The unwanted Haitian: Time to give free market a chance

Haiti must change its destiny. Photo: Haitian deportation/ AP

WASHINGTON, October 23, 2013 — The Dominican Republic has revoked the citizenship of thousands of Haitian descendants born after 1929. Under the new ruling, the Dominican Republic will send thousands of ethnic Haitians to Haiti, even though they have never even been to that country. According to UNICEF, “The ruling by the Constitutional Court of the Dominican Republic depriving Dominican-born persons of Haitian descent of their right to citizenship could have a devastating impact on thousands of children.”

Haiti is a poor by any measure. The country has faced numerous hardships for centuries, including brutal dictatorship and embedded elite. The Haitian people are proof of human beings’ power to survive.

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Successive governments in Haiti showed no concern for their people, focusing instead on pleasing foreign governments and corporations. This has pushed ordinary Haitians to the left.

The Haitian government will experience more problems when the Dominican Republic starts deporting its people in earnest.

Perhaps it is time for the Haitian government to start looking at the country as a whole and change the direction of Haiti. It is time to free the people of Haiti; they will survive with less government. To date, the Haitian governments have only taken from the people, giving nothing back. They must stop pampering the elite, who should earn their positions through production, through providing better services and coming up with better ideas.

It is time for the free market, let the people go.

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Governments need a reason to exist, so they introduce laws to justify themselves.

The current president of Haiti, Michel Martelly, is in a good position to be a giant in Haitian history. Unfortunately, however, there are suggestions that Martelly has run out of ideas and is instead considering re-introducing the army, outlawed by previous government because of their horrific abuses.

President Martelly should be concentrating on a sustainable economic future for Haiti rather than looking to re-form a potentially dangerous military.

If President Martelly wants to leave behind a true legacy, then he must change the direction of Haiti, free the economy, introduce equality before the law and let the nation fairly embark on wireless networks. Let them free the money, let people use what they feel has value such as gold. The government should respect the rights and freedom of its nation and the results will be dynamic.

Human beings have big brains for a reason. Let the Haitians use their brains to achieve their desires rather than merely surviving. That is the only way Haiti will deal with what could be a big problem from the Dominican Republic.

The emancipation of the nation will be a real legacy for president Martelly.

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