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DALLAS, May 10, 2012 — According to a survey carried out by the Swedish Defense Research Agency, (Försvarets forskningsinstitutet – FOI), one out of ten municipal politicians and local government managers totally denies that the phenomenon of global warming even exists, and six of ten doubt whether human activity is to blame for global warming.

“This is clearly not good. These people feel like they don’t have to take responsibility for environmental work in their municipalities,”
said The Defense Research Agency’s head of climate and energy research, Annika Carlsson-Kanyama. “It makes me angry that there are groups that spread the idea that research on the climate can’t be trusted,” she added. “It’s really hard to believe that managers and politicians don’t see how they are responsible for Sweden.”

These statements are understandable coming from the spokesperson for an agency that clearly makes it their business to propagate global warming scares. Unfortunately, the English-language Swedish paper that reported the story didn’t hesitate to utilize it as a springboard for climate change fear-mongering either. “In essence, the survey indicates that 70 percent of Sweden’s local politicians don’t believe in the science,” reported The Local in their coverage of the story. This line was not included in quotes and there is no indication that it was intended to be understood as a statement by Carlsson-Kanyama. To the contrary, it stands out like the proverbial Freudian slip, perhaps betraying its author’s indignation concerning the results of the study.

The Local betrays even further its unholy alliance with the warmist ideologues in the closing paragraph of its piece treating the Swedish survey.

“According to the study, climate-change doubters are often men from small, conservative-leaning municipalities, while it is often women from larger municipalities who are champions of the need to act to combat climate change.”

Climate-change skeptic Pierre Gosselin is disgusted by this manipulative statement and responds with gusto:

“So there you have it. They’ve given up on consensus and have moved on to claiming that the science of climate change is now endorsed by ‘hip people.’

“Carlsson-Kanyama should know, however, that Sweden’s leading skeptic climate blog is operated by a cosmopolitan woman, Maggie Thauersköld Crusell, who, if I am not mistaken, lives in hip Stockholm. And what about Donna Laframboise in Toronto? Or Judith Curry at Georgia Tech? Jo Nova in Australia, to name a few?”

Is The Local being honest in their assertion that global warming skeptics are doubters of “the science?” Perhaps it all depends on how you define “science.” If science is, in fact, “systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation,” then the theory of man-made climate change hardly qualifies as “science,” as it is neither  “knowledge,” nor has it been confirmed by wide observation and experimentation. Quite the contrary, in fact. 

A number of respectable people – both scientists and non-scientists – remain unconvinced by the alarmist claims of the warmist scientific establishment and continue to point at veritable forests of unanswered questions and challenges concerning the theory of man-made climate change. Let’s look at a couple of these who have been in the news just in the past fortnight:

Prominent physicist and meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls was interviewed this week by Bettina Hahne-Waldscheck of the Swiss magazine “factum.”

The CO2-climate hysteria in Germany is propagated by people who are in it for lots of money, attention and power,” said Puls, who admits that he at one time simply parroted what he heard from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) but has since chosen to do his own research. “Climate change is normal. There have always been phases of climate warming, many that even far exceeded the extent we see today. But there hasn’t been any warming since 1998. In fact the IPCC suppliers of data even show a slight cooling.”

US Senate Candidate and scientist Richard Murdock was covered in a piece by the Scientific American on Monday. Murdock reportedly expressed the view that the debate is not over on global climate change. “That is the most anti-scientific stance that you can take,” said Mourdock. “It’s never over. One question leads to another, leads to another, leads to another.” Mourdock says there will be a consensus of a majority on climate change, but his preference is that it be based on science that is questioned.

An article in Forbes on Tuesday explored the ramifications of the growing movement of climate change skepticism. “Leading voices in the Global Warming Gospel Choir are now abandoning the old climate crisis hymnal,” wrote columnist Larry Bell. He wrote about Fritz Vaherenholt, “a socialist founder of Germany’s environmental movement” who recently coauthored “The Cold Sun: Why the Climate Disaster Won’t Happen” and his “blizzard of criticism charging the U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) with gross incompetence and dishonesty, most particularly regarding fear-mongering exaggeration of known climate influence of human CO2 emissions.”

But even if all of this were not so, and if there were few voices speaking out against the battered theory of man-made warmism, science is not done by “consensus,” as Margaret Thatcher’s former policy advisor Lord Christopher Monckton reminds us. The argument from consensus is an instance of the Aristotelian logical fallacy known as the ‘head-count’ fallacy. “Science is not a belief system,” he says,It’s a rigorous process of inquiry.”
This is the same Lord Monckton who delivered this chillingly motivating and yet alarming speech in St. Paul, Minnesota just two-and-a-half years ago, pointing out a shocking collection of inaccuracies and outright deceptions in the graphs, diagrams and statements of warmist climatologists and the warmist scientific establishment in general:

“The truth is the truth whether you or I or anyone believes it or not,” Lord Monckton states in his talk. “The truth alone is worthy of our entire devotion.”

A history buff, self-taught artist, and enthusiastic autodidact, Bryana brings her always politically incorrect and usually passionate views about politics and the theory of government to her readers. In addition to writing for the TWTC, she also writes for The College Conservative and maintains the official High Tide Journal at You can also find her on twitter at @HighTideJournal and on facebook.

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