2014: Resolutions for revolution

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WASHINGTON, December 30, 2013 ― 2013 was a hard year for America. Progressives ramped-up and clamped-down on American liberty at every turn. But 2013 was also the year that they were met with massive resistance, every time.

Patriots of all political affiliations protested against statist acts. Even some Progs protested at the worst excesses, a chink in their previously impenetrable armor. At last we reached that 100th monkey, and the paradigm shifted. We’re onto their games, and we’re playing to win. We finally got fed up, and decided not to take it anymore.

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Their boot may be poised at our necks, but our feet are pointed at their other ends, to boot them headlong out the revolving doors of power. Knowing that those who would be Kings will never cease and desist without a strong assist from the People, here are seven New Year’s Resolutions for 2014:

1. The din of 10 million malcontents. Protest everything they do that’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if it looks like a winner, just do it. Keep them busy, make them work hard for that elite status they think they’re entitled to. We shut them down a dozen times in 2013; who knows which issue will resonate in 2014? Did anyone expect the NSA to find Left and Right on the same page over Fourth Amendment violations? Did anyone imagine that the Duck Dynasty dust-up would be that big?

2. The death of 10 million paper-cuts. Just say “no” to federal regulations, mandates and laws. Better yet, be a scofflaw. Simply do not comply. First they have to find you, then they have to catch you. Don’t bother to sign up for Obamacare. If you’re due a refund, file the minute you can, electronically. If you owe, wait until April 15, and mail it in, minus the bar-coded envelope you somehow lost.

3. Join a local patriot group and attend meetings. If you don’t feel at home with one, try another. They’re popping up everywhere. The human interaction is well worth your time. It’s one thing to tap a keyboard to someone’s profile pic, quite another to speak earnestly with them and shake their hand. You never know, you might make fast friends.

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4. Take it to the streets. Don’t just rant on the Internet. More and more events are taking place, with larger and larger turnouts. Even in the cold, it’s easy to find them, and just wait until it warms up. If you don’t mind public speaking and can pontificate without putting people to sleep, speak. But just showing up, with a handmade sign or a Gadsden flag, is half the battle. If you’re scared or shy, buy a Guy Fawkes mask.

5. Register to vote. Primaries will roll around before you know it, and you just know that both parties will trot out their hand-picked big-government cronies. Deny them the candidates of their choice in the General Election. You decide who should represent you, instead of having to choose between the evil of two lessers! Depending on demographics of you own area, you might register R or D, just as long as your vote throws a monkey wrench into their gears. And make sure that you, and at least ten of your friends, actually do vote.

6. You ― and ten friends ― can take over your local party committee. If you simply show up, read the rules, and vote as a bloc, you can “radically transform” them. That is what the Progs did, and now it’s time to return the favor. Why should party hacks have all the fun?

7. Educate yourself. No, you don’t have to be a diligent scholar, this isn’t school, it’s real life. When you go on social networking sites, you’ll find others who feel like you do, and have the academic talent to parse deliberately dense Prog topics. They’ll provide the analysis you need, and can be evaluated by the honesty of their arguments. Look for the ones who are followed by the folks you know and respect. Then you can tell the truth to your friends. I personally recommend Heritage Action as an unimpeachable source.

Now that you know what’s wrong, and what’s right, DO something. As our Prog pals like to say, if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for! 

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