President Obama is unfit to be commander in chief, says John McCain

Senator John McCain speaks out strongly against the Benghazi affair saying it proves President Obama's incompetence.

SALT LAKE CITY, November 2, 2012 — On  the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show this week, Sen. John McCain said that “this commander in chief is not fit to play that role.”

Strong words from a long-time, mainstream, and respected statesman regarding Obama’s obfuscation and deception in the Benghazi affair.

“Either out of stupidity, or willing desire to deceive the American people continued this absolute falsehood about a spontaneous demonstration,” the former GOP presidential nominee said on Monday’s broadcast.

He is absolutely right. President Obama hides behind talk of an ongoing investigation to avoid answering uncomfortable questions about the murder of a U.S. Ambassador and the administration’s cover-up of it. At the same time, he insists that he is being open and honest about the facts.

President Obama declares that he is “offended” by suggestions that “in any way we haven’t tried to make sure that the American people knew as information was coming in what we believed happened.”

The list of questions that the President could answer immediately without consulting notes, logs, or cables is long. The only questions that matters right now are ones dealing with what the President knew and when. He doesn’t need an investigation to get to the bottom of anything.

The President also insists that his top priority during the crisis was making sure that American security and diplomatic personnel were safe.

Sen. McCain isn’t the only one upset about Obama’s obvious duplicity. Military and law enforcement personnel implicitly know that the president hasn’t a clue about how to make command decisions or lead in a crisis.

Ambassador Stevens and the security personnel in Benghazi found out too late that Barack Obama never did have their back.

Hours after the attack ended—the President presumably having watched much of it in real time via a drone video feed—Obama dispensed with any situation room unpleasantness or distracting intelligence briefings, and headed for a campaign event in Las Vegas.

But the president takes offense to suggestions that he isn’t being totally honest.

Forgive the people who volunteer to defend American interests abroad for being just a wee bit skeptical of your commitment to the truth, or for that matter your commitment to keeping American facilities secure.

The same consulate had been under attack multiple times in the months preceding the 9/11/12 attack. The ambassador himself had requested additional security based on threats that turned out to be real and deadly.

But this president has a history of ignoring recommendations from those in a position to provide the best assessments, because often those assessments cast his political decisions in an unfavorable light. It is the worst form of leadership, to put lives in danger to protect one’s image.

As if dismissing any suggestion that his leadership was anything less than sterling wasn’t insulting enough, Obama has added insult to injury by taking credit for the heroism of others.

Ty Woods and Glen Doherty gave their lives to defend the American mission and its ambassador in Libya. They were there on a CIA mission, and disobeyed orders to aid a diplomat that the president shamefully left unprotected.

The Obama administration promptly took credit for having sent those former Navy Seals to protect the ambassador.

But the President is offended.

Perhaps if the justified criticism is too much for him, he should consider a new line of work. Maybe Sen. McCain is right. Perhaps Barack Obama isn’t fit to serve as commander in chief.


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Rich is a teacher and a soldier. In addition to writing the “Rich Like Me” political column at the Washington Times Communities, he is the author of Nine Weeks: A Teacher’s Education in Army Basic TrainingTunnel Club; and Not Another Boring Textbook: A High School Students’ Guide to their Inner Conservative. 

He writes about Salt Lake City and the World in the Food and Travel section.

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Rich Stowell

Rich Stowell has written about politics and travel for the Washington Times Communities since 2011. He is a soldier in the Utah National Guard and a fellow at the Center for Communication and Community at the University of Utah. Rich is the author of "Nine Weeks: A Teacher's Education in Army Basic Training"and continues to blog about military issues at “My Public Affairs.”

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