GOP helps Democrats say no to UN treaty on disabilities

Liberals are on the prowl again, looking to punish opponents to the UN treaty on rights of the disabled. Photo: (AP Photo)

DOTHAN, Al., December 6, 2012 — If you are a conservative or a libertarian, you may want to avoid any liberal friends for the next few days. The Senate voted this past Tuesday to reject a United Nations treaty on rights of the disabled. Liberals, with their usual rancor and acrimony, are already on the prowl looking for anyone from the center to the far right to punish.

The mainstream media were ready and wasted no time in proclaiming that this treaty was defeated because malicious Republican senators, despite being the minority, ran roughshod over the more numerous Democrats. A two-thirds majority was needed for ratification. According to the media, their heartless rejection of the treaty is further proof that Republicans love to torture puppies, drown kittens, and eat their own young.

The media made little mention that terms of this treaty could override the rights of American parents of disabled children, and no mention at all that the US just doesn’t need such a treaty. Healthcare debates aside, America has led the way in supporting rights for the disabled, and I can speak to that personally. For once the Republicans did their job, and frankly, why isn’t the Senate focusing on budgets and fiscal cliffs rather than wasting time on UN politics?

In case you forgot, the United Nations is a group of self-important diplomats who monitor American elections and ignore genocidal third world dictators. You can easily spot a UN representative when you’re in New York City; just look for a stretch limo blocking traffic somewhere near an expensive restaurant. Liberals hold this organization in great reverence and awe because they believe the UN is a higher authority to the US Government.

Scary, but they really do think that way. If you doubt me, check with their leader, President Obama, who explained it all in his autobiography. According to the liberal view, the US is an unfair bully and the world would be a better place if we would just stop intervening in things. That doesn’t mean stop sending money overseas, just stop expecting friendship in return.

The idea is that we are all global citizens charged with equal responsibility for protecting the planet, except for the US, which is charged with more equal responsibility because Americans are supposedly all wickedly rich. The global playing field needs to be evened out, and the UN is more than happy to make that happen with US greenbacks.

Currently, about $7.5 billion a year of your taxes go for the privilege of being insulted by the UN. I think I liked it better in the 1960’s when developing nations were yelling “Yankee go home.” We may have been the ugly Americans, but the price of getting criticized for everything was a lot lower than it is today. Just a suggestion, but ending the war in Afghanistan and ending foreign aid to hostile recipients like Egypt might help in some small way to reduce the federal deficit that both parties are fighting over right now.

The real problem with UN treaties is that there is too often some kind of catch clause that potentially threatens our inalienable rights as free, independent citizens, and it is usually disguised in such a way as to make the US look bad if we decline to approve. One might conclude that the UN is the world’s largest employer of divorce lawyers judging from the way their treaties and resolutions are written.

Liberals will respond to all this with their favorite argument that conservatives are paranoid and act like timid children afraid of what’s in the closet. Considering what liberals may keep in their closets, caution is probably well advised.

Another recent example of a bad UN deal is the small arms treaty. President Obama, having more flexibility since winning the election, swiftly and quietly reversed his opposition to the treaty much to the dismay of Second Amendment supporters. Apparently the president is vastly wiser than the citizens he represents and sees it as his duty to protect us in any way he sees fit, even if we don’t want protecting.

The catch clause in that treaty is that it could open the door for the UN to monitor and require registration of any US citizen who owns a gun. What a clever president, figuring out how to bring in gun control without Congress.

As the gun treaty airs out, Liberals will again say that conservatives are being paranoid, that the UN would never intrude and that only a real moron should even want to own a gun in the first place. Liberal rhetoric often includes words like “moron” despite their supposedly higher level of education, but as the saying goes, “even paranoids have enemies.”

Some people think the US is pretty magnanimous to provide funding at all and shouldn’t have to placate the UN or succumb to its misguided attempts at political correctness.

The real bottom line that liberals hate to discuss is that it took a long time and a lot of blood to make the United States a free and independent nation. It may be imperfect and we may have made mistakes along the way, but one of the few rights American citizens still have left is to insist that no one, for any reason, have control over us in any way, shape or form.

Liberals are free to believe and express whatever they want as is their right to do. It is not their right to force others to their way of life, especially under any flag that doesn’t have fifty red, white and blue stars and stripes on it.

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