Lessons from Snowden: Free market limits government intrusion

Edward Snowden made us realize how big our government has become. Photo: Free open market/ AP

WASHINGTON, October 7, 2013 — Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain and revealed the extent of government intrusion into our lives. His revelations suggest that we are in a world of ‘big government,’ rather than a true free market society where ideas thrive.

A free market is as has been explained by countless economic philosophers is a condition when anybody can bring their produce to market, be that produce oranges, an automobile or a webpage. It is a condition where anybody can offer their service to market. Anybody can bring their ideas to the market to share with others, the market is created by humans it can be controlled or it can be free. When it is free it thrives, much produce is offered, the best produce desired, yahoo survived, many search engines died. Services are abundant, ideas compete and those proven to be true accepted.

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Let us be honest to ourselves, if anybody can bring their produce, service, and ideas to market, only equality before the law can allow a free market to thrive. A law guaranteeing we are all equal, we have to be all equal to allow us to bring our produce, services and ideas to market. We are all just not equal but we must be equal to the government, an institution that serves our interests. Its role is limited to ensuring we are all equal, we can all bring our goods, services and ideas to market.

All societies have different cultures, but there are similarities depending on size of government. Large governments create a culture where all know their place, always special interests are being served, there is no equality before the law. It is not possible, the government is large because it is protecting those with access to the government. There is no equality before the law, just lip service.  The government’s role is no longer about keeping people free to bring what they have to market, it becomes about protecting those with access to government from competition.

Such governments fear those they govern, there is a culture of paranoia, fear, suspicion, and entitlement from those with access to government, they expect the government to do their bidding. The government protects them, there is fear against any better product, service, or idea from an outsider, always a we and a them.

The free market is about we, it is being misrepresented when people say its about me, me, me. Big governments are about me, me, me, access to a politician guarantees wealth, cell phone operating licenses, casino’s, banks, you do not have to be the best banker, you have access to the government to get a license, can anything be more selfish than wanting and holding onto something you do not deserve and blocking your betters. People must be kept in line by a huge domestic security apparatus, people know it is unfair.

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That domestic security apparatus is there to defend the government and those with access to the government and to be able to predict how people will react to new laws, and who is likely to revolt against the oppression, those likely to revolt are demonized as enemies of the people, or potential domestic terrorists, same thing different language.

You bring your goods, services and ideas to market, and we the people judge them, that is the free market. We are all equal, we offer value for value, and as a culture we accept that. That is the free market, you cannot refuse an idea that is correct because the person is a different religion, race, or gender, that is no longer a free market, you don’t have the right to refuse correct science, that is against the spirit of the free market.

If we are offering value for value, I am paying the government to do certain jobs, there is no way on earth any human will willingly pay the government to be spying on them, that is why it’s called spying. If it wasn’t something evil, to spy on your citizens, the government would ask people can I read your emails, nothing will happen to you, the answer will be no. Why give information about your love life, business deals to a stranger.

What is the government offering in return, not security, how can you be defending me when I am also a potential threat, you spy on threats, the cops are paid for my security. If a government has enough resources to spy on a citizen, maybe that citizen is giving the government too much money, or worse, the government knows it is about to take action in the near future that will take away many of my rights.

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In a free market the government has limits, legally and culturally to maintain equality before the law, to keep people free to be and find ways to fulfill their potential, there are no special interests, impossible, special interests already suggest inequality. By spying, those with access to that information are certainly more equal because you cannot get access to your information or to their emails and phone conversations. No human will willing pay to be spied on, I certainly would not, that just makes people exist in fear and paranoia, maybe the government wants to be feared and get people ready for future events, never happen in a free market.

Want freedom, believe and understand the free market and its requirements. Remember value for value, government is supposed to be your security, especially if it is for the people by the people. When you pay a security guard to look after your premises you don’t expect them to be the ones who break in read your notes, check your dairies, look at your receipts, that would be a break of trust.


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