Texas abortion bill drama shows demonstrators’ true colors

Pro-choice protestors in Austin parade children toting explicit signs, chant Photo: Pro-Choice Protestors in Austin / Ap Image

DALLAS, July 9, 2013 — If the question is, “how dumb can you be?” the response of pro-choice protestors in Texas over the past few days has been, “pretty darn.”

The heated and emotionally-charged debate started at the end of June, when a bill went before the Texas Senate which had the potential to close down all but five of the state’s 42 abortion clinics. The bill would put an end to all abortion procedures after 20 weeks of pregnancy with exceptions for the life of the mother, and would require abortion clinics to meet the same requirements as all other surgical centers. It would also require abortion providers to have permission to admit patients at a hospital within 30 miles of the provider’s facility.

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These new requirements come as more and more abortion horror houses have been revealed throughout the nation, from Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia butcher-shop to doctor Douglas Karpen’s Houston “clinic.” Concerned advocates of women’s health feel that tighter restrictions could help to prevent the continued mistreatment of young women in these hellish facilities. The fact that those restrictions will shut down 37 abortion clinics in Texas doesn’t seem like a point for the pro-choice side. 

However, rowdy pro-choice protestors didn’t seem to think it ill-advised to show up at the Texas Capitol last month and make a ruckus so loud it prevented the bill from being signed. Calling their actions a “people’s filibuster,” the unruly mob postponed the vote long enough that even after Democratic Senator Wendy Davis had been forced to end her 10 hour filibuster, Lt. Governor David Dewhurst said he could not sign the bill. 

At twenty weeks, a human fetus is about 10 inches long, and weighs 10 and ½ ounces. The unborn baby is swallowing regularly, feels pain, and has a fully-formed uterus of her own, with ovaries containing 7 million primitive eggs, if she is a girl. So much for those ridiculous signs proclaiming, “Give me my uterus or death!”

 Although the protestors managed to achieve their objective of stalling the bill’s passage, a few basic math skills would have been sufficient to demonstrate the ultimate uselessness of their actions. The vote, which is scheduled to be held again in the next few days in a special session called by Texas Governor Perry, showed a clear victory for the bill’s supporters and in all likelihood will be passed soon. However, even if the bill isn’t passed, the damage done by these folks to their cause is incalculable. 

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Some bizarre photos of the demonstrators have elicited complaints from both sides of the aisle, such as the ones showing young children toting explicit and vile signs, and the many profanity-laced poster-boards flaunted along the streets. The protestors seemed uninterested in winning friends and influencing people. 

Perhaps the most foolish and inexplicable form of protest utilized by the abortion supporters in Austin last week was something else entirely. 

It shouldn’t take much thought to conclude that chanting “Hail Satan” as a crowd in a public place is probably not the best PR move, nor the best response to a crowd of your opponents singing Amazing Grace in a cheerful group around you. This surprising move by wrathful pro-choice protestors was considered very offensive by many.

Indeed, in a grimly amusing turn of events, even the UK Church of Satan was offended, tweeting“Unfortunate to see Satan’s name used in such a diabolical manner. Another example of what ‘Satanism’ doesn’t represent.” 

However, on this one point at least, the pro-choice protestors may actually be correct. A quick dictionary check would have reminded the Church of Satan that the term “diabolical” has its roots in the Spanish word for “devil.” If Satan’s fan-club wanted to suggest that violently dismembering 10-inch unborn humans is unacceptable, perhaps “diabolical” wasn’t the best word choice? 

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