Obama fans: Would you trust Dick Cheney with the power given to Obama?

Does Obama think you’re stupid? Is he right? Photo: Dick Cheney/ AP

WASHINGTON, November 21, 2013 — This is for the folks who still follow President Obama. So maybe you think Obama can do no wrong, is horribly misunderstood, hounded by the Press? That he’s doing the best he can with the mess he inherited?

That it’s really is all George Bush’s fault?

Are you quite sure that anyone who dares criticize this Progressive messiah is a racist?

Here’s a challenge for those who still support our current occupier of America’s Presidential palace:

Even if you think President Obama is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being you’ve ever known in your life, what about the next guy? Are you sure he or she won’t use the powers usurped by this President to make America a totalitarian prison state?

Would you feel the same if, say, Dick Cheney was in the Oval Office?

Have your President’s words matched his actions? Are his actions OK with you?

He promised to close Guantanamo, to cut the deficit in half. Said he ran the most transparent Administration in history. That convicted terrorist Bill Ayres was just a guy from his neighborhood. That he’d create millions of shovel-ready jobs, (and laughed at our suffering when they never materialized). That Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video no one ever watched.

He claimed he knew nothing about IRS persecution of political enemies, FBI wiretaps on AP reporters, NSA spying on every single American. Insisted that Obamacare would reduce insurance premiums. Publicly repeated you could keep your plan, period, then said he never said that.

Does he think you’re stupid? Is he right?

Obama’s list of lies is almost endless. It would take volumes to detail them. If Constitutionalists win the fight for the heart and soul of America, those tomes will be written. If Progressives steal America, they will contain only revisionist praise for our first dictator.

He makes end runs around Constitutional division of powers. He rewards his friends and political cronies with billions of our tax dollars. He punishes people who dare to defy his edicts, even though they’ve committed no crime. He bullies, steals, lies to promote his perpetual campaign.

Is this what you voted for, assuming you bothered to vote? Do you believe your President really got 100% of the vote in key precincts, that not one contrarian behind the voting booth curtain said “NO”, just because? Have you ever even heard of such an outlandish result, except in corrupt tyrannies?

The only reason Obama has not been impeached, convicted and removed from office is the cowardly cheerleading from his ideological cronies in the once-free Press. And willful ignorance from you.

If you continue to refuse to admit the truth, plain as the nose on your face, you will be complicit when our liberty is cut off to spite American faith.

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Daniel Martin Gray

Daniel Martin Gray is a former Progressive who saw the light, turning from the dark side over decades, to become a Constitutionalist. His family that remained in Europe was nearly wiped out by the Holocaust. They refused to believe that tyranny could happen there. He sees America marching “Forward” on that same road, exactly as our Founders warned us against.


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