Hail Mary Food of Grace Archive: April 2010

  • 10 great rice recipes

    A few easy recipes to add to your monthly menu. Published April 28 2010

  • Splice your life with rice

    For more than 8,000 years the world has been consuming rice. It’s one of the most versatile and widely used grains across the board. Published April 27 2010

  • Moths in my pantry

    The other day, I spied a moth in my pantry. You can imagine my frustration as I tried to figure out where this moth had come from. Published April 22 2010

  • Ask Chef Mary Fridays, "Quinoa"

    I have never had quinoa. What is it, how do you cook it and what else can you do with it? Published April 16 2010

  • Food blogs opening up a bigger conversation

    "Are we losing what we’re eating by the obsession of blogs and food photographs?” Published April 14 2010

  • Ask Chef Mary Fridays, "Where to keep bread?"

    Where am I supposed to store bread? Do I leave it out, keep it in the refrigerator or am I supposed to freeze it? Thanks, Jackie Published April 9 2010

  • Three spices to boost your metabolism

    The yo-yo diet is the best way to decrease your metabolism but, by adding spicy ingredients you can boost or help restart it. Published April 7 2010

  • Ask Chef Mary Fridays, "Fennel"

    I am always intrigued with fennel but I never know what to do with it and when I do use it, it typically turns brown. Published April 2 2010

Mary Moran

Mary Moran

Upon graduating from the California School of Culinary Arts in 2002, Chef Mary Payne Moran began her professional career shelling crabs at the world-renowned restaurant, Michael's in Santa Monica.  Simultaneously, she launched her own company, Hail Mary’s, founded ...

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