Tea or Totalitarianism?

In your heart, you know our Founders were right! Photo: Tea Party (flickr commons)

WASHINGTON, October 20, 2013 ― Half of America thinks it is “progressive,” or at least it votes that way. Many voters buy the biased tripe about the Tea Party sold by the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media. But look deeper and you will find where America’s hearts and minds are really at. It’s quite the opposite of what you’ve been told.

Ask these questions of anyone, anyone at all:

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  1. Do you believe you have the right to do what you want with your life, without interference, unless you cause actual harm to others?

  2. Do you believe you have the right to keep what you earn, to use as you see fit?

  3. Do you believe that any person can be trusted with unlimited power over you and your family?

  4. Do you believe it wise to incur massive debt, short of dire emergency?

Almost everyone answers “yes” to 1 and 2, “no” to 3 and 4.

Some might be hesitant and ask for explanations. 

  1. “What do you mean by harm?” Harm is not only acts like violence to others. It includes damage to resources held in trust for all Americans. Dumping poison in a stream, violation of contract, making false reports and misleading commercial speech are all examples of harm that can and should be dealt with by government. Opposing, insulting or offending others with truth is not. The nannystate cannot wisely regulate 300 million individual paths.

  2. Some will insist that people should “pay their fair share.” Ask them who determines what we should pay for in the first place; who decides how much is fair. How much of their own income would they consider fair game for confiscation? With little left after taxes, how can individuals freely choose to support causes of their choice? Social Justice for all means no justice for any.

  3. Anyone who says “yes” to this is either a liar or an utter fool. Ask them for their PIN numbers and passwords. When they say no, remind them of your relationship. Ask why they would trust a faceless bureaucrat with power they refuse a friend. Absolute power corrupts, absolutely.

  4. Many require clarification on this one. Suppose you own a home worth $150,000, with $100,000 in equity, and the roof starts leaking. Repairs would cost $5,000, but you’re living paycheck to paycheck. It would be shortsighted not to incur debt for this purpose. You could lose all that hard-earned equity and the very roof over your head. But getting a second and third mortgage to pay for cigarettes or a new flat-screen is fiscal folly that fails.

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No matter what you call yourself, no matter what you think you believe, if you’re like most Americans, you believe in the Constitution of the United States of America, as originally envisioned by our Founders.

Welcome to the party. Have some tea!

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Daniel Martin Gray

Daniel Martin Gray is a former Progressive who saw the light, turning from the dark side over decades, to become a Constitutionalist. His family that remained in Europe was nearly wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that tyranny could happen there. He sees America marching “Forward” on that same road, exactly as our Founders warned us against.


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