism in all aspects of their lives, and many were raised by parents who eschewed saying the word “no” for fear of harming their children’s supposedly delicate self-esteem.

We all know people who were probably raised that way who have been trying to introduce race to this election. They claim that white men are no longer in control of the world and are uncomfortable at having a black man to report to. First off, citizens don’t report to the president; he is supposed to report to us. Second, most white men would be more than happy to follow a competent black man who loved the Constitution, was honest, and had strong leadership skills. There are quite a few men and women, black, white, tan and yellow, who fit that description. Unfortunately the man we have at the helm right now is not one of them and it’s about time to stop pretending he is.

We, the citizens of America, have ignored the ongoing deterioration of every principle that made this nation great in the first place. We should never want a return to the bigotry and hatreds of the “good old days” and their gross unfairness to many Americans, but there is an expression that applies – “don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” Loyalists to the current president are ready to do just that, but it’s about time for the rest of us to stand firm and not follow down that path to eventual self destruction.

It’s about time to stand up for basic decency. It’s about time to push back on the progressive agenda. It’s about time to get out next Tuesday and vote for a new leader. It’s about time to let the system work the way it’s supposed to and replace someone who fails at the job. It’s about time to put someone new in the office of president.

It’s about time to fire Barack Obama and hire Mitt Romney. If Romney fails, we’ll do the same with him in another four years.

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