What are the EMF weapons Alexis and other Americans fear

Before his muderous Navy Yard rampage, Aaron Alexis sought help from police in Newport R.I. Photo: Electro Magnetic Spectrum

WASHINGTON, October 24, 2013 —  Before his murderous Navy Yard rampage, Aaron Alexis sent emails to the group Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) seeking relief from what he believed was an attack by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons. 

Emails reportedly sent from Alexis, provided to the Communities by Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), show Alexis sought revenge against the U.S. Navy because he believes it was targeting him with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons.  Alexis suspected those attacks were connected to one or more Navy directed energy (DE) weapons programs.

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Derrick Robinson, President, Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS)

Derrick Robinson, President, Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS)

The emails cast new light on disturbing questions that have occupied the minds of some Americans for decades:  Is the U.S. government conducting, sponsoring and/or protecting covert experiments to measure the effects of electromagnetic energy on the human body, mind and behavior as part of a mission to develop lethal and non-lethal EMF weapons, and are such weapons being deployed domestically or overseas?

The Navy Yard shooting casts light on disturbing questions that have occupied the minds of some Americans for decades: Is the U.S. government conducting, sponsoring or protecting covert experiments to measure the effects of electromagnetic energy on the human body, mind and behavior as part of a mission to develop lethal and non-lethal EMF weapons, and are such weapons being deployed domestically or overseas?

Alexis may have sought revenge against the U.S. Navy because he believed it was targeting him with electromagnetic frequency (EMF) weapons. He suspected those attacks were connected to one or more Navy directed energy (DE) weapons programs.

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The etched reference to “My ELF Weapon” on the gun Alexis used, combined with statements in the emails and other information, suggests iAlexis was convinced that EMF research and attacks were happening and indicate that he thought he knew the locations of that research and related equipment.

Was Alexis a madman or are his fears, and the fears of others, possible? 

“A New Breed: Satellite Terrorism in America”, by Texas anesthesiologist Dr. John Hall, argues that individual humans can now be identified through neural frequency signatures as unique as fingerprints, and then targeted remotely by satellites.

ELF refers to “extremely low frequency”, the very lowest frequency delineation on the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Fifteen words etched into his gun are Alexis final statement: “End to the torment!”, “Not what yall say!”, “Better off this way!” and “My ELF weapon!”  

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FFCHS “is a human rights organization that identifies and networks with victims of organized stalking and remote electronic assaults” according to the group’s mission statement. Members of FFCHS and similar alliances often refer to themselves as “targeted individuals” or TIs.

FFCHS’s president, Derrick Robinson, former US Navy (1975-82) and the organization’s secretary Max H. Williams Ph.D. (U.S. State Dept. Ret.) claim they received and responded to emails from Alexis and that they have been questioned by an FBI agent, who with an Ouachita Parish Sherriff’s Office deputy visited the home of Williams in Monroe, Louisiana to inquire about the Alexis emails

The FBI is not commenting as this remains an “open investigation” however sources at the Ouachita Parish Sheriff’s office confirm that a deputy did “respond” to the home of Max Williams at the time and date of the alleged visit by the FBI.  

To understand the theory behind electromagnetic frequency weapons, it is helpful to first look at the broad spectrum of electromagnetic energy all around us.

Waves of electromagnetic energy created by nature as well as by man are encountered by people and animals as they go through everyday life. Humans are bathed in energy travelling great distances through space, shorter distances within the earth’s atmosphere, and around the home and office.  Sunlight, radio and digital television transmissions, WIFI, mobile phones, computers, x-ray machines, medical lasers, and simple remote control devices are just a few sources of electromagnetic energy.

Each type of energy is transmitted at a particular frequency and wavelength.  Lower frequency energy travels in the form of longer wavelengths, some as long as a football field or even 10,000 km, and higher frequency energy travels in the form of shorter wavelengths, some as tiny as the diameter of an atomic particle.  The entire range of frequencies and wavelengths is called the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) spectrum.

NIH - Electromagnetic Spectrum

The lowest frequency waves are categorized as extremely low frequency (ELF), and fall in the range of 3 to 30 Hertz with wavelengths as long as 10,000 km.  Both the US Navy and Russia have used large ELF antennas to send messages to submarines.

Radio communication signals and microwave energy vibrate at far higher frequencies than ELF waves.

The Pentagon’s Defense Information Systems Agency Joint Spectrum Center (JSC), a field office of the Defense Spectrum Organization (DSO) provides spectrum-related services to the military and “researches, assesses, and models emerging spectrum technologies”.  DSO “provides commanders direct operational support, including electromagnetic battlespace planning.”  The military uses electromagnetic energy for everything from troop communications systems, GPS navigation, missile and drone guidance, to directed energy (DE) weapons.

Directed energy (DE) weapons aim beams of electromagnetic energy at human and nonhuman targets. Sonic weapons designed for use against troops and for crowd control are also considered DE systems. Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons are a type of EMF weapon which can quickly disable most electronic devices within a wide geographic area, and can now be deployed by cruise missiles.

Non-human EMF targets can include missiles, drones, boats, land vehicles and communications systems. The US Navy possesses laser cannons and microwave weapons designed to disable or destroy nonhuman targets. DE weapons designed to target humans are subcategorized as lethal and nonlethal weapons.

While many critics classify those who believe they are under electromagnetic frequency attack as mentally ill, others point to hard evidence to support their belief in EMF weapons programs.

An FBI press release related to the Alexis shooting admit government ELF programs.  It states, “ELF technology was a legitimate program for naval sub-tonal submarine communications; however, conspiracy theories exist which misinterpret its application as the weaponization of remote neural frequencies for government monitoring and manipulation of unsuspecting citizens.”

That statement appears to be carefully crafted, blurring the distinction between an abandoned submarine communication technology and a myriad of EMF technologies, not limited to ELF, that may have applications in the area of human behavior control and monitoring.

There is evidence that the U.S. government as well as other governments have for decades conducted experiments to determine the effect of electromagnetic energy at various intensities and frequencies on human behavior.

Some of this evidence is presented in an earlier Communities article, Aaron Alexis and extremely low frequency attacks: Truth or fiction?

If the technology exists to use electromagnetic energy to alter the behavior of humans, or to disorient, harass, or torture, those applications would constitute forms nonlethal DE weapons.

That “if” goes to the heart of the Aaron Alexis case.  Assuming that these emails are indeed from Alexis, they illustrate that the Navy reserve veteran and DoD contractor was absolutely convinced such weapons exist and that he knew the locations of the equipment being used to target citizens with electromagnetic weapons.

The U.S. Navy publicly acknowledges that it has developed and deployed directed energy weapons such as laser cannons and microwave systems to defend ships against missiles, small boats and other threats.  It is unclear, however, if the Navy has developed electromagnetic frequency weapons that target the minds and psychological condition of enemy personnel.

The Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA), which is headquartered at the Navy Yard, is the command which oversees the nation’s largest directed energy (DE) weapons research and development program in Dahlgren, Virginia.

The Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Dahlgren Division is has been involved in the development of directed energy weapons for over 40 years.  The Naval Directed Energy Center’s (NDEC) Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO) opened in Dahlgren in September, 2009 , and employs “more than 100 scientists and engineers with hands-on experience developing DE systems, backed by almost 3,000 NSWCDD technical personnel” according to a publicly released flyer.

Those Navy weapons use specific frequencies and power levels of electromagnetic energy best suited for the mission, based on research and development of the particular weapons systems.

At the time of the shooting Alexis, who held his Navy security clearance, was employed with “The Experts,” a contracted group affiliated with Hewlett-Package. Alexis worked at six different naval locations, including facilities in Arlington, Va., Cherry Point, N.C., and Stafford, Va. prior to his assignment to the Navy Yard for several days before the shooting. (Source: The Washington Post.)

Did Alexis discover evidence of covert Navy weapons programs targeting human behavior, and if so, did he learn of those programs using his access to classified computer networks while employed by The Experts?

In a 2007 Washington Post Magazine article called “Mind Games”, author Sharon Weinberger interviewed Colonel John B. Alexander (U.S. Army RET).

“According to Alexander,” writes Weinberger, “the military and intelligence agencies were still scared by the excesses of MK-ULTRA, the infamous CIA program that involved, in part, slipping LSD to unsuspecting victims”.

“Until recently, anything that smacked of [mind control] was extremely dangerous” because Congress would simply take the money away, he said”.

“But September 11, 2001, changed the mood in Washington, and some in the national security community are again expressing interest in mind control, particularly a younger generation of officials who weren’t around for MK-ULTRA. “It’s interesting, that it’s coming back,” Alexander observed.”

The Communities has listened in to conference call accounts of others inside and outside of FFCHS who claim that they have been targeted by EMF weapons, electronics surveillance and stalking.  These include a public relations executive based in New York for many years, and others who claim that to have worked for government agencies, law firms, and corporations. 

Most, however, seem to have unremarkable backgrounds. Many are professional or semi-professional workers.

Dr. Terry Robertson, an anesthesiologist who has in the past worked with FFCHS and claims to have had contact with many self-described TIs, provided demographic information he compiled together with Dr. John Hall.

“All middle aged, female more than male, hold college degrees at twice the average, hold graduate degrees at twice the average, and are usually underemployed.”

Admiral Jeremy “Mike” Boorda, Chief of Naval Operations under President Clinton who began his career as an enlisted sailor, died on May 16, 1996 of an apparent suicide only hours before he was to meet with a reporter from Newsweek about a story concerning combat decorations related to his service in Vietnam.

In 1996 Paris-based Intelligence Online (formerly Intelligence Newsletter) published “Getting Inside the Enemy’s Head”:

“Admiral Mike Boorda, chief of naval operations, was deeply involved in a study on the possibilities of cognitive warfare, a form of mind control that uses acoustical, optical and electromagnetic fields or a combination of the three to interfere with the biological processes of an enemy, when he committed suicide earlier this year. While Boorda ostensibly shot himself because of an imminent story in the U.S. press that he was in the habit of wearing medals he never earned some lurid reports have surfaced that he was murdered because he was about to reveal sinister undertakings by the Navy in mind control and brain warfare.” – (Source: Intelligence Newsletter, Paris)

The report further states that Boorda was the head of the Strategic Studies Group, a secret unit “set up in 1995 to study technologies and concepts that could significantly change naval warfare, including cognitive warfare”, and mentions the use of microwaves to “talk” to enemy personnel.

The article claims that the unit was taken over by retired admiral James Hogg following the death of Boorda.

 “A progress report on the panel’s work was scheduled to be submitted last month to Boorda’s successor as chief of naval operations, admiral Jay Johnson. If he likes the idea, cognitive warfare will be tested and demonstrated before joining the Navy’s arsenal for future conflicts” stated the Paris report.

Max Williams, FFCHS secretary, tells Communities that the FBI agent advised him that Alexis had Williams self-published e-book “The Silent Massacre”, presumably on Alexis computer as Williams had attached the book to one of the emails sent to Alexis.

In “The Silent Massacre”, Williams outlines why he believes his criticism of the State Department’s and U.S. supprt for Israel, let to his being subjected to increasingly sophisticated electronic surveillance and attacks since the late 1970s. William’s criticism began after he studied the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, an NSA listening post, which left 37 U.S. sailors dead. 

Williams concluded that the Navy vessel was attacked by Israel in a false-flag operation to blame Egypt.  It is unclear if, how much, or how carefully Alexis read “The Silent Massacre”.

Aaron Alexis unquestionably believed he was the target of EMF attacks however it is impossible to confirm whether he was under surveillance or electronic attack, much less if any such programs exists. 

Although the government publicly refuses to comment on EMF programs targeting human thoughts and behaviors, there is at least some evidence suggesting it has dabbled such programs. Efforts to open Congressional investigations of EMF mind targeting research programs have been stymied to date, adding to the debate and discussion.  

FFCHS is urging Congress to investigate the issue of EMF weapons, similar to the Church Senate hearings on the CIA’s Project MKULTRA in the 1970s.

Meanwhile, a Capital Police Board investigation into reports that commanders of that agency ordered a heavily armed tactical response team to stand down and leave the scene of the Navy Yard massacre has yet to be completed following postponement during the recent Federal government shutdown, reports Roll Call.

Was Alexis the target of ELF or some other type of EMF energy, or was he, as the media and the FBI has suggested, mentally ill?  Did Alexis really have knowledge of some sort of Navy cognitive weapons program, or did he simply suffer from symptoms described by TIs and then conclude that the Navy was responsible?

For now, the mystery remains.

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