Heavy Metal Hensch Archive: November 2010

  • Soundtrack to the war machine: Part I

    Heavy Metal Hensch lists the first five of ten albums that make great musical companions to combat. Published November 30 2010

  • Keeping complexity alive

    Technical death metal legend Kelly Shaefer opens up about the rebirth of Atheist, the maestros of heavy music. Published November 19 2010

  • Music review: Atheist’s 'Jupiter'

    Atheist returns after a lengthy hiatus with another triumph in technical death metal recordings. Published November 15 2010

  • Words of 'Woe'

    Vocalist and guitarist Chris Grigg charts the evolution of his band Woe from one-man army to American underground metal sensation. Published November 12 2010

  • Music review: The Absence's 'Enemy Unbound'

    The Absence gives melodic death metal a shot in the arm on their catchy new album. Published November 10 2010

  • Bringing WWII to death metal's front line

    Hail of Bullets skinsman Ed Warby waxes poetic on creating a concept album about the war years between Pearl Harbor and the Pacific Theater's end. Published November 4 2010

  • Music review: Hail of Bullets' 'On Divine Winds'

    Hail of Bullets pulverize listeners with a death metal concept album about World War II and Japan's violent empire. Published November 2 2010

Mark Hensch

Mark Hensch

Mark Hensch is a heavy metal fanatic who has been scribing about the genre since 2003.  A Grand Rapids, Mich. metalhead, Mark also writes for www.thrashpit.com while serving as its editor.  He maintains a recurring column there called ...

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