Is Ted Cruz next year’s hero?

While Ted Cruz looks like a villain today, next year, at this time we may all be calling him a true American hero. Photo: Senator Ted Cruz (AP)

WASHINGTON, October 19, 2013 –  In politics, things can change quickly. The government was shutdown as members of the House of Representatives and some members of the Senate would not provide funding for the Affordable Care Act, even though the act was voted into law, signed by the President and validated by the Supreme Court. 

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The House took this action because they believed that the law, which virtually no Congressperson nor Senator read, was truly harmful to the country.  In fact, once they discovered what was in the act, most did not like it.  

Ted Cruz stood up and let us know for more than 21 hours that he did not like it. 

Suppose Ted Cruz is right about everything he is saying. Suppose by this time next year Obamacare results in just the things that the Senator warned us about. He said that the ACA will reduce employment of full-time workers because of the employer mandate which will have to be fully implemented by January 1, 2014.  

Suppose a large number of families do lose their current health care coverage and are forced into a plan they don’t want and can’t afford.  Suppose a large number of families have to switch from the family doctor they have had for decades and use a doctor they do not know. 

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Suppose the twenty-somethings realize that they are now forced by law to purchase health insurance they do not want or need, and likely may not be able to afford.  Suppose the tens of millions of people who do benefit from Obamacare by receiving large government subsidies, cause such an increase in government spending that the annual deficit grows to $1.5 trillion. 

The members of the House of Representatives believe this is exactly what will happen.  Many have said all along that the best course of action to repeal or at least significantly revise this law is to just let it go into effect and watch it self-destruct.  These are the people who are now the strongest critics of Ted Cruz. 

The House was encouraged to stand tall in their opposition because Senator Ted Cruz presented some very convincing arguments, although he did not present a path to see that such action would be successful.  In fact the Democrats in the Senate, who represent a majority, were united in their support of the ACA and they would never pass any funding measure that excluded the ACA.  

In addition, the President said that he would veto any bill that did not fund the ACA. Since over riding a veto can only be accomplished when two thirds of the Senators vote to do so, the Democratic majority insured this would never happen. What was ted Cruz thinking?  

He did everything he could to defund the ACA.  While his movement did have some backing and did gain momentum, a recently released poll indicated that his actions were not going to be successful because the public did not support him.  In addition he was causing harm to his party.  Many members turned against him and ridiculed him for his distructivel behavior.  Now, it appears, Ted Cruz has been weakened, the Republican Party has been weakened and the chance of defunding the ACA non-existent.  Ted Cruz is the villain.  

But if these things do happen, the public is likely to ask “How could our elected leaders have let this happen to us?”  

There will be no clear response.  It just happened because that’s the way the vote went and no one was able to stop it.  No-one really tried.  Except for Ted Cruz.  He tried and he stood, at times, virtually alone.  He was the one who rejected his party’s position that was to just let it go into effect and it will self-destruct.  He was the one who said that we should not inflict such pain on the American people, especially when our economy has been mired in a virtual recession for almost six years.  He was the one who stood tall against all odds.  

He took all criticism, all harsh complaints and all of the name calling.  He is the one that against all odds, stood up for what he believed was right for the American people.

Maybe Ted Cruz was a true American hero.

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