GRAY: To the Democrats and GOP: A pox on both your houses

The two-party system is a two-headed coin. Progressives own almost all Democrats and Republicans. Photo: No democrat or republicans/ AP

WASHINGTON, October 11, 2013 — It’s a squeeze play. Bottom of the ninth, our Constitution nearly out, one last at-bat.

Top-down, bottom up. That’s what “Progressives” call their pressure play. They dominated early rounds by dumbing us down. Played rope-a-dope to wear us down. They are masters of the low blow, kidney punch and thumb in the eye, used on any who try to bull past their guard. Now they smell blood, seek the KO, the coup-de-grace. Battered, bloody, but unbowed, reeling on our last legs, we dimly see the hulking adversary though bruised slits, hear the crowd roar and wonder if the cheers are for our enemy, or for us?

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The referee refuses to fairly umpire. He looks the other way when we are fouled, cheerleads for tyranny in the name of safety; piles on penalties in the name of fairness. Pusillanimous pastors preach pablum. Professors preach unproven “progress.” LEOs police the law-abiding. Supposed sentinels spy on us. Legislators cede power to bureaucrats to avoid blame for failed policy. Islamofascists murder to save souls. Atheists abrogate our beliefs, to free us from our souls. Abortionists cheapen lives of children to promote “choice.” So-called civic leaders collude to collapse our freedom to choose, for our “benefit.”

Democrats talk liberality yet seek orthodoxy. Republicans talk responsibility yet seek the same. Both consider themselves above the laws they make for us, both grow gargantuan government, ensure penury for our children while theirs live lives of privilege and ease. They are aristocrats all.

Those on the top pay little tax, though loopholes. They receive subsidies for doing what they would do anyway, even for refraining from what they would never do. Those on the bottom pay little tax, also sucking subsidy from the Gub’mint teat. The elite are educated, the poor are not, but they share an awareness of how special they are, how deserving of sustenance earned by the sweat of another’s brow.

In the middle, willing to work and suffer to achieve our dreams but barely eking out basics, are we. We who never sought power, wealth or fame, never asked for handouts. We who just want to be left alone, to make our way as we wish, without interference. We who want to keep what we worked so hard for. We who work, who give, who care. We who dare to dream, like our parents did, of a better life for our children, and their children.

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Kings think the American People are down and out, down for the count. But they never counted on the toughness of our training, the tenacity of our will. They forgot that we are the ones who are used to hard work, the ordinary, everyday heroes who manage, who make our way each day though life facing down threats and walking through fire. And now we wake, we rise, and the tyrant begins to feel fear.

In their haughty hubris, an awareness dawns on these new American kings. They wonder how far we will be pushed before we strike spark and fire the top-heavy structures they have set upon a crumbling foundation, how far they can go before we fire them. They fear us fired-up, for what control can Kings exert against an angry, armed, and articulate army of the ordinary?

It is only our voices and our arms that stave off evil’s victory. That is why they are so desperate to stifle us and strip us of our swords. But though they are mighty, and many, they are weak with willfulness. Though we are few, we are growing, righteous in our wrath. They stole our power, seduced us to sin, got us to take the easy way, the lazy way. It is far harder to be good, but that is a good thing. For we have what they do not, what they cannot. We have character, created in the crucible of crisis, forged and tested upon the anvil of hardship.

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Daniel Martin Gray

Daniel Martin Gray is a former Progressive who saw the light, turning from the dark side over decades, to become a Constitutionalist. His family that remained in Europe was nearly wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that tyranny could happen there. He sees America marching “Forward” on that same road, exactly as our Founders warned us against.


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