Syria Dream Team: Obama, Brennan, and al-Zawahri

The Obama Administration’s frantic sales pitch for an attack against Syria is a bloody exercise in absurdity. Photo: Syria Dream Team: Obama, Brennan, al-Zawhari / AP

WASHINGTON, September 14, 2013 ­— Three leaders in the fight to overthrow Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad are President Barack Obama, who has positioned American military forces for a possible strike; CIA director John Brennan, who is openly supplying weapons and advisors to the Free Syria Army (FSA); Egyptian physician and al-Qaeda commander Ayman al-Zawahri, who has now reportedly declared himself at the helm of the al-Nusra front in Syria. 

Al-Zawahri is wanted for alleged connections to the September 11 attacks and Osama bin Laden. According to London’s “The Telegraph,” he called yesterday for new attacks on the United States to “bleed America economically.”

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According to a Bipartisan Policy Center report titled “Jihadist Terrorism: A Threat Assessment,” “Zawahiri rejected AQI’s (Al Qaeda in Iraq) assertion of control over al-Nusra and declared the Syrian group to be under his direction … (Al Nusra) is widely acknowledged as the most effective fighting force in the war against Bashar al-Assad’s regime”.

If this doesn’t qualify Obama and Brennan for indefinite detention under the 2012 NDAA section 1021 for having “substantially supported al-Qaeda, the Taliban, or associated forces,” then it is difficult to imagine what does.

The reality dawning on even the most casual observers of this circus is that the Obama Administration’s sales pitch for an attack on Syria, and by proxy Russia, has turned the “war on terror” into a bloody exercise in absurdity.

As public and international support for an attack on Syria crumbles, all that remains is the State Department’s diplomatic crumbs on the floor, negotiations with Vladimir Putin, and ongoing weapons shipments to terrorists.

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The Washington Times Communities reported six months ago that 75 cargo planeloads of secret weapons shipments from Croatia to Syria by way of Jordan and Turkey were not only reaching the FSA, but likely falling into the hands of al Nusra.  Of particular concern was video of FSA rebels with soviet-built ground-to-air missiles that could threaten commercial airliners in Europe and the United States.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Zagreb airport in Croatia only weeks before weapons shipments to Syria reportedly began taking to the air, from the same airport. The operation is alleged by a Croat newspaper to have been financed by Saudi Arabia at the behest of the United States. That report was picked up by western newspapers, including The Telegraph.

Secretary of State John Kerry admitted during a House hearing last week that Arab nations have offered to pay for a U.S. attack on Syria. He declined to name the countries, leaving speculation that Saudi Arabia may stand ready to finance U.S. military operations. 

“With respect to Arab countries offering to bear costs and to assist, the answer is profoundly yes. They have. That offer is on the table.”

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The question is, at what point does the U.S. military stop serving the interests of the American people and instead become a mercenary force for wealthy Arab nations ready to whip out the checkbook?

Should the President of the United States expect the country to stand by his administration’s alliance with al Qaeda forces? How will troops reconcile a presidential order to attack Syria — for all practical purposes an intervention on the side of al-Qaeda — with their oaths to defend the United States? America’s military is a professional force under civilian control, but no amount of professionalism will preserve morale in the face of so offensive a policy.

America has entered a twilight zone as citizens and the military awaken to the stark reality that the nation’s leaders are openly in bed with terrorists. The administration has scared off all of America’s friends except for a few wealthy Arab nations only interested in hiring our military.   

Back at home, the Constitution lays in ruins while an incipient police state watches the people.

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