Germ hotspots in your home sweet home

Many people use atomic-strength antibacterial cleansers which kill about 98% of germs on TV. You know what that means, don’t you? Better find out. Photo: WaterHorse Media, LLC

CHICAGO October 7, 2012 - There are a lot of people in the world who seldom clean their computer keyboards and by some miracle are still alive. Keyboards are a germ den of iniquity, one of the germiest places in the home. 

It seems logical that if you live alone, or are the sole user of a particular keyboard, you will only pick up germs that you put there in the first place. A shared keyboard is grosser, full of germs that are not yours until you start typing. (Do you ever wonder how often they clean computer keyboards at the library, or where the fingers of previous users were before they started typing?) 

You could keep a box of surgical gloves by your computer to type and surf germ-free, and then leave the gloves on to open the fridge for a snack, since doorknobs and handles are notoriously germy. Before taking the gloves off, turn on any lights you will need for the next few hours to avoid pestilence-laden light switches.  

Now you can remove the gloves, unless you have laundry to do. Dirty clothes are a pile of germs disguised as cloth. Before putting clothes in the washer, you may want to slip on an old shirt to supplement your protective armor. After you turn on the washer, wipe out your clothes hamper while still protected. 

Many people are using atomic-strength antibacterial cleansers which kill about 98% of germs on TV commercial demonstrations. What commercials never mention are the microorganisms that survive the swipe of an nuclear sponge. Those hardy microbes begin accommodating themselves to the power-sanitizer. 

You know what that means, don’t you? The germ-a-geddon survivors are breeding mutant antibacterial tolerant offspring. Eventually, we will wipe over the counters with our cleansers and kill only 2% of an anti-sanitizer strain of germs. The Lysol era will end while we try to save ourselves from a new race of rascally microbes. 

The point is, you might want to wipe off your keyboard now and then; same with door handles, light switches, phones, sinks, and generally the entire bathroom. You can clean green and keep a healthy home.  

It’s no use running, they’re everywhere
whether you’re phobic or hardly care

We scrub or steam, they find a way back
riding our hands or grocery sack 

It might be more comforting if we could see
which germs are good, which dastardly 

But they are too tiny for eyes of our kind  
yet they loom largely in lots of our minds 

Just warm soapy water, tea tree oil
vinegar, borax: sufficient foil

Learn more about keeping germs to a minimum at

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When not writing or counseling, Jacqueline enjoys reading literature and math-less books about quantum physics. She is a published poet, and has studied animal communication and energy healing.  


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