Experiential Awareness: Making dreams real

Every step you have ever taken has lead you right here.

DELRAY BEACH, Fl., December 17, 2011 — Have you noticed how fast time is moving, and how our thoughts and intimate desires are manifesting into reality almost immediately?

As I listen to some old Flamenco music, imagining the guitarist is serenading me as I sip dark espresso in a quaint cafe’ in Spain, I get swept away. Feeling the breeze move through me, I pause to take in the moment… until I realize 28 minutes just passed by. All I wrote were these previous two sentences.

I like daydreaming, but not when I’m actually inspired to accomplish something, and particularly not when I really want to make an imprint in others’ lives.

Is it discipline, or is it something greater? Perhaps it’s the feeling to which I associate my actions; the actual feeling within my body that creates a state of positivity and motivation which dictates my thought patterns, which in turn drives my belief system.

Through experiential awareness (experiencing suffering and then coming into realization) we are able to change our belief system. Maybe it’s just one thought or concept at a time, or perhaps we automatically adapt a new way of being based on what we’ve come to realize; that no time is worth wasting because time is all we have here on the physical plane of existence. So what are you waiting for?

As I try to get those feeling back again of relaxing in a sexy Spanish village with beautiful people surrounding me, I realize that my consciousness won’t let me go there again; at least not right this moment. Why? What changed in my feeling state that caused me to shift perceptions of my own reality, or peacefulness? It’s time.

As I write, I realize that time is passing by quickly. All of my fear comes down to the one thought: “I don’t want to wake up one day and say that life passed me by without doing what I truly wanted to do.”

How do we stand for our dreams, and wake up every morning actually believing and feeling: “I am moving closer every moment to accomplishing everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and appreciate every day because I know I’m doing great things”. It seems like quite a simple concept, to notice how every step you take is meaningful. One by one, we can begin to notice how every action we make and every choice we take, it either keeps us in the same path, as we are moving, or brings us to a new opportunity that progresses our lives forward.

As Napoleon Hill states in his phenomenal best-selling book published during the Great Depression in 1937, Think and Grow Rich, one must “Create a definite chief aim in life for carrying out your desire… Begin at once, whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.” Until we begin to make progressive efforts toward our master plan every day, we will never be satisfied and always search for something to fulfill us. Take time to figure out what your definite chief aim in life truly is, and listen to Hill’s audio book as soon as possible. Hill’s monumental writings and motivational dialogue is the representation of his earlier work in, The Law of Success, based on 20 years of research of interviews with the greatest achievers and wealthiest men of all-time as Andrew Carnegie’s disciple.

Choosing to improve ourselves each day toward a higher level of greatness means that we are ready to challenge our belief system. For every thought is pulled from an ingrained belief, coming from within. If we allow ourselves to learn, grow, expand and explore life from a state of observation and non-judgment, rather than conforming to the social norm ‘just because’ it’s comfortable… we will eventually expose ourselves to the raw truth that we are meant to experience. We know it’s here. We know because we wake up each morning with that feeling of, “I want today to be the day I start living my dreams.” If it comes from within and we shut it out… expect time to pass by, and for there to be disappointment.

If we listen to our inspired beliefs that may feel uncomfortable (because it goes against the grain) then we’re on our way… We’re on our way back to the self… back to you. It’s time, wouldn’t you say, to take a stand for you.

Now I can feel it. I feel the breeze starting to caress my sun-kissed skin as it plays with my golden hair, reminding me to breathe deeply. The quick strings, I can hear too, as the Flamenco guitarist makes me dance. This time, he’s not just playing for me. He’s playing for you, too.

Notice how, although time may be passing by, you can create anything you wish. What’s your chief aim in life? Perhaps you, too, will begin to start walking on the path toward your life purpose with a new desire to stand for something greater. It’s time to stand for you. Get up, shake off the fear and start standing for what you truly believe.


Robyn Linn is an internationally published writer, certified yoga instructor, healthy eating educator, spiritual advisor, and singer. She has created a Mindful Body program to provide the skills for college-aged students, children, and adults to attain optimal well-being. Her intention: to inspire others to live with compassion and live to their fullest potential and with a purpose. Find her atwww.robynlinn.com.


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Robyn Linn

Robyn Linn is an internationally published writer, certified yoga instructor, healthy eating educator, spiritual advisor and singer. Her intention: to inspire others to live with compassion and live to the fullest potential, with a purpose.

As the founder of Mindful Body Productions, Robyn Linn inspires individuals, groups and corporations through an integrated approach for peaceful living. Her talents, teachings and practices are sure to engage passion and bring a smile to anyone who comes into contact with her unique expression of self.

With experience as an on-air and a producer for TV and radio productions, Robyn has created a dynamic platform to share her visions, inspirations and motivations on being healthy and living a fulfilled life. Her methodologies include the applications of Yogic Theory, Tibetan Buddhist principles and Tai Chi, as well as weightlifting, hypnotic meditation and chanting to ground the body, ease the mind and awaken the spirit.

After witnessing her parents endure major health issues related to emotional traumas, surgeries and poor food choices—and suffering daily through her own battle of anorexia and bulimia for almost 11 years—she began to intuitively heal herself and seek guidance from renown healers. With a mission to help shift the level of conscious awareness within communities and the world, Robyn soon found her path, and gift, as a healer and health educator. Robyn created Mindful Body Productions to unite a mastermind team of leaders throughout the world and develop a program to help college-students overcome co-dependency and eradicate eating-related disorders.

Join Robyn in The Washington Times Communities as she naturally leads you toward health, wellness and self-fulfillment, to find happiness now. Connecting the mind to the body brings you back to you, so that you’re able to live more fully in the moment. Learn to express yourself and be loved for who you truly are, from within. From sexual and intimate relationships to healthy eating and fitness routines that will change your life, Robyn Linn offers insightful tips, tools and guides that bring you closer to living your true potential. You can find more about Robyn Linn and Mindful Body Productions at www.robynlinn.com and follow RobynLinn on Facebook.


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