Alex Jones calls for 'Declaration of Independence 2.0', wants Ron Paul to lead

Radio host Alex Jones wants to secede from the New World Order. He's hoping Ron Paul will help.

WASHINGTON, DC, December 29, 2012 — Libertarian radio show host and filmmaker Alex Jones has launched a campaign to encourage states to secede from the Union.

Jones, whose Austin, Texas based syndicated broadcast “The Alex Jones Show” is carried on over 140 AM and FM affiliates and XM satellite radio, launched his campaign on November 15. He calls for secession by the States from the New World Order and the United States federal government, which he calls “hijacked, “gone” and “captured” by globalist banking interests.  

Jones believes that secession by enough of the States could lead to a second Continental Congress, a “Declaration of Independence 2.0”, and a reconstitution of the Republic based on the U.S. Constitution, a scenario he calls a “reboot” of the nation. He is attempting to build a coalition of constitutional lawyers and scholars, liberty activists, state and local politicians, and state secession petition signatories to “pull out the New World Order, prosecute the criminals that have hijacked the Republic that don’t flee, and then reconstitute the Republic.”

We must first separate or die to then rejoin” he states. “We have to separate from the hijacked globalist government, and we have to go with the pieces of the states and reconstitute the new head and then… we rejoin.”

The Alex Jones Show’s usual mix of news and guest interviews was replaced for the entire first hour during his November 16 show by Jones’s discussion of his plan of action to restore liberty in United States. He appears to credit Ron Paul’s farewell speech of the previous day as the spark that ignited his plan.

“Last night at about midnight after re-watching Ron Paul’s most powerful and thought provoking speech, his farewell speech, watching it for the second time last night – we’re going to play some clips of it coming up – everything crystalized. I already knew it intellectually. I’d already said it on air a hundred times in different ways, but it hit me with that electricity I’ve only felt a few other times in my life – the knowing.”

Jones is attempting to recruit Paul and his Campaign for Liberty political organization into his movement. Paul is a frequent guest on the Alex Jones Radio Show, most recently appearing on the November 9th broadcast.  

We need to draft Ron Paul to lead the second Continental Congress of the states. It’s a new Declaration of Independence to restore the Republic,” Jones said on Thursday.  

“We’ve got to draft Ron Paul now…this is his greatest moment…This is where Campaign for Liberty must go.” he reiterated on Thursday during an interview with constitutional scholar Edwin Vieira Jr.

Drawing parallels between tyranny faced by British citizens living in the American colonies in 1776 and tyranny faced by present-day U.S. citizens subject to rule by a federal government he describes as “hijacked” by “offshore banks,” Jones stated that “the purest American values, the purest essence of the United States was secession from a corrupt, distant corporate empire backed up by military force”.

Keen to avoid initiating a violent confrontation with the federal government, and steering clear of advocating such, Jones instead proposes awakening and activating the right of the States to reconvene through the Council of Governors and hold a second Continental Congress, and is pushing for an accelerated effort to “prosecute the information war” against globalist interests which he sees as having already brought Europe to its knees.  

In his view, the United States is not only in the crosshairs, but has already been conquered in stealth by the same powerful global banking interests that have descended upon once sovereign European nations and broken their backs through the calculated use of fraudulent derivative financial instruments and bailouts.

Dozens of times over the past weeks he has replayed CNBC video of the Kudlow Report in which John Batchelor, who hosts a syndicated radio show on WABC, quips “The question is: Do we all work for central bankers? Is this global governance at last? Is it one-world, the central bankers in charge?”

As an example, Jones points to the collapsed economies of Greece and Italy and the replacement of their democratically appointed leaders with installed technocratic leaders dispatched by the banks and the European Union.

Jones also frequently cites congressional testimony by Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey conceding that the Pentagon now looks for legal authorization for war-making not from Congress, but from the U.N. and NATO, organizations that Jones views as front groups for a gang of repressive regimes and a cartel of powerful “megabanks,” respectively. He sees both organizations as components of a larger and dangerous infrastructure of global government. A clearly stunned Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who led the line of questioning, called the position taken by Panetta and Dempsey “breathtaking”.

Jones also cites a litany of U.S. constitutional assaults, including the Patriot Act, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, which expanded Presidential power to declare martial law under the Insurrection Act, the 2012 NDAA  sans-charge arrest and indefinite detention sections, the steadily expanding footprint of the TSA and President Obama’s unconstitutional and unprecedented chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council as components of a moral justification for a restoration of the Republic and a move away from tyranny and global governance.

Finally, Jones compares the looming U.N. small arms treaty, toward which the Obama administration is making a renewed post-election push, to gun confiscation by British troops in Lexington and Concord, the final straw that led to firing on colonists and the American Revolution.  According to Jones, virtually all tyrannical regime leaders, including Pol Pot, Stalin, and Hitler, first disarmed their subjects, making it easier for their governments to commit “democide” against their own people.

Jones sees assaults on the Second Amendment by President Obama as a strategic play by the emerging global government to disarm one of the last corners of the planet where gun ownership is still permitted.  

Calls for additional gun control measures, and even gun confiscation, have sharply accelerated in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, a development which Jones considers an emergency and an immediate threat to the Republic.

Ron Paul:  Supportive of secession movement, but does he back Alex Jones’ plan?

In the November 19th Ron Paul weekly update, Congressman Paul, without specifically responding to Jones’s proposal and self-described “battle plan”, conveyed support for the burgeoning secession movement, stating ”the principles of self-government and voluntary association are at the core of our founding … the first and third paragraph of the Declaration of Independence expressly contemplate the dissolution of a political union when the underlying government becomes tyrannical.”

“If a people cannot secede from an oppressive government they cannot truly be considered free”, Paul posited. It remains unclear, however, whether Paul is onboard with the specific plan advocated by Jones. 


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