Thanks for nothing, President Obama

Be grateful you have something worth fighting for! Photo: AP Images - President Obama pardons turkey - 2013

WASHINGTON, November 28, 2013 — On the Thanksgiving holiday, people urge each other to be grateful for blessings that they have. This is a great sentiment, and always appropriate at all times of the year, but should we extend this rosy glow of gratitude to our prevaricating, progressive president?

President Obama’s war on America has accelerated. We’re losing ground on every front.

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Obama pardons turkeys from the dinner table. Aided and abetted by nearly all of the Ds and most of the Rs, he pardons unions and megacorporations from Obamacare. There is no reprieve yet for the millions of Americans who liked their healthcare plans and planned to keep them. Expect unilateral, unconstitutional action, though, to provide breathing room until after 2014 elections.

Planned Parenthood and other unvetted hoods have been made official agents of change under the ACA. Under penalty of law, Americans are forced to provide far more personal information to the Feds than our Dear Leader did as a candidate for the presidency. But who’s to know?

Our men and women in uniform still serve overseas, waging war handcuffed by Obama’s rules of engagement. Record numbers of generals are being cashiered for refusing to swear allegiance to a man, instead of the Constitution they swore to defend. Meanwhile, domestic police forces are showered with military weapons whose use can only be to force mass movements for liberty underground, or into prison camps. Bend over and spread ‘em. It’s for your protection.

NSA and FBI spying increases unabated despite public revelations and widespread protests, by both left and right. Phones and faces tracked, cars and computers hacked — what are they keeping us safe from? Ourselves?

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The Common Core indoctrination continues to be implemented against the will of the People, and even — can you believe it? — the teachers’ unions. Public hearings are pro forma, conclusions forgone, consequences intended. Our children’s futures are being sacrificed on the altar of “progress.”

Inflation, apparently invisible to the Feds, is devouring our shrinking paychecks, assuming you still have a job. Our dollars buy less every week at the grocery store and gas pump. It’s bad enough that the government crows about reduced unemployment rates, all the while ignoring the 91 million Americans squeezed out of the workforce by the beneficence of our leaders. But now we learn that 2012’s amazing jobs recovery leading up to Obama’s re-election was fiction, made up out of whole cloth.

Big Media is losing viewers in droves to honest sources of news. Citizen journalists have sprung up all across America. Social media’s influence is expanding. Despite this, the main-stream media continue to cheerlead for a corrupt administration, churning out refuse on the nightly news, trashing America at every turn.

Christians are targeted and abused, Israel is sacrificed to Iran, and radical Islam is coddled. Corporations are demanding amnesty for illegals so that they can pay third-world wages here at home. Harry Reid has trashed the Senate rules, enabling a bare majority to confirm Obama’s lap-dog appointees to lifetime positions of power.

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In the face of this assault on America, what should we be thankful for? For the loss of liberty? The threat to our posterity? The stark choices laid out before us, forcing us to wake and take sides?

Yes. Our freedoms were never free. They were bought and paid for by Americans who fought for them. Our Constitution means nothing unless we mean business. Now it’s our turn to fight.

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Daniel Martin Gray

Daniel Martin Gray is a former Progressive who saw the light, turning from the dark side over decades, to become a Constitutionalist. His family that remained in Europe was nearly wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that tyranny could happen there. He sees America marching “Forward” on that same road, exactly as our Founders warned us against.


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