2014: Will patriots and The Tea Party have the will to win

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WASHINGTON, November 9, 2013 — 2014 is coming. As the time of tipping draws close, Patriots wonder what it will take to win.

What are your opportunities? What tactics should be employed? Where have foes of freedom left themselves vulnerable? What will set enemies of liberty up for the big fall, next fall?

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Can we afford to ignore any straw that may break the corruptocrat’s backs?

Winning means waking those asleep at the switch. Convert the wavering. Cause the enemy camp to question their committment. Every issue is a wedge issue. Every voter is valuable. If you cannot hope to win in a particular race, you can at least cause the other side pain. We can drain their resources; weaken their overall efforts.

Be bold and daring, but coordinated and careful. Caring of footsoldiers in your enemy’s ranks; cruel to their leaders. The overwhelming majority of both Parties, the Press, big business and major institutions are firmly in Prog control. The People are not. They rightly perceive their plight. Patriots can ill afford to push people away by acting stupid, corrupt or dishonest. Above all, you must be honorable.

Coordination on a national level is coalescing. Patriots must make every effort to align with honest national leadership and commit local troops to their campaigns. You must wake your neighbors and rally them to action. Insist that leaders listen to you, as well. None have a monopoly of truth or wisdom, and none know better what’s happening on the ground than ordinary grunts.

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You must attack on all fronts. You must be prepared for losses, as long as they are more costly to the enemy than yourselves. We must wisely marshall resources, share manpower and yes, money.

The key is not merely money. Votes are bullets. Electing Constitutionalist patriots with fiscal common sense is the ultimate goal. Most folks don’t know what’s happening to America. Many don’t want to know. To win, we need their hearts, minds, money and most importantly, their voices.

There are no unimportant battles. Even a skirmish may lead to greater things. However, direct frontal assault against every enemy-held position with massive human-wave attack is suicidal. Maximum impact requires hit-and-run, hide-and-snipe. America invented these tactics. They always worked for our enemies; they will work for us.

In attacking, opponents extend themselves. If their attacks are not carefully planned, with an excess of logistical support, they overextend. This leaves them off-balance, vulnerable to counterpunch. Civility serves well in individual outreach, but is weakness when Prog leaders lie. We can no longer play nice when unfairly attacked.

In defense, use truth as your shield. Insist, and be stubborn. Resist with all your strength. That does not mean you must take up arms yet! If our efforts are successful, that need never become neccessary.

Be supple as a willow in the storm. Ignore draconian dictates. Cheerfully challenge corruption. Laugh in their faces. Spit in their eye.

Keep your enemies off-balance. Disconcert them, distract them, enrage them. Provoke Progressive leaders into making more missteps. Remember what you fight for. We must win!

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Daniel Martin Gray

Daniel Martin Gray is a former Progressive who saw the light, turning from the dark side over decades, to become a Constitutionalist. His family that remained in Europe was nearly wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that tyranny could happen there. He sees America marching “Forward” on that same road, exactly as our Founders warned us against.


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