Guns: Piers Morgan, Alex Jones, and me

Alex Jones challenged Piers Morgan: “You are not going to take our guns.” Photo: Walter Ruskin's fantasy interview with Piers Morgan

SAN DIEGO, January 8, 2013 — Did you watch the Piers Morgan Special on Gun Control on January 7? It was much more exciting than the BCS title game between Alabama and Notre Dame. The highlight was when conservative talk show host Alex Jones challenged Piers Morgan to a boxing match on national TV. CNN is becoming more like Jerry Springer every day.

Before we throw in the towel on CNN and deport Morgan back to England, let’s take a hard look at the Second Amendment and ask who – or what – is perceived as being its enemy. 

Morgan invited Jones to debate American gun laws. Jones had started a petition to have Morgan deported from the United States because of his public stance calling for a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles like the AR-15 since the mass shooting last month at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Talk show host, Alex Jones

Jones, on the other hand, believes that as tragic as this past year’s public mass shootings have been, a ban on weapons is not what will fix the problem. Rather, we need to fix a suicidal society, one that is over-medicated, the society he believes that Americans are creating.

That at least is what he seemed to be trying to convey to Morgan during the interview when he said, “It’s not the rock. It’s not the knives. It’s the person. Number one reason for American Deaths is suicide. I want to get people off pills. I want to blame the real culprit: suicide pills, mass murder pills.”

While Jones’ argument is reasonable in print, on Morgan’s show he sounded unbalanced. At one point in the interview he told Morgan, “My family and the Texas Revolution against Santa Anna tried to take the guns in Gonzales, Texas. Don’t do what your ancestors tried to do, Piers. Come to America. I’ll take you out shooting. You’ll become an American and join The Republic.

Morgan was a gracious host. He did not point out the flaw in Jones’ statement; Santa Anna’s government had no affiliation with England, Henry the VIII, or the Revolutionary War. Instead, what he seemed to be saying was that, since American citizens had the right to bear arms, they were able to oppose Santa Anna’s government in Texas.

Rather than trying to interpret Jones’ position for him, let’s pretend that Morgan asked me to be a guest on his show. You can do the same, at home. Just put in your name.

“Welcome everybody. I am Piers Morgan. Welcome to the ‘Guns In America’ show. Tonight, I have a writer from the Washington Times Communities section. His name is Walter Ruskin. He owns one gun, and seems like a normal human being. Hello, Walter.”

“Hi Piers. Funny you say that I am a normal human being. I am a writer, you know?”

Laughs, all around.

“What type of gun to you own, Walter?”

“I possess a Red Rider Double Action Carbine BB-Gun with a compass in the stock…AND I never shot my eye out.”

“That’s great! Look, do you think the gun laws in America are tough enough?”

“Laws in American are subjected to one standard: Are they constitutional?”

“So it’s constitutional to have an AR-15?”

 “Before I answerer that, Piers, my question to you is: Do you believe we, as Americans, have the right to own shotguns?”

“Yes, I do.”

Now, I am assuming this to be true, based on the fact that Morgan claims that he does not want to change the Second Amendment. He just wants to ban semi-automatic rifles, according to his comments on last night’s show.

Advertisement for the original Red Ryder BB gun AP

Remember, this is my interview. You can answer that question anyway you like.

“Then, yes. I believe it is constitutional to have AR-15 and according to your answer, you know it to be true as well. However, what you are arguing is not if it is legal, but necessary, to possess that type of gun.”

Now, maybe for you, for me, and for many Americans that might be too just much gun for one person to possess.

However, that is a personal choice. America’s gun laws need not infringe on your ability to acquire guns (background checks and waiting periods can always be reviewed and updated), but rather create, a stricter set of punishments for those who disobey the law.

We are free to do anything. However, should you infringe on the freedoms of others, there may be grave consequences.

America has very specific laws with regard to people killing, or even attempting to kill, each other. If you kill someone with anything, you will be put on trial for homicide. The charge could be murder one, all the way down to manslaughter.

We want to protect everyone. We don’t want to see our neighbors brutally murdered or to be on the receiving end of the blind hatred of some misguided child who didn’t get a pony when he was eleven. But does the removal of guns prevent that?

It makes it harder for them to kill you. We can all agree with that – if he has a gun, it’s easier for a crazy man to kill you. If there are bullets in that gun, then it won’t be used as a bludgeon. 

A potential killer can just point and shoot. That’s the idea of a gun. After centuries of killing, we finally found a more effective way to dispense death. Should we punish innovation? All because the mace was just too messy? Was life less violent when we fought with swords?

Piers Morgan would look at me for about five seconds, in silence, his mouth slightly open, like a codfish. I would then begin to twitch. Hey, I am on national television. I’m a little nervous and just told the free world I am some sort of a gun nut.

“Walter,” he would say. “I don’t agree with you.”

I would say, “That’s okay. You have the right to disagree.”

I would then smile and, for dramatic effect, say, “You know, people at soccer riots world wide kill more people, per capita, than American football fans do.”

He would roll his eyes and go to a commercial break.

Walter is a writer for the San Diego Communiy News Paper group, You can view the archive the Ugly News team at ugly-news-team/11

Also Walter is the a writer director of a new sitcom called CPA Rockstar staring Roni Lee. Walter Ruskin’s Ugly News Team on facebook and UglyNewsteam on twitter

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